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Quote: Originally Posted by Brutuz No, the x4500 has 10 shaders. In read world gaming, clarkdale gpu is about twice as fast as x4500 (sometimes more) So, there is probably more architecture improvements than just 2 extra shaders
Quote: Originally Posted by jj775 Intel does suck for gpu. They have the worst igp known to man. An igp that can barely play youtube videos properly. You must be confused between the GPU used in Atom processor and the ones used in Core i3 & i5 Core i3/i5 GPU are much faster than the ones used in Atom and they can play HD videos and they can handle absolutely any youtube HD video
Quote: Originally Posted by chemicalfan Sandy Bridge's GPU is going to suck, it's going to be an extension of the GMA series, which are pitiful. HD playback is about as much as they can handle - forget playing Crysis, these things will struggle to play HL2! Could you should me any review that support anything you said ? Clarkdale GPU can handle games that are more demanding than HL2 like Left 4 dead at 1280x1024 on low settings with playable...
Quote: Originally Posted by Chrono Detector No 8 core CPU's? The hell Intel? So far Sandy Bridge isn't really appealing anymore. Performance is what really matters. If a 6 core CPU beats 8 core CPU of a different architecture then the 6 core CPU is better
Quote: Originally Posted by OmegaNemesis28 AC2 is not Rockstar. His point was that just because the game is on the consoles good, doesn't mean that maxed on the PC will be easy to run. AC2 is not very demanding game and can easily maxed with any modern GPU and CPU On the other hand, GTA 4 is very demanding game on PC but it looks much better than console version when you max it. Here comparison between PC and console from...
Quote: Originally Posted by The Mad Mule Spoken like somebody who hasn't played GTAIV or ACII on the PC. Assassin Creed II run very well on my old 8800GTS 320MB I played it at 1680x1050 with all the details on highest (only AA is off)
Quote: Originally Posted by VenoMount I believe I saw the new quad core will have 8mb of cache, doesn't the current hexa-cores only have 6mb? If so this could be better than the current hex-cores when unlocked The 8MB cache you saw was the total cache, not L3 Quad core has 8MB total (512KB L2 for each core + 6MB L3 cache) Six core models has 9MB total (512KB L2 for each core + 6MB L3 cache)
i7 930 @ 4GHz vs 1090T @ 4GHz
Quote: Originally Posted by cl04k3d i7-2600k will probably cost a grand just because it is unlocked. i7 875K costs $329.99 on newegg. Thats only $40 more expensive than i7 870 which has locked multiplier
Quote: Originally Posted by KBcobra I wonder what the "K" "M" "T" "S" suffix mean. K = Unlocked multiplier M = Mobile processor S= lower TDP T = much lower TDP
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