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Quote: Originally Posted by Behemoth777 Nope, it was confirmed a quad, replacement for the 960. I was disappointed, but it makes sense, why would they release a chip that would compete with their most expensive processor. No, it is still not confirmed to be quad. There is one website that says it will be Quad core and another says it will be Hexa core
Does anyone seriously believe that GTX 480 will be $600 ? I really don't trust that Turkish website
Guys, don't forget that turbo mode was disabled on i5 and i7
Quote: Originally Posted by Murlocke My thoughts on 6 core processors: 1) They will not overclock near as high as quad cores (at first). 2) Only 1% of current games will take advantage of them. 3) They will launch at a price of around $1200. Why they won't overclock as high as Quad core ? Remember that those are based on 32nm process . They are not 45nm (like the upcoming Phenom X6)
Quote: Originally Posted by Eduardv Ok here is my guess.. GTX 480 = 499 USD GTX 470 = 399 USD According to TweakTown the price of GTX 470 will be 299 USD
This is a bad news There are still many people that use Windows XP
Quote: Originally Posted by TheBlademaster01 I lol'd at ATI Laser HD5830 Performance isn't that bad, it's mostly a tad faster than an OC'ed GTX275 which is at GTX 285 levels. Now the price will make or break the card. The GTX 275 tested was not overclocked. GTX 275 has stock speed of 633MHz, and 1.4GHz for shaders. GTX 275 performed better in Far Cry 2 and Crysis. Both are one of the most demanding games on the market. The only game...
Remember that Assassin Creed's II for include the 2 DLCs Assassin Creed's II + 2 DLCs for $60 is not bad This game was released 8 months ago on Xbox 360
Quote: Originally Posted by gerikoh it's not always like that. True. I expect HD5830 to be only %10 (%15 at most) faster than HD4890 Let us wait for benchmarks and see if I'm wrong
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