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Yup, like Lex said, the Ti is a totaly different card with a different chipset... So in a way you're comparing appels with GTX780's It has different speeds and all Here, this you this:
Well I did google it, but I forgot I had to check it on youtube so instead I came up here so I was like... no, no, nooo (my fault )Anyway I'll be off to bed now, but WILL look for it
Unit Igor DonDizzurp I sure hope de dude's SSD is fixed
I'm not blaming the OS I just hate it AT THE MOMENT, big difference I want to use it like it works with everybody else. But they have their Android devices like... x years. So ofcourse the're better with it In the end it'll work here as well...But all those slow stuff things, or cannot connect things (proxy etc) and when tapping on something it's not responing for like 5-10 seconds...And the google sync stuff is not going to fix those things I guess. Speaking off, I hate...
When installing an app, it always wanted to do stuff like: Need acces to your files, Need acces to your location, Need acces to your camera, etc (depending on what type of app your installing) I guess I can "trust" this... and continue? Or is there a way to install the app without all that "need" stuff?
I have the same card, here in the house it's 33C atm (yes waaaaay tooo hot ) and I just ran Heavon on Extreme (but with 1080p and not 1600x900) and it got 70-72C after first run and 72-74 after second run so if I leave it a few more runs I might hit 80C as well It also depends which Benchmark... Some are way more taxing than others so temp will rise. Also have you overclocked it more? If so, temps go up. Are the fans controlled by software or the card itself. If you...
Well if your room is already 30C it's likely normal But I guess it's normal depending on your airflow in your case... They work at 60C also ofcourse... But IIRC they may go upto 90C-95C
Well I was thinking port forwarding... And by "replacing the stuff" they could also open more ports Anyway it's fixed! But if you have same problems later on, google portforwarding (it has a website like that )
hmmmmmm.... big mac menu with large fries and cola..... hmmmmm.... (that's what I take when going to Mickie D's and I live in Belgium )Anyway thx for the link! I sure will have lot's of reading fun thx again!Always nice to have a good starting point hehe
euh... lol? I'm not saying those things, the bio-engineer did And yeah it's asbestos in English Anyway he just shared it meanwhile in his course (while we were having a break) And I don't care about the - yes or no - radiation... I work on the Belgium grid with seriously powerlines so that's also some kind of radiation the magnetic field around the cables (Lorentz force) --> which is a sort of plasma (electricly charged air...) Also I wouldn't buy the AC-66U if it...
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