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Explode, blow up, all the same native language is Dutch, so sometimes explaining myself :-) And 5dB - 4,5dB = 0,5dB was his mail to me. And he gave me examples of antenna and cable But as I told before: didn't want to make OP scared, just extra info to think about.
Your ISP router is modem + router + switch + wifi - in - 1 device.What you want to do is use your own router.So in theory you only need a ISP modem. I askes my ISP to install ONLY the modem. They didn't like to do it, but they did (keep complaining about bad signal etc )The modem "translates" the internet-network with your-network, that's all. So which pakket should be send to where etc...If you use multiple device in your homenetwork, they all use a different IP adress....
Ok, now I got the info back This is the info my buddy gave me: * Best use longer antennas over longer cables (such high frequencies give lots of signal loss) * A "stock" antenna has a gain of 5dB but a "stock" cable has a (insertion) loss of 4.5dB so you'll only gain 0.5dB... * If you search for LONGER antennas, go for 8dB ones or more. * If you buy cables, buy complete/finished cables (don't fix them yourself as their are lots of different connectors etc) * Don't...
And that's what I exactly JUST did (packege is ready to be picked up tomorrow ) I send it to STELLAR. Was doubting about KROLL but now I see it's in WD's partner list, crap... Oh well I hope STELLAR does a good job
It's something about gain.. I'm sorry I don't know it anymore...I have AC66U and wanted to do the same (external antenna's) so I asked a buddy of me.He's into that a bit.Was something about losing half the strenght if you choose wrong antenna or extension cable.Other option was that you could blow up your router because it wanted to try to reach max gain or something...I'm really sorry, don't want to scare you but just be carefull what you choose. And ask others or search...
Will check it out when I wake up tomorow :-) sleep now
If you give your usb stick to someone and they use it on their infected pc, you might get the virus that way. Same goes if someone sends you an infected file from their computer via mail or skype or... I do lots of format c's for friends, family etc... so I hook them up to my home network. I'm paranoid they might infect my pc, so thats why I have Norton, Hitman and mbam, all payed versions Occasionally they all 3 block a file or site or something
Euhm... OP, you just cannot use anything you like. There are some rules about gain and dB or you could end up having no signal at all or just blow up your router... I'm serious! I just don't remember what it was... Might only apply to 3th party antennas or also 3th party (extension) cables... Search google or call in for smarte OCN-ers than me
Most of us don't.But it's the principle... you just don't spy at everyone! I guess you don't spy your neighbours?! See, so why should they spy on us?!I don't give a ... if they spy on anyone of who they think has bad/criminal ideas or stuff to do.But don't spy on a "normal" person like us...Only use it if the person they want to spy has a criminal record or via their contacts, spy on them.
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