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$299 is not a bad price for GTX 470 specially if it performs as good or better than HD5870
Quote: Originally Posted by Noir Yup people would not really need a dedicated GPU BUT at least get have a ATI or Nvidia and not a crappy INtel GPU for low end. The latest Intel graphics (the one used in i3 and i5) are not crappy for low-end users
It is impossible to have 2GB memory on 384 bit-bus, you can either have 1.5GB or 3GB
This is the first game that supports both PhysX and DX11
Quote: Originally Posted by magel In the anand article the 965 wins more than half of the test . No, i5 750 did win more than half of tests the (actually it is much more than half) In some benchmarks lower means better. So, read each one carefully
Quote: Originally Posted by Brutuz According to most tests I've seen, the Core i5 750 (Essentially the same as the 920 except its 60Mhz faster and has no HT) is roughly matched by 3Ghz Phenom II x4 945. Where did you see that ? No, i5 750 beats even Phenom II X4 965 according to most benchmarks I've seen Here is side by side comparison between i5 750 and 965 (in some benchmarks lower means...
Quote: Intel is already shipping two of the Core i3 generation, based on Clarkdale 32nm dual-core with graphics, but it also plans to launch a third CPU with the same brand and naturally higher clock speed. The Core i3 530 works at 2.93GHz while Core i3 540 works at 3.06GHz and both don’t support Turbo overclocking and they have 4MB cache, DDR3 1333 memory support, 73W TDP, two cores with four threads, Intel Clear Video tech and 733MHz graphics. The new and...
FFX and FXII runs perfectly on PCSX2. I was able to complete both on PCSX2, and I never had any issue
Quote: Originally Posted by RUGRLN Will the graphics be superior to X360 or just the same except with will we get higher res textures and stuff? Quote: Originally Posted by Thedark1337 I think the same since it doesn't utilize the newer Direct X 10 or 11. Really ? Just because it use DX9 that doesn't mean that it will have same graphics PC version of Dragon age is DX9, but it has higher texture res and...
Or you can get i5 750 which is still better than PII overall
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