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That's pretty bad for 4G. I think the lowest I have ever seen my download speed go was like 25.On a side note, to everyone trying to make a case about the 2 year agreement, your argument is invalid. I haven't been on a contract with Verizon for a while now. I can cancel anytime I feel like it. Sure you CAN pick the 2 year plan option if you want to THINK you are getting a new phone at a discount, but that's your problem.As far as taxes and fees with Verizon...I think the...
Exactly. I never intended to use Windows 7 for 20 or 50 years. But at the moment it is less than 10 years old, and quite frankly I don't want to have to bother with upgrading my OS every year or on every little whim when M$ decides to change something.
Why can't I just use a piece of software(Windows 7) that I paid for? Forcing people into this shouldn't even be legal. I paid for Windows 7, I want to use Windows 7! Stop updating and supporting it, IDC, but I will continue to use it. I've seen and used Windows 10 and can use if I needed to. However, it is my choice to use Windows 7, not Windows 10 for my gaming desktop.
I pay $10 more per month with Verizon than i would with T-Mobile but get 100 times better coverage. Now I do agree with the fact that I would NEVER use ATT.
Thats actually what im using my R4 for atm. Its my 18TB media server.
I love my R4, and this new design looks great. Good job Fractal!
OMG this game looks so amazing! WANT NOW!!!
Ah well if its DDR2 that's better. But I still think a tablet would be better. Just my opinion though. The main thing that computer needs is more ram to make it tolerable. Then I guess a GPU so she can watch youtube videos and such on there. Would be ok after those 2 improvements.
TBH she would be better off with a tablet like a Nexus 7. DDR1 ram is extremely expensive. Finding parts for that if anything goes wrong....just isnt worth it.
Yea...I dont really see the point in going that that CPU cooler. If you dont want to overclock, stick with stock cooler. if you do want to overclock, go with something like this or if you want to get a lot of overclocking done then there is always this. The H100 is really nice, can give you a lot of overclocking headroom and is really reliable. I've been using one for 3 years now. As for the RAM, g.skill isnt bad. I would just go with a kit that had reasonable voltage no...
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