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OMG I FEEL SO STUPID TWICE!!!1) of luck, because THAT IS THE GAME2) cause I can't use google like that (well I can, but I'm Dutch speaking so sometimes I don't know how to "make" my sentence in English... granted that "sega army dragon" wasn't that difficult either )ANYWAY I GOT IT!!! (yeah I feel like a kid again...) --> fast forward to 47min30sec (exact) for a battle with BOTH dragons vs the rest
Hi all! Title says it all... and that's all I remember also... Me and my cousin played it at his Megadrive back in the early 90's I guess. He doesn't have it anymore ofcourse and we're both older than 35 so loooong time ago... IIRC you had to buy an army (of non-human stuff) and you had to wander in a green landscape hoping to find a place where you could buy dragons. You had red ones and blue ones. And 1 of the 2 was stronger than the other. For the moment that's...
Oh well I did it anyway as I was sure not too harm the stuff And it works. I mean, it did not explode (yet) --> still have to reboot to test it for 100% (it got kicked out after reboot), but cannot do it at this time)
Ok, I understand. I figured it would work, just that the total speed (5Gbps) would be divided over the total of ports. So this won't work either? If you only have 1 port per adapter? Thus 1 port on either side of the "Y" (just as a learning question that is ) If so then it's really stupid to build such cables??? But why would they do it. It must have some perpose??? (maybe measuring stuff via the 2nd connector?)
Yay, someone else started a thread about this so now I don't have to make a new one and the forum guys will love it too so they don't have multiple threads about the same topic, yay!!! That said, reviving this 4 year old thread because I ran into same situation atm... I made this picture to ask the same as OP? So if someone could answer this one... It's not that I don't want to try it... but in my case it's for the Strix 7.1 headset so don't xwant to fry that one either...
Well I came on this thread while using the search button (altho for another USB Y cable question. But the cable you bought/returned. Can't it be used for going from 1 output on your motherbord to 2 outputs (hence the Y-cable) and then plug 2x two usb headers into it? So 4 USB ports can be achieved? Like this? Regarding my USB question, see here (as not hacking into this thread...)
C'mon man! I've finished XCOM 2 for the second time now (I bought the game 2 months ago or so) I still believe in you JeBUs
Today I got this mail from M$??? It's something about Service and Privacy things that was/needs updated or something. I just deleted it after I took this screenshot of it (it's in Dutch) Not sure what it is or what to do with it (except from deleting it ) EDIT: seems like the service agreement starts from 15 september 2016 and the privacy declaration also.(or is it statement/explanation/certificate in English???) Tommorow starts the FAQ about it or something.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I came back from holiday yesterday with a lot of updates So, is "" Six Siege "" still taking over your life???
bump, seven years later!!! (almost exact ) But seriously, I was just googling the same... Was browsing ASUS website and saw they had a new soundcard. And cause I have the strix 7.1 usb headset I was asking myself the same question as OP. So in other words: if I buy a soundcard, I would NOT be able to connect my usb headset to it? Not if there is a 3.5/mini jack to usb adapter? Or can it go via the soundcard's optical out and then via via ssomething to usb? Or...
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