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Wouldn't this kill game stores? I'm sure most of their profit is made through sales of used games.
Just pointing out the fact that myself and others have had better luck so they're not all bad.
Asus worked just fine for me any many others... I wouldn't go bashing all their boards due to a bad one.
I don't think they get it lol
You don't know if your CPU is a K model or not? Also, a baseclock OC won't get you nearly as good as an OC as an unlocked multiplier. I'll cross my fingers that your CPU is a K
I have a messy desk so there's plenty of stuff on here. Here's a quick pic.
I'm all for pointing out the flaws out in our laws, my point is simply that we (in America) have plenty of stupid laws that most citizens just sit back and accept and it seems like it's not only an American problem. That's all I was saying.
You know... I wouldn't be surprised lol. Apple fanboys would still stick up for this type of behavior by saying something like "Who cares if it's all soldered on, just buy a new one if you need to upgrade"I wouldn't go bashing the English or Europeans in general about stupid laws... we have our fair share of stupid laws/regulations here in the States.
It may be an old argument but it's definitely not "untrue". I've been using Android since the G1 and have only bought flagship devices (G1, HTC Evo, HTC Evo LTE, and GS3) and I've experienced lag with ALL of them. Some more than others but it has happened with all my phones.My current phone (GS3) doesn't have a big problem with this but it has happened to me a few times. I love Android but there are definitely times where there is UI lag that I didnt see when I tried out...
Without buying it and testing it, how would you know if a monitor properly displays text in portrait mode? I'm really curious because my monitor looks fuzzy when in portrait mode and I might actually like to get a few for editing in portrait mode one day.Is there a certain spec I can look for?
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