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Soooo I'm VERY new to networking and NAS stuff... (and I'm Dutch so I make my sentences as I think them --> meaning grammar wise a big ZERO) But I read alot about it and was finaly able to setup my router, NAS and LAN adapter settings so that every device in my house has either static IP (in router and adapter) or filtered by MAC adres (in router, for wireless devices) So I guess that was a good step... Everythnig worked perfect (could "see" eachother, could browse...
yawn, nothing changed IC
v-sync OFF is producing way more frames than needed. (in your case 60fps). Also some titles I play "choked" my cards caused by bad coding of the game resulting in producing "unlimited" framerate (v-sync off), resulting in extra heat and/or throtteling down also. So I guess turning it ON will reduc temps
According to my friends I did play D1 (can't recall that myself ) D2 was awesome, really into the game while I was playing. D3 was nicer graphics, but that was all for me... I don't understand all the changes... (cause I don't play everyday anymore like I used to do) So when I played again after a few months/years it was totally changed etc so nah... Just simple plain level exploring and following the story (or the arrow on the map ) like D2 was way more fun! Heck I...
nvm I picked another setup with only 1 lan and the other as backup
Lolzzz seems I got a laptop with 2x 4GB installed (I tought it was 2x 2GB... or I prolly upgraded it... once...) So I swapped the modules and worked just fine! Now my NAS runs at 8gigglebytes
+1 All clear now! Thx for info!
Oh yeah ofcourse I saw at ARK Intel that it wasn't ECC but I forgot to look that the max supported was 1600 I'm sorry but what does "slight compatibility edge" mean? (I'm Dutch) --> is this good or bad in this context? I'm asking cause the VS costs $5 more than the Vengeance 1600/1866 (not that I care about 5 bucks, but it would be stupid to buy VS if Vengance is better, hence the "edge question" Assuming Vengeance > VS memory
Ok, that makes it clear Well it's the Intel Celeron N3160 so it's no ECC support. Ok then I'll just grab myself some Corsair DDR3L But it seems that the value select costs the same as the Vengeance +-$50-55 So ValueSelect 1600C9 Or Vengeance 1600C9 or 1866C10 or 2133C11 All the above costs more or less the same... so wich one would you choose? The faster but lower timings or the same speed with faster timings? Oh the choises I have to make (and prolly for no...
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