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Quote: Originally Posted by chatch15117 Nehalem-EX has 24MB cache But thats the L3 cache only, not the total Bulldozer has 2MB L2 cache per module and 8MB L3 cache. So, the total is 16MB
Quote: Originally Posted by DrDarkTempler Isn't the larger Cache mean is slower? I'm guessing.... If Intel 980x = $1k Then AMD Bulldozer (highest end chip) will be around $500-$800 980X is going to be replaced by 990X, and then by new extreme edition that use LGA 2011 Why compare Bulldozer to 980X ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Razi3l Hopefully if it's cheaper than Sandy Bridge but still offers good performance and overclocks like a champ, i'm so buying. Intel will ditch LGA 1155/LGA2011 like half a year after release anyways :v I disagree, I think ivy bridge is going to be compatible with LGA 1155/LGA2011 (since ivy bridge = 22nm sandy-bridge)
Quote: Originally Posted by Waffleboy No, PSP is one 333 mhz and is clocked by default at 222 (according to wikipeda). But PSP doesn't use ARM11 processor So, we can't use Mhz as comparison between the two
Singularity has much better single player campaign than BioShock 1 & 2, Did anyone try it ?
When 4x AA enabled, the GTX 460 outperformed HD5870 It seems that fps drops heavily when AA is enabled in that game with an ATI GPU
Quote: Originally Posted by xd_1771 I do have a feeling that Intel's new HD graphics is no more than a die shrink of Arrandale/Clarkdale - because the performance could be explained by the impressive clock speeds. Who else has a 1.35Ghz GPU? (assuming 1.35Ghz is comparable to a core clock on AMD or nVidia rather than the shader clock on nVidia). No, the performance increase can't be explained by the clock speed because i7 2600 is the only SB...
Quote: Originally Posted by BreakDown anyhow, i wanted to ask if you guys think DMC 4 was good? (the last one i played was 2 and that was ages ago, although i really enjoyed it) I played DMC 4 on PC, and liked it a lot I never played any of the older DMC
Quote: Originally Posted by Geforce_GTX If the 1155 i7 is <$500,then the 2011 is most likely over $1,000. Based on Intel roadmaps, i7 2600 is supposed to replace i7 870 and i7 950 which cost under $300 If it was $500, then would replace i7 880 and i7 960
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.Pie lower...TDP is 95w for the top end LGA 1155 i7.....don't forget its also 32nm Don't forget that TDP for sandy-bridge includes the Integrated IGP and GPU controllers.
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