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In the first page of anandtech review it says that GTS 450 is not full GF106, because a full G106 has 192-bit memory and 24 rops I do hope that nvidia release something like GTS 455 that uses full GF106 GPU
Quote: Originally Posted by Brutuz Yeah, iirc it has 400 shaders...Should be equal to a 9800GT in games, memory bandwidth depending. Thats Llano GPU, not bocat GPU
Here is the link for the review And here some sample benchmarks
Quote: Advanced Micro Devices said that its next-generation desktop processors code-named Zambezi will use socket AM3+ platforms, which will be backwards compatible with the firm's existing AM3 products. While the latter is an advantage for the platform, it may be a disadvantage for eight-core processors based on Bulldozer micro-architecture. "The existing G34 and C32 server infrastructure will support the new Bulldozer-based server products. In order for...
Quote: Final Words If Intel's roadmap and pricing hold true, then the Core i5 2400 should give you an average of 23% better performance than the Core i5 760 at a potentially lower point. If we compare shipping configurations, the Core i5 2400 should actually perform like a Core i7 880 despite not having Hyper Threading enabled. Clock for clock however, Sandy Bridge seems to offer a 10% increase in performance. Keep in mind that this analysis was done without a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Markisa How do you plan on getting that clock higher tho? Can't overclock it. . You can overclock by rasing the multipliers
Quote: Originally Posted by TheBlademaster01 Are you saying that the intel integrated GPU in Clarkdale can't handle 1080p ? GPU in Clarkdale can handle 1080p very well. Check any review for Clarkdale GPU and see by yourself
Quote: Originally Posted by Brutuz No, the x4500 has 10 shaders. In read world gaming, clarkdale gpu is about twice as fast as x4500 (sometimes more) So, there is probably more architecture improvements than just 2 extra shaders
Quote: Originally Posted by jj775 Intel does suck for gpu. They have the worst igp known to man. An igp that can barely play youtube videos properly. You must be confused between the GPU used in Atom processor and the ones used in Core i3 & i5 Core i3/i5 GPU are much faster than the ones used in Atom and they can play HD videos and they can handle absolutely any youtube HD video
Quote: Originally Posted by chemicalfan Sandy Bridge's GPU is going to suck, it's going to be an extension of the GMA series, which are pitiful. HD playback is about as much as they can handle - forget playing Crysis, these things will struggle to play HL2! Could you should me any review that support anything you said ? Clarkdale GPU can handle games that are more demanding than HL2 like Left 4 dead at 1280x1024 on low settings with playable...
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