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Intel 6cores/12threads outperforms AMD 12 real cores !!! WOW ! I'm not surprised, Intel 6 cores has much higher clock speed, and higher IPC Also, AMD 12 cores die is 692 mm2, thats more than twice die of Xeon 6 cores (248 mm2).
GTS450 has higher clock speed that its bigger brother GTX 480
So, this game is bad because it supports DX9 ? I don't care about what DX it supports as long it is a good game. Mass effect 2 and Dragon Age are DX9, yet they are one of the best games I ever played
Quote: Originally Posted by Futan Every source I've seen says the memory clock speed is 1848MHz and, if listed, 3696MHz effective, care to provide a source saying otherwise? Here is a proof for you look at the table
Quote: Originally Posted by HA3AP Stop whining, nobody cares is the card a dual or single GPU, if both cards cost ~600$ and one outperforms another, you have to be an idiot to go with the lower performing card... If there is a single GPU that performs slightly slower than Dual GPU and cost the same, then I would go with single GPU, because not all games have good compatibility with dual-GPU. Single GPU = less problems Anyway, GTX 480 is $200...
Dirt 2 is supposed to be ATI optimized game
Quote: Originally Posted by antonis21 I dont trust this review.There is no way for gtx285 to be faster than hd5870 in dirt2 Did you notice that GTX 285 was running Dirt2 in DX10, while HD5870 was running it on DX11 ?
Quote: Originally Posted by TheBlademaster01 Acoording to this article the card only uses 34W more than the HD5870, it's still more though. But performs better If this is true, then it means that GTX 480 can compete very well against HD5870 in performance per watt
Quote: Originally Posted by scottb75 Based on the specs the GTS 450 should be similar in performance to a GTX 285 if not better some cases. It has a smaller 256-bit bus, but 16 more shader processors. GTS 450 uses GDDR5 So the memory bandwidth of GTS 450 should be close to GTX 285, even though it uses 256bit-bus
GTS 450 looks good, I might upgrade to that
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