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in thanks !!
So in thanks !!!
Hey guys after about 5 days of use my space bar is making a hi pitched sound like if it was rusty or something... Any way to fix that ?
S3 Mammoth S3 Magma S3 Mission S3 Myriad
^both system are 64 bit
thx for the answers guys i guess its because of caching
Hello guys !! Just a quick question. In my first PC I used to have 4 gb memory. And it pretty much never went above that. In second PC that had 16 gb i was pretty much doing the same things as with the first but memory usage often went above 4gb. Does a PC with more ram use more ram just because it has more, even for the same activities ? Thanks !
id love to try a racing game ! Thanks !
Yes indeed i don't understand all the hate on bf3. Its a well built game. Had a lot of fun in bc2 and im having a lot of fun in bf3 since i recently purchased it. I Don't understand how someone interested in the fps genre can say its an awful game.
Congrats to the winners Have fun ! and thanks for the contest redalert
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