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It's great how it came up too. Dyrus was thinking about picking up Irelia for the next season. Dyrus has had a history of picking champs and then they mysteriously get nerfed into the ground. Not saying it is a cause and effect or anything, just something funny.
On a smurf with playing with some friends that are in the level 25 - barely 30 range. Here are my last 10 games. If you are wondering about the IP and XP... The account is almost two years old but level 10. I have 40-50 IP boosts stored up from all of the ones Riot has given. I also purchased a bunch of XP boosts with the RP that we have gotten from Riot. Want to hit 20 soon so I can get good runes lol.
Right with ya. I spent more time trying to connect to the servers to play single player than I actually spent playing. Can't stand the ridiculous DRM EA is forcing.
Yeah you're usually a lone ranger in my OCN guys folder in my friends list :/
I would be willing to join a ranked team. I'm around 1775 now and play mainly top, but can do a decent mid and could learn jungle again. Haven't done too much in bot lane. I'm actually on an OCN one now but nobody on the team is ever online when I am lol
I already have a normal one, but looking for an anti-glare. I have never used one with a phone, so don't really know if it's worth it.
Thanks weirdo and chris! So does anyone use a screen cover to prevent glare? I am considering one if it doesn't ruin the way the screen looks too much.
so what's the difference between those?I lol'edSent from my SGH-I747 using Tapatalk 2
Are there any real differences between AOKP and AOSP? I am on an AOKP rom now, but am sorta curious about AOSP.
We're pretty chill here, just join the OCN LoL chat in the client and get some matches in. From who I have played with, it's an awesome group.Its too late tonight and I gotta get up early, I'm stopping at finding the photographer lol, if someone understands the language that it is in, it would prolly be easier for them
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