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What about Atom Dual core N550
It got about 9/10 by many other reviewersCheck by yourself are you saying that all of them are biased ?
According to wikipedia, PC version is going to have better graphics and DX11 support
I suggest this And there is noting wrong with HP. My brother have HP laptop and he never had problem or issue with it
Could you tell us the full specs of both laptops ? According to intel the max turbo for 2630QM is 2.9GHz, not 2.8
But both of these ^ laptops have much slower CPU than i3-380M
NoHD5770 has higher stock clock speed
From what I've seen games run slower in DX11 modeCheck here benchmarks for Dirt 2 in DX11 & DX9,743498/Geforce-GTX-480-and-GTX-470-reviewed-Fermi-performance-benchmarks/Reviews/?page=9
So, what is the benefit of having DX11, if the it can't run any DX11 games at reasonable performance ?
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