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3930k 4x8gb of ram. SSD for OS. Graphics Card should go with Nvidia if there is raytracing involved, otherwise go with AMD. If here is very serious and making money with what he does i suggest looking into the Cad station card ( firepro etc)
In ! Because im a poor student with debts !
in thanks !!
So in thanks !!!
Hey guys after about 5 days of use my space bar is making a hi pitched sound like if it was rusty or something... Any way to fix that ?
S3 Mammoth S3 Magma S3 Mission S3 Myriad
^both system are 64 bit
thx for the answers guys i guess its because of caching
Hello guys !! Just a quick question. In my first PC I used to have 4 gb memory. And it pretty much never went above that. In second PC that had 16 gb i was pretty much doing the same things as with the first but memory usage often went above 4gb. Does a PC with more ram use more ram just because it has more, even for the same activities ? Thanks !
id love to try a racing game ! Thanks !
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