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No, reference card beats HD5770 in most cases
The lastest news says that bulldozer will be out on June
What ?Check this is a quote from the articleThe difference is much more than what you claim. The smallest gap between SB and lynfield is 5.6% (this in crysis which not CPU intensive game). Yet you claim it is only 3.5-5% ? LOL
If you are building computer from scratch, then I would recommend i5 2500K which is better than both
Are you comparing them stock vs stock ?Anyway, most reviews shows i5 750 being faster than PII 965 in most gamesIn anandtech review, i5 750 is better in 3 out of 4 games., there is no reason to buy i5 750 when you can get i5 2400 or i5 2500 for the same price.Sandy-bridge quad core is faster than similar priced AMD processors (specially in photo editing softwares, which he want to use)Here is the proof that Intel CPU are much...
I recommend that you buy i5 2400 or i5 2500. Both are faster than i5 750No, it is noti5 750 is even faster than PII 965 in gamingEDIT: check this review, i5 750 performed better in 3 out of 4 games against PII 965
No, it is not. what really matters is how these dual cores perform.i3 SB is almost as good as old or mainstream quads in multi-threaded applications. But in single-threaded and dual-threaded applications, it does beat any AMD cpu at stock speed
Out of all modern GPUs, which one have same or less PSU req than my G80 based 8800GTS 320MB ?What about ATI video cards, can my PSU handle HD6850 and HD6870 ? Personally I prefer GTX 460 since its much cheaper (in my country), but if my PSU can't handle it, then I might consider buying HD6850Q6600 is actually 95w (I have G0 stepping)
PSU called Thermaltake TR2-550WMy rest of my PC specsCPU: Q6600 at stock speedRAM: 2GB ram (I might upgrade to 4GB later)Motherboard: Intel DP35DPHard drive: 500GB WD
Based on my research, GTX 560 Ti and GTX 460 needs 24A on +12v And on the box of my 550 watt PSU, it says that I have max load of 14A on +12 v1, and 15A on +12 v2 I don't really know what v1 or v2 mean, but does this mean that my PSU is 29A ? because 14A+15A = 29A ? This a photo of my PSU box Also, I want to mention that I have 8800GTS 320MB and it says on the box that 8800GTS needs 400w and 26A on +12, and I'm surprised about this because 8800GTS use only one 6-pin...
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