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Personal Favorite: AKG K545 - 300$ Other Great Choice: Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 32-ohm - 307$[/quote] thx! those 545 look amazing! Now between those and the momentums? the momentums are 100$ cheaper so im hesitating
guys I need some recommendation! im looking for a pair under 400$ Needs to not leak sound to much. I was looking at the momentum over ear. Thoughts on them ? It needs to sound good without an amp and not make mp3 sound annoying. ( I heard that some high end headphones with good separation make them sound annoying) I need something with a bit of punch. can be on ear or over ear, as long as its comfortable for prolonged use! thxx
keep going man !! sweet stuff. Are you considering a career in illustration or concept art ? Or is it just a hobby ?
nice stuff ! Keep it up
on for 5 !
iN !
huh :/ how did it die ?
hm the horizontal bars are not a heat issue ?
well it has two dvi output and one round ouput dont remember the name of it. its a good suggestion ill ask him to use the other one.he only told me it was 500w i dont know the brand
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