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hey guys, not really related, but my colors on my monitor are greener than they should be. Its plugged via hdmi. I dont have the problem when i use dvi. Using a amd 7970. Any way to fix this problem ? thanks !
debating on purchasing the u2412m..... price is good... but that anti glare.. :/
How does this compare to the fs2333 ?
I am now debating on the dell ultrasharp u2412 ( 250$) Or the Eizo foris Fs2333 (450$). Halp ?
Hey guys, i do a lot of concept art and illustration and just discovered that my monitor color accuracy is pretty bad. So i need a replacement. Im starting out so my budget is not that high. Im looking at something around 500$ I dont want to go over 24 inch because then my graphics tablet to screen ratio would be weird. So far i saw that the dell ultrasharp are pretty good. I see apple are also good but i think out of budget. I also still play game from time to time but...
In for Hl cap !! Thank you !
TF2 bad graphics ? indie games does not mean bad graphics either. Also I don't see how intel has damaged pc gaming.
Got back at my parents since i had a bed bug infestation at my appartment. Feels cosy !
awwww thanks !!
thank you sir
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