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The EP45-UD3Ps were amazing boards though. What they lacked in mainstream beauty, they made up for in overclocking madness Close the thread, we've found a winner. Amazing how old that board is and I think it's the best I've ever seen.EDIT: I googled that Intel board and it said the image was in black and white so it may have looked different. That picture is pretty sexy though.
not that i'm biased in any way but...
Is that the right picture? Congrats either way
lol, sorry for not making it clear... there were never two fans stacked up. In the photo, the part that looks like two fans stacked on eachother is one 25mm fan shroud (gutted fan) and a 38mm Ultrakaze. Now I have a single Gentle Typhoon on each side of the H80 rad.I'm pretty sure stacking 2 fans on top of eachother would do more harm than good.
That wasn't really a problem but now that I'm using two 25mm fans, it's pretty much fully exposed.
The 25mm one is just a gutted fan "shroud". It's the only way I was able to mount the 38mm Ultrakaze. I got tired of the noise to performance ratio... the 3,000RPM fan wasn't doing any better than the GentleTyphoons I replaced it with.
I would have kept the D14 but it seemed like it was too heavy to be mounted the way it is when using this case. I tightened it as much as possible but it was still a little loose and this affected temps big time.Thanks
Yeah, I was just messing around with the stickers on the day of the build. I did change the fans out on the H80 for Gentle Typhoons but that's all that's changed since then I believe. I had a GTX580 in there but I totally didn't need it as I didn't game as much as I thought I would and it was a waste of a lot of money.yes, she's... nice
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