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I wonder how those six core Xeon compare to AMD Magny-Cours If you look at those benchmarks you would notice that Dual Xeon X5670 is performing as good as Quad Opetron 8430 (6-core Istanbul)
Quote: Originally Posted by Murlocke On a side note: I'm amazed that this game can run well on a 5850, maxed out. I was expecting another Crysis. What do you mean by "maxed out" ? The fps drops a lot when tessellation or depth of field are enabled
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Quote: Originally Posted by DjiXas Read Might pick ATI DX11 card just for this, waiting for video review from GameSpot. Unfortunately, you can not enable PhysX effects with ATI card
Quote: Originally Posted by damtachoa Look like intel is not ready for 6 cores. I don't see any big performance out of it. Really ? There is no big improvement in single-threaded applications, but in heavy multi-threaded applications the improvement is massive.
20% to 50% improvement over i7 975 in multi-threaded applications is not bad at all The power consumption is also impressive, it consumed slightly less power than i7 920 at idle, and slightly lower than i7 975 at full load Of course no one is excepting to see an improvement in gaming. Games at moment don't utilize 6 cores/12 threads. Actually most games still can't use even 4 threads.
Quote: Originally Posted by Riskitall84 The Opteron versions have been out for some time and in multi threaded apps they are still slower than an i7 with HT off. Did you say 'with HT off' ? I doubt that. Maybe it slower when HT is on
For me, Warriors Within was best PoP ever Prince of Persia 2008 was the worse PoP game I ever played
Quote: Originally Posted by iCeMaN57 Oh yay, more comparing of a card that isn't released yet to a card that has been out for 6+ months. There were people who were comparing HD2900 to 8800 series that came out 6+ month earlier At least Nvidia is going to take the performance crown from HD5870 as the fastest single GPU video card
Quote: Originally Posted by Uantyv they feel cheated because they can't get the full experience in dx 10.1, dx 11 games. What are the extra effects or features that DX10.1 add in any game that supports it ?
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