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i7 930 @ 4GHz vs 1090T @ 4GHz
Quote: Originally Posted by cl04k3d i7-2600k will probably cost a grand just because it is unlocked. i7 875K costs $329.99 on newegg. Thats only $40 more expensive than i7 870 which has locked multiplier
Quote: Originally Posted by KBcobra I wonder what the "K" "M" "T" "S" suffix mean. K = Unlocked multiplier M = Mobile processor S= lower TDP T = much lower TDP
It seems that there will be some quad core models with 35w TDP only (let us not forget thats this includes the graphic core) Quote: * K - Overclockers' favourite, has unlocked BClk multipler * S - Energy efficient, quad-core S chips have TDP of 65W against 95W, while having comparable clock speeds * T - Low-power, have relatively lower clock-speeds, quad-core chips have TDP of 35W * M - Mobile processors * QM - Quad-core mobile * XM -...
Why it use GDDR5 memory and PCI express slots if it is not a GPU ? Quote: The Knights Ferry has 32 x86 cores clocked at 1.2GHz and featuring quad-HyperThreading. The unit, aimed at PCI Express 2.0 slots, has up to 2GB of GDDR5 memory. The chip itself has 8MB of shared L2 cache, which is quite intriguing by itself since highly-parallel applications do not require a large on-chip cache
Quote: Originally Posted by Markisa Yeah why is PhysX on CPU designed for only single core, that's a huge hamstring to CPU PhysX. Did you read the whole article ? From the article Quote: Let's start with multi-threading, which Del Rizzo says is readily available in CPU-PhysX, and "it's up to the developer to allocate threads as they see fit based on their needs." He points out that you only need to look at the scaling shown in...
Quote: Originally Posted by MrAlex Erm, GoW3 uses MSAA and The Saboteur uses MLAA. GoW 3 uses MLAA http://imagequalitymatters.blogspot....od-of-war.html
up to %24 improvement over lynnfield is really good Also, let us not forget that Sandy-bridge is probably going to have higher default clock speed than similar priced lynnfield
Quote: Originally Posted by lukey_h To reiterate what others have said in other forums, Why is everyone pissing on Bulldozer getting 50% better performance from 33% more cores, when Westmere gets 33% better performance, from 50% more cores? Wrong Westmere is up to 50% faster than Bloomfield, when both are running at same clock speed "up to" means that max difference, not average This quote taken from the article Quote: "From...
Why people keep saying that sandy-bridge won't overclock ? Intel is going to release sandy-bridge with either partially unlocked multi, or with fully unlocked multi. The models with partially unlocked multi are going to overclock, but there will be a certain limit set by Intel
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