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Dead Space is better than Doom 3 in every way. Doom 3 was boring and repetitive
Quote: Originally Posted by NrGx It all depends on the performance they can get. For example, the i5-520UM consumes 18W of power at 1.066 GHz. i5-520UM is actually 1.066GHz-1.866GHz (with turbo) Remember that the TDP of Arrandale processors includes the integrated GPU and integrated PCI-E controller
Quote: Originally Posted by urgrandpasdog An atom in a phone? No thank you. Can you explain why ?
I completed AC2 two days ago on PC, and it is an excellent game in my opinion.
Quote: A form of "antifreeze blood" may have helped woolly mammoths survive life in the Arctic, research suggests. Ancestors of both the extinct mammoth and modern elephants originated in equatorial Africa, scientists believe. But mammoths migrated north between 1.2 and two million years ago just as climate change caused temperatures to plunge. The move is surprising since elephants are not adapted to the cold. In particular, the blood protein...
Quote: Originally Posted by Weedvender 100W? Sounds like a G92 chip. I never seen G92 chip that use GDDR5 memory
Quote: Originally Posted by carl25 ***, ign gave it a 9.3 Thats was for the Xbox version. Gamespot gave the Xbox version a score of 8/10. PC version has DRM and connection issues, thats why it got bad scores.
Quote: Conclusion I believe no one will deny that Stars (K10.5) microarchitecture used in contemporary AMD processors has become pretty obsolete and is inferior to Nehalem microarchitecture in many aspects. However, it doesn’t mean that AMD can’t roll out up-to-date solutions. And Phenom II X6 is a living proof of that. Of course, this six-core processor is no ultimate winner, but the manufacturer managed to adjust the existing microarchitecture in such a...
Quote: Originally Posted by lukey_h "Is not worth it because the architecture is old"... guy has no idea. I guess seeing how Core 2s are newer than K8 we should buy them over this as well then... Also, overclocking results are utterly pathetic. 3.87 is just.... ugh... The reason they said this is because it performed slower overall than i7 930 The author of this thread didn't post all the article of the conclusion at last...
I have look at many reviews, from Anand, Techspot, xbitlabs and others. And most of them show i7 930 and i7 860 performing better overall specially in gaming and photoshop. Phenom X6 1090T usually (but not always) wins in heavily multi-threaded applications. But the difference is very small.
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