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TL;DR But I got 2600K with 780Ti on 1440p and it... rocks CPU = 4.6GHz GPU = stock (only have it for a week and only flashed the bios yesterday to unlock moarrrr poweh)
Oh well... when your into rig-building you'll swap more hardware without a real benefit It's all in the test and learn mode, trial and error
Sing as in Coil Whine? Well my did it already out of the box and it seems (googled) I'm not the only one
Well I reset it and the problem was solved, it continued. But it did the same with the first test? (all other test ran fine)So here are my results (seems like my driver is not supported/approved???) settings of 780Ti
it detects 8 but uses 4 hmmm.... maybe some bios option is using 4GB as shared mem for igpu or do you have an onboard graphics card
It works fine until she enters the cave and than the screen goes black (monitor stays on and I can here the sound, but no image is shown) Prolly because it's an ASUS card Card is not overclocked, but today I flashed the Skyn3t bios into it I only have this card a week so did not do anything with it Seems to be the first problem with the card, or maybe with the bios Prolly reboot and everything is fine, but got to go now...
Set the ram voltage MANUALY in bios, don't use AUTO voltage. I had that problem once, also domi's but DDR2. Still worth a try. It was a memory controller issue with my older ASUS board And just to be VERY sure can you post a screenshot of your 64-bit OS Like this:
Ah they ARE physicly 2 different drives? I tought you meant you installed a ssd and it strangly appeared as 2 drives So when you open "Computer" you see a C, D and E drive? But you want the D and E as 1 D drive, correct? What happens if you RIGHT click on the "unallocated" space of 1 drive? Can't you "fuse" them together? (don't know English term for it)
Yeah but here they still use copper connections between 2 "centrales" (the boxes on the street) --> they are replacing them with fiber tho...But also a great thing to live in Belgium is this: they break up the street to lay new sewwers. They finish the job after a few months.Than after some months they open the exact same street to lay new electric wires or phone cables or ...And I work on the grid, connecting all those wires (but I'm not the planner hehehe)Go Belgium Go
I'll bump it again, and also subbing it. But I'll have to dig in a little deeper before I understand it it seems But not know as I just flashed my graphics card, so need to OC now ehahaha
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