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Ah good, good, good!!!
I watched YT and XDA forums before but pfffff overwhelming for me!It's not just Format C
You can test it with power on as well. Be sure the drives are UNplugged. Hold 1 pin against the chassis and other against 1 of the 4 molex pins. You'll measure 2x 0V, 1x 5V and 1x 12V --> The 0V's are the grounded ones. OR Just measure volts directly from the pins. If you measure between 2 pins and read 12V you have 12V, if you measure 5V between 2 pins you have 5V. If you measure 7V you have the 12V and 5V pins. --> if it reads -5V, -7V or -12V, turn your multimeter...
oops... bump
Thanks for your input!1 question tho... what does "stout" mean (I'm Dutch speaking)Is it good or bad that the processor is "stout" BTW we also have the word "stout" in Dutch , but that is A) the name of a (beer) or B) a noun: eg when (mostly a child) did something wrong we say it has been bad... you know
Hi, Did not find a thread about this one. I'm planning on buying a nas. I'm total noob about nas stuff. But I buy once so it may be a bit overkill atm. Don't want to buy cheap stuff and after I know it's limitations I have to upgrade it... I prefer real intels over atoms but looking at specs/benchmarks it seems pretty solid! And atoms use less electricity. Seems necessary when I read about nas :-) I want to use it to put all my files of all my pc's, androids and...
Seems like you are not very happy with your friends PC and thus you bought it??? Not familiar with AMD so I don't know about that. Keep the RAM as it's in there! Buy a better card if needed (with at least 3GB RAM) But in the end, is it really needed??? And what do you plan to do with it??? And why did he sell it??? And what is your monitor, which res do you play??, If you play
Muons, like aliens from x-com? Oh no wait... mutons :-)
Sub'd for when they come visit earth
Nice! I have "normal" Vengeance 1866MHz 9-10-9-27-2T which I can run @ 1T also But I overclocked them to 2133MHz 10-11-11-31 and 1T crashes so 2T that is. You can try 2133MHz 10-11-11-30-1T or 2T @ 1.5V-1.65VMAX EDIT: how much sticks of how much gigglebytes
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