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I use my 2,000th post to say, THANK YOU!*crossing my fingers that the drive doesn't poop out* lol
Thanks for the help so far guys! I ran the Extended SMART test and it came up fine. Here's a screen shot of the HD tune health tab.
Hey guys/girls, I was editing some photos and listening to music when all of a sudden, my music seemed to slow down and then went back to normal. Immediately, I noticed one of my hard drives had turned off. This was the drive which contained the photos I was currently editing (the music was on a different drive) My HDD's are set to never turn off and even then, I was editing photos from that drive so I'm confused as to what happened. I rebooted and the drive showed back...
Are all those pictures taken at f/1.2-1.4? lol
Don't be so proud to tell us this.
Makes 2 of us. You'd think someone paid to review products wouldn't be a total idiot...
I remember reading predictions last year about APPL hitting $1000. Might be a while...
Not much? Maybe that's the problem.
Apple bans Blu-ray because iTunes doesn't sell Blu-ray. There's no other reason to this. Anyone who thinks Apple is somehow doing this to benefit anyone but themselves is definitely drinking the kool-aid.
Isn't that what the current iPad is? The Nexus 7?They're all nothing more than a large smartphone without the phone.
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