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Hey guys, i do a lot of concept art and illustration and just discovered that my monitor color accuracy is pretty bad. So i need a replacement. Im starting out so my budget is not that high. Im looking at something around 500$ I dont want to go over 24 inch because then my graphics tablet to screen ratio would be weird. So far i saw that the dell ultrasharp are pretty good. I see apple are also good but i think out of budget. I also still play game from time to time but...
In for Hl cap !! Thank you !
TF2 bad graphics ? indie games does not mean bad graphics either. Also I don't see how intel has damaged pc gaming.
Got back at my parents since i had a bed bug infestation at my appartment. Feels cosy !
awwww thanks !!
thank you sir
thank you !! Here is some new stuff.
Dont forget that the video game industry is a business. The dlc was not "removed from the game''. It is a planned decision and business model, a part of the team was assigned to work on that dlc . Its not like they finish the game and chose what part to remove. If this strategy is working ( Witch it probably is, otherwise they would not do it) and making the industry that we love more profitable i have nothing wrong with it.
My teacher actually worked on this... Really small team that put a lot of effort into it... hope it does great !!
In ! Thank you for your generosity. Would help me so much for when i get enough money to build a new rig. Thanks !
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