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If I was getting 12mbps at home I'd be freaking out. Normally I get double or better (24-25mbps). I remember having DSL for a few months and I was only getting 1-2mbps. It was hell.
I remember working all summer back in 1999 and saving up for a Sony MD player. It was awesome until I bought an MP3 player. I think I paid $330 for that thing lol. Oh if I had only known. Meh, I was 15 and I probably would have wasted the money on something worse anyway.
Can't believe there is still so much hesitation to switch to SSDs. Switching from a HDD to a SSD is probably the biggest performance boost you can make. I've put a SSD in a P4 recently and it felt incredible compared to when there was a HDD in the same system.
I have 2 Android phones laying on my desk doing nothing and I could use some money so I'll be selling them. BOTH of them (as far as I know) can't be activated due to reasons listed below but maybe you know a work around. First is my HTC Evo 4G LTE. I had this activated for just over a month in 2012. (June-July) Physically it is in damn near perfect condition. Slight crack on the back side plastic cover but it's barely noticable, other than that it's perfect. There are NO...
I rarely ever use a monitor in portrait but after buying a 16:10 monitor in 2008, I'll never go back to 16:9.
How would one use as much bandwidth as possible in the shortest amount of time?
I don't have much input other than telling you that I love my FT03B. It doesn't have the best ventilation but I don't have any issues with OC'ing with an H80 (I'm at 4.8GHz with no issues and have gone higher) and for a while I even had a 580GTX in here. You should be fine. edit: I totally didn't know there was a Mini version of the FT03 lol. I guess I missed that part in the thread title. Just checked it out, looks awesome. I wish I could fit my mATX board in there.
The saddest thing about this country is that the majority of the people are just numb to having their rights trampled by the government/authorities that they think it's normal or it has to be this way and that anyone who feels this is wrong is a terrorist of has some sort of agenda. As a society, we're put through so much BS and are taught to accept it and don't you dare be the one to question the way things work.
I use my 2,000th post to say, THANK YOU!*crossing my fingers that the drive doesn't poop out* lol
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