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replace the entire unit (not just the pump), with something else. What you have been using is not a good product.
SanAce (sanyodenki) make excellent 140mm fans, and have been doing so before there were any 140mm radiators.for example: if you have room for a thicker fan,
First, a Barret would probably not be the best choice for a rifle to make such a shot. Second, the sensors are probably a very small target. Maybe 10cm diameter? Also, the vehicle will probably be moving. Hitting a target only 10cm diameter that is moving at a range of 1.5km would be a very difficult shot - add in terrain, weather and the fact that your target will probably be shooting back.... It would be easier to just take out the armored vehicle with an...
How is this a loss leader for Intel? What product does this allow them to sell at a profit?Intel is DUMPING.
Because consoles are loss leaders - the games played on the consoles are sold at profit. The consoles only exist to allow the sales of the games. Another example would be fast food - burgers and fries sold at close to or below cost - with the profit coming from the sales of beverages.
But this is not true. Selling a product below cost (that is not a loss leader) is dumping and is considered 'predatory pricing' and is illegal in many countries. An easily googled example is dumping of steel below cost.
What Intel is doing is called "dumping".
If the automobile were invented today... given the current state of the patent system and the things patents are being granted for.... it would be impossible for the industry to develop and automotive technology to advance. Imagine a company like Apple patenting 'having 4 wheels' having a 'steering wheel', having headlights, turn signals, brakes, etc. The patent war that took place between Selden and Ford, and which Ford won, unleashed innovation by invalidating a...
unfortunately it is instrumental only, and is in the background with people talking over it oh well.
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