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Yup split tower for a split personevermind...
sub'd for.... I dunno
I can do that with my router... I can choose USB, WAN or LAN for 2nd port WAN But I also tought it was for connecting 2 different ISP's at your home (as a backup should one fall out...)
Stuff... I C...+1
Nope, unless you say DEDICATE it to PhysX, I guess... (but with auto-setting it does not do that)
Hehe funny Also I have just added a 3th fan, so you have push-pull-pull And I've seen people with very thin fans, cramming 2 fans between the towers and 2 fans on each outher side of it, resulting in 4 fans.But this setup with 3 fans only does a few degrees (2-3°C) of temp difference, so not worth buying it (I had this fan as side case fan)
Climbing up a ladder
Well under my TL;DR section you'll see that with 470 as PhysX I got 20fps extra! And it is the average fps, not the max fps or so Anyway after I installed Watch Dogs I removed the card cause I tought the graphic glitches were caused by it... In the end I think the game just LOOKS like that it's the way it IS showed on the freaking screen I figured it was choppy and bad textures... but it seems the game is like that (when the cut-scene's are active)
OCN has YT channel??? Only took me 6 years membership to realize... Sub'd for sure now!
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