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31 years old? DANG, I'm 35 and: 1) lucky I'm not hacking??? 2) lucky I'm not "glowing in the dark" 3) lucky to just look better AT MY AGE
some strong glue on the sata cable connector and than let it make contact inside the sdd slot, just be sure not to insulate (or conduct) your goldfingers (never done this myself, just an idea...)
As StormBlazer mentioned, there is really no difference in pci-e 8x or 16x, heck not even in 2.0 8x vs 3.0 16x I was worried (for my sig rig) about those 780ti's i have on an "older" 2.0 8x config, so I was searching webzzz for info. Came actoss this chart so saved it to my PC. Never mind the Dutch on the pic, it's for my friends but you'll get the point: just put your cards in ANY pci-e slot to perform better airflow... Run some benchmarks now and after you switched...
Ah, my friend...Phase 1: collect honey,Phase 2: ???Phase 3: Profit!!!Yeah, yeah, yeah! But what about phase 2?!
So the bees got an upgrade. Nice! Are they C's now? I like h0ney as well, helped me 1 year from "hooikoorts" it's the stuff in the air that's in grass, trees, dust that makes me sneeze all the time. pollen I guess in english?
They arrived yesterday... d'oh! I ordered the wrong one I was staring blind at "7.1" and so I ordered the ASUS Strix DSP with VIRTUAL 7.1... no wonder they were WAY cheaper Anyway I ordered the correct one also this time Should be here Friday or next week
Press the MemOK button if it does not boot. Use CPU-Z to know the exact timings and/or model of your RAM modules In BIOS set the voltage for your RAM manualy and not Auto In BIOS set DRAM Command Rate to T2 and not T1 (2nd picture, lowest setting)
I had the same problem with my GTX470's, no slot in between... I ordered a PCI-e extension cable for a few bucks... and was able to let the card "hoover" between the lower pci-e slots (not IN the slots, BETWEEN the lower slots) I fixed a rail to hold the card with zipties
I'll be buying these Always had the cheapest Logitech headset and after 20 years or so I'm still at my 3th set. And it's still working but the "fake leather" (don't know the English word...) is worn and it leaves black stuff in my neck... So I was looking for another headset... might even try a surround set... And what do you know... ASUS and 7.1 Lucky me Design... bwah... could be worse (and I'm turning 35 in April) and you can switch off the eyes if they freak...
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