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Oh well I did it anyway as I was sure not too harm the stuff And it works. I mean, it did not explode (yet) --> still have to reboot to test it for 100% (it got kicked out after reboot), but cannot do it at this time)
Ok, I understand. I figured it would work, just that the total speed (5Gbps) would be divided over the total of ports. So this won't work either? If you only have 1 port per adapter? Thus 1 port on either side of the "Y" (just as a learning question that is ) If so then it's really stupid to build such cables??? But why would they do it. It must have some perpose??? (maybe measuring stuff via the 2nd connector?)
Yay, someone else started a thread about this so now I don't have to make a new one and the forum guys will love it too so they don't have multiple threads about the same topic, yay!!! That said, reviving this 4 year old thread because I ran into same situation atm... I made this picture to ask the same as OP? So if someone could answer this one... It's not that I don't want to try it... but in my case it's for the Strix 7.1 headset so don't xwant to fry that one either...
Well I came on this thread while using the search button (altho for another USB Y cable question. But the cable you bought/returned. Can't it be used for going from 1 output on your motherbord to 2 outputs (hence the Y-cable) and then plug 2x two usb headers into it? So 4 USB ports can be achieved? Like this? Regarding my USB question, see here (as not hacking into this thread...)
C'mon man! I've finished XCOM 2 for the second time now (I bought the game 2 months ago or so) I still believe in you JeBUs
Today I got this mail from M$??? It's something about Service and Privacy things that was/needs updated or something. I just deleted it after I took this screenshot of it (it's in Dutch) Not sure what it is or what to do with it (except from deleting it ) EDIT: seems like the service agreement starts from 15 september 2016 and the privacy declaration also.(or is it statement/explanation/certificate in English???) Tommorow starts the FAQ about it or something.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I came back from holiday yesterday with a lot of updates So, is "" Six Siege "" still taking over your life???
bump, seven years later!!! (almost exact ) But seriously, I was just googling the same... Was browsing ASUS website and saw they had a new soundcard. And cause I have the strix 7.1 usb headset I was asking myself the same question as OP. So in other words: if I buy a soundcard, I would NOT be able to connect my usb headset to it? Not if there is a 3.5/mini jack to usb adapter? Or can it go via the soundcard's optical out and then via via ssomething to usb? Or...
wait? what? this thread hasn't been used for almost a month??? How about kb2881030 (office 2010) and kb 3115192 (office outlook) Why is that update comming anyway??? I don't have office 2010...
but what is IPME??? When I read wiki it still is chinese for me can you explain it in English please
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