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But both of these ^ laptops have much slower CPU than i3-380M
NoHD5770 has higher stock clock speed
From what I've seen games run slower in DX11 modeCheck here benchmarks for Dirt 2 in DX11 & DX9,743498/Geforce-GTX-480-and-GTX-470-reviewed-Fermi-performance-benchmarks/Reviews/?page=9
So, what is the benefit of having DX11, if the it can't run any DX11 games at reasonable performance ?
i3 370m is much faster than other processor I would go i3 370M, and I don't think you need more than 320GB hard disk
What about this ? It has sandy-bridge i7 2630QM 2.0Ghz (2.9Ghz Turbo) and ATI HD 6570M I think HD 6570M can run most games on high settings @ 1366 x 768
What you said here is from your imagination, and not based on any factsE-350 (fastest Brazos CPU) can barely play most of modern games at 1024x768 with low settings
What about this ? This one has i7 2630QM 2.0Ghz (2.9 GHz turbo) and ATI HD6570. It cost only $899
LOL !!Do anyone trust AMD words ?Didn't AMD claim in the past that Agena is supposed to be 40% faster than intel quad core ?If AMD is confident about performance of Bulldozer, then why not let an independent and neutral source to test it ?
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