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keep going man !! sweet stuff. Are you considering a career in illustration or concept art ? Or is it just a hobby ?
nice stuff ! Keep it up
on for 5 !
iN !
huh :/ how did it die ?
hm the horizontal bars are not a heat issue ?
well it has two dvi output and one round ouput dont remember the name of it. its a good suggestion ill ask him to use the other one.he only told me it was 500w i dont know the brand
so i sold this kit to someone locally. asus p5Q pro radeon 4870 (1gigabyte version) e8500 intel dual core cpu mushkin redline 2x2 Gigabyte xigmatek s1283 However now he is assembling it and he has long horizontal lines across the monitor, even in the bios. He also mentionned that the cars seems to be running really hot. He thinks its the power supply so he went ahead to tried a new one but i don't think that is the issue since he was using a 500W power supply which...
Thank you for your input !
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