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20% to 50% improvement over i7 975 in multi-threaded applications is not bad at all The power consumption is also impressive, it consumed slightly less power than i7 920 at idle, and slightly lower than i7 975 at full load Of course no one is excepting to see an improvement in gaming. Games at moment don't utilize 6 cores/12 threads. Actually most games still can't use even 4 threads.
Quote: Originally Posted by Riskitall84 The Opteron versions have been out for some time and in multi threaded apps they are still slower than an i7 with HT off. Did you say 'with HT off' ? I doubt that. Maybe it slower when HT is on
For me, Warriors Within was best PoP ever Prince of Persia 2008 was the worse PoP game I ever played
Quote: Originally Posted by iCeMaN57 Oh yay, more comparing of a card that isn't released yet to a card that has been out for 6+ months. There were people who were comparing HD2900 to 8800 series that came out 6+ month earlier At least Nvidia is going to take the performance crown from HD5870 as the fastest single GPU video card
Quote: Originally Posted by Uantyv they feel cheated because they can't get the full experience in dx 10.1, dx 11 games. What are the extra effects or features that DX10.1 add in any game that supports it ?
In dragon age origin, an i5 750 (with turbo mode disabled) outperforms E8400 @ 3.6GHz,69...dventure/Test/
Quote: Originally Posted by Console-hater You can't overclock the light based processors, they are running at light speed. If this happens, GHZ speeds are dead. Count number of transistor are only thing that matters.... Why GHz would be dead ? The frequency has noting to do with speed. For example, X rays has much higher freq than visible light, but both have same speed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blinkwing I want a game that shows the russian side of WW2 ): In COD1, 2 and WoW you do play as Russian in some missions
Quote: Originally Posted by Brutuz Facepalm, Hyperthreading gets a 20-30% improvement at best, a 6 core/12 thread HT CPU would be roughly as good as a normal 9 core CPU at best, just like the 8 thread ones are as good as a six core... The 12 core CPU would kill the 980X in any heavily multitasked scenarios (Nearly any server or workstation role) simply because it has more cores. (Read: Double the amount of real cores) Thats would be true if...
Quote: Originally Posted by vicious_fishes if it only has the 16 lanes that 1156 does, i consider it fail. good for budget, but there better be a 1366 version. 8x on PCIe 3.0 should be as fast as 16x on PCIe 2.0 ? Correct me if I'm wrong
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