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I'll just leave this here..
nvm, figured it all out. Turns out this little crapple is more customizalbe than the general consensus is let to believe..
Kinda bored with the lack of features on my iPhone 4S. I came from a rooted Evo, and as you all know, the Apple lineup is FAR from customizable. I decided on the iP4S simply because I wanted to give Apple a shot, no other reason (please no other recommendations, I'm not going back). SO, if I choose to jailbreak this thing, what will the drawbacks be? What happens when, say I'm running 'Springtomize 2' and it syncs with iTunes, and the latest firmware is downloaded? I...
Been using one since launch. Its a gigabyte OC'ed one. Its in a matx build with ZERO issues to this date. I can hear it spool up on occasion, but its not bad. Still runs everything I play on high-very high settings. BF3 maxed at 1080p apart from only 2xaa. runs 45-50fps.
8/10 MUCH better angle and focus than the original, and the PP looks awesome. ...however, I'm nothing but amateur, this is personal opinion. This was a spur of the moment shot, while walking along the river. Beautiful sunset, set the timer, dropped the camera in the mud, and ran up beside her!
ok, never mind guys. Using RAW Therapee now to mess with exposure, colors, contrast, saturation, etc.. This also converts to normal image types to be edited afterwards. COOL! I love fixing my own problems! Just to get an idea, here is the SAME picture, one was a RAW file, the other was the JPEG my T3i took. Notice the difference. This is COMPLETELY unedited, apart from size.. While the RAW file looks somewhat dark, this was exactly what it looked like today, heavy nasty...
Recently, I have been taking pictures in JPEG/.CR2 format, and need some help with the raw files in Paint.NET. Taking the photos in the raw format retains SO MUCH more detail, and doesn't seem to screw with the exposure, however, I cant for the life of me open these in Paint.NET for editing. PDN is the ONLY program I use, and want to use, please don't recommend me PS, I cant afford it right now. I have the .raw file plugin, but still cant get it to work. I am using pdn...
I second the Tline enclosure, that would be SIIICK. Such flat response, and next to none port turbulence. otherwise good choices, TC Sounds are BEASTS! Gonna run a LMS in my Acura soon.
Damn, OP, your in the middle of no where! haha AWESOME! I envy you! In any case, a silicon type sealant/gasket would work as long as the fit is tight to begin with, and as long as its not a TON of pressure in there. I have rigged MANY things like this.
Lol thanks. Yeah the last one I didn't like either, but it happened to be the best one of the DAC that I got :/. Btw, that pic looks awesome! Can't see full detail as I'm on my cell, but it looks neat! *from my tacticool evo
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