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I'm all for pointing out the flaws out in our laws, my point is simply that we (in America) have plenty of stupid laws that most citizens just sit back and accept and it seems like it's not only an American problem. That's all I was saying.
You know... I wouldn't be surprised lol. Apple fanboys would still stick up for this type of behavior by saying something like "Who cares if it's all soldered on, just buy a new one if you need to upgrade"I wouldn't go bashing the English or Europeans in general about stupid laws... we have our fair share of stupid laws/regulations here in the States.
It may be an old argument but it's definitely not "untrue". I've been using Android since the G1 and have only bought flagship devices (G1, HTC Evo, HTC Evo LTE, and GS3) and I've experienced lag with ALL of them. Some more than others but it has happened with all my phones.My current phone (GS3) doesn't have a big problem with this but it has happened to me a few times. I love Android but there are definitely times where there is UI lag that I didnt see when I tried out...
Without buying it and testing it, how would you know if a monitor properly displays text in portrait mode? I'm really curious because my monitor looks fuzzy when in portrait mode and I might actually like to get a few for editing in portrait mode one day.Is there a certain spec I can look for?
Only can an Apple thread get so out of hand.
People can only tell you their opinion and yours my differ.Now that I've put up that disclaimer, 16:10>16:9. The extra height makes a huge difference. It may not sound like much but personally, I couldn't see myself going back to 16:9 ESPECIALLY if it's 1080p or less.I'm not talking games or movies here, I don't do much of either of those on my PC but if you're browsing or editing, the extra height is going to be much better.
I know this is slightly off topic but the worst thing about the Mac Pro is what a terrible value it is. The 3.4GHz Quad (the entry level config) is $2,500... with 6GB of memory and an HD5770. It only gets worse from there... Can't imagine anyone's actually buying these.
If I was getting 12mbps at home I'd be freaking out. Normally I get double or better (24-25mbps). I remember having DSL for a few months and I was only getting 1-2mbps. It was hell.
I remember working all summer back in 1999 and saving up for a Sony MD player. It was awesome until I bought an MP3 player. I think I paid $330 for that thing lol. Oh if I had only known. Meh, I was 15 and I probably would have wasted the money on something worse anyway.
Can't believe there is still so much hesitation to switch to SSDs. Switching from a HDD to a SSD is probably the biggest performance boost you can make. I've put a SSD in a P4 recently and it felt incredible compared to when there was a HDD in the same system.
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