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Quote: Originally Posted by assaulth3ro911 But, hey, it is coming out, it will kill the C2Q, and C2D, as well as the Core i3s and i5s, (at least that is what the lower end quads, tri, and dual cores are for)... Then the higher end Denebs (Quad Core) and UP, are for killing the Core i7s, the new Llanos will kill the i3s and i5s to the max though. How Quad core Deneb is killing i7 ? As far as I know i7 is much faster than any of these Denebs. Even...
Quote: Originally Posted by Riou Ummm...Turbo Boost != Hyperthreading . I do know that Turbo boost is not hyperthreading. Pointing out the fact that turbo in i5 2400 was disabled in anandtech review doesn't mean that I don't know the difference between Turbo and hyperthreading. So, I wonder what made you think that I don't know the difference ?!
Quote: Originally Posted by Brutuz Do not want the quad without HT, do want the HT version, want price for HT version. Did you ever look at anandtech early review for i5 2400 ? Even though turbo boost in i5 2400 was disabled in the test, it was able to perform on par with i7 880, and beat PII 1090T in most cases. So, just imagine how would an i5 2500 with turbo perform Quote: Originally Posted by Behemoth777 If the price is...
Quote: The code-named Llano accelerated processing unit (APU), which combines x86 cores with DirectX 11 graphics engine on the same piece of silicon, from Advanced Micro Devices has hardly been an easy project for the world's second largest supplier of microprocessors. Emerged in the plans after cancellation of other Fusion-series products, Llano got delayed dramatically. But it looks like the wait will be over in July, 2011. Due to issues with the yields of...
The article says that it has 256-bit bus, so it is better than GTX 460 768MB in some aspects
Quote: Originally Posted by TheBlademaster01 Probably folds worse than a GTX 480 and perhaps GTX 470. I don't think they mean video transcoding when they're talking about HPC performance. But remember that GTX 580 has all 512 shaders unlocked, and it has higher default clock speed. So, those could make up for the reduced HPC cababilities
Quote: Originally Posted by solidsteel144 Looks like they just lost my money. HD 6970, here I come! But Nvidia cards are much faster than ATI cards in HPC (as far as I know) So, if they sacrifice HPC performance in their upcoming video cards, that doesn't automatically mean that it is going to be inferior to ATI
Quote: Originally Posted by Mygaffer The gtx580 IS a re-brand as well, its the full 512 shader version of the original gtx480. Funny how you can go from GTX200 to GTX500 with only one new piece of silicon... If GTX 580 was re-brand then why they are calling it GF110 instead of GF100 ? Also, having same number of shaders doesn't automatically mean that it based on same exact architecture.
Quote: Minimum System Requirements * OS: Windows Vista/XP/7 * Processor: Intel Core2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom X3 8750 or better * Memory: 2GB * HDD: 12GB * Video: Shader 3.0 or better 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT/ATI Radeon X1950Pro or better * Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compatible * DirectX: 9.0c Source
Twice as fast in MSI Kombustor ? Who cares ? I want to see a gaming bechmark
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