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It has 21% higher clock, and 14% more shaders/TMU than GTX 460 Also, it has 11% higher memory bandwidth than GTX 460 (1GB model)
The one tested in this review is the 6EU version While the one used in anandtech review is 12EU version Sandy bridge GPU supports DX10.1, no one ever said that it going to be DX11 And DX11 features for mainstream GPU is useless anyway, because they are not powerful enough to run DX11 extra features like tessellation
Atom N550 and D525 are much better than one that I have because they are dual core with HT. The one that I have is single core with HT
I have a netbook that have Atom N270 with 2GB ram. It runs all the applications that I use fine. I only use it for office, messenger, browsing internet etc. It is not as slow as many people here claim. It not good for gaming, and it doesn't handle aero very well. But who cares ? Most netbook users don't care about these things Also, modern atom processors like N550 and D525 are much faster than Atom N270 that I have. So, it will handle basic applications even better than...
875MHz is too high With such a clock speed, it should easly beat GTX 470
As far as I know memory bandwidth and ROPs are also important for high resolution, not just memory sizeBut anyway, do you have an evidence that 2560x1600 resolution and above needs more than 1.5GB ram ? Or is there any evidence that HD6970 has an advantage over GTX 580 at those resolution ?I think we should wait for reviews, before we make pure assumptions
So ?What really matters is real world performance. Even if it had 10GB ram, that might not make any difference over 1.5GB in real world test
[quote=lilraver018;11633774]Clock for clock based on two different architecture is irreverent....[/quote] E350 and c50 are based on the same architecture
[quote=NameUnknown;11633627]I want to see how the E350 does. .[/quote] Here is a review for E350 [url][/url] [url][/url] [quote]If it does well I may sell my laptop which is just a hyperthreaded i5 with integrated video. If the E350 can outperform that in the all around aspect, I very well may switch to it[/quote] LOL !! i3 is day and night...
[quote=lilraver018;11633503] c50 is the only decent netbook cpu mentioned. .5 higher tdp than the current N550. Interested in seeing up coming benches. I am hoping for the best expecting subpar battery life with slightly increase performance from the Intell n550.[/quote] Atom N550 is certainly faster than c50, that if you are talking about CPU performance only How do I know that ? E350 has 60% higher clock than c50. And there already many reviews for E350. If you look...
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