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Stuff... I C...+1
Nope, unless you say DEDICATE it to PhysX, I guess... (but with auto-setting it does not do that)
Hehe funny Also I have just added a 3th fan, so you have push-pull-pull And I've seen people with very thin fans, cramming 2 fans between the towers and 2 fans on each outher side of it, resulting in 4 fans.But this setup with 3 fans only does a few degrees (2-3°C) of temp difference, so not worth buying it (I had this fan as side case fan)
Climbing up a ladder
Well under my TL;DR section you'll see that with 470 as PhysX I got 20fps extra! And it is the average fps, not the max fps or so Anyway after I installed Watch Dogs I removed the card cause I tought the graphic glitches were caused by it... In the end I think the game just LOOKS like that it's the way it IS showed on the freaking screen I figured it was choppy and bad textures... but it seems the game is like that (when the cut-scene's are active)
OCN has YT channel??? Only took me 6 years membership to realize... Sub'd for sure now!
Very cool! But isn't DARPA capable of making (fast) running robots? And for stability-robots got to check out this vid @ some point they try to push it over @ 1m20s it hits ice (and that is for me the most freaky part --it reacts like a freaking animal) @ the end you see other projects
Yup short the green and a black wire --> you can put a thick enough wire into the green and black wire so you can solder a switch into it... That way you can switch it on/off In other words: change the paperclip with some type of switch
Push-push does exist... just not with his (single tower) cooler. I have Silver Arrow which has 2 towers so I can have push-push As for the noise. It might cool better tresulting in the fans have to spin slower (more silent) As for the wining noise... maybe the airflow is so that it creates that noise (kinde like the howling wind outside sometimes...)
Fact is... 2GB is getting "old"... BUT!!! Do you really NEED to have all settings at max... spending (again) lot's of money... for technology that get's old eventually? In a few yers 3GB will bottleneck Years later 4GB might etc... Hardware = money Just saying, don't feel that bad cause anything you buy will make you sad in the end.... Say you buy 4 Titans... 6GB each... should be plenty for a while, right? Yeah but you feel sad after a month... Why? A) after a...
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