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Aha a little spark of hope it's a bad driver and not my new ASUS card (which is an even bigger problem for an ASUS---freak )Well I'd figure those VRM temps would be way to high... I do know electronic devices like resistors and conductors etc can go way higher than 100°C but don't know about this... But as you can see in the picture I provide... it's telling 176°C
Hmmm ordered card yesterday, arrived today Uninstalled nvidia driver(s) and rebooted + removed old cards Installed ASUS 780Ti OC, booted and installed nvidia 337.88 drivers. Didn't overclock card (yet) but 1st benchmark I did was Valley benchmark. Max 71°C with room temp of 27°C (1920x1080, 8x AA, Extreme all) --> monitor can go 1440p so yeah... It was full of artifacts... 2nd was Mafia 2 benchmark, went better than 470's SLi but ofcourse now I see "problems"...
Again with MY old laptop, the webcam was together with an USB driver thingy... So maybe there realy is another driver to be installed that has something to do with your optical drive... As I said: with MY very OLD laptop... so may not apply for you, but I just can give more ideas, right
Well the " " means... sarcasm over here in Belgium. Do believe it's in the whole world like that But hey... it's 1440p we're talking so it was a 50/50 % sarcasm...Anyway, now I'm pretty sure it should give a performance boost Seems like the card (I ordered today) will be here tomorrow THANK GOD I don't have to work this week so I can accept the card, the moment the doorbell rings
I've ordered mine today The ASUS GTX780Ti DC2OC I'll sub this already, but I don't understand a lot of the links provided at post nr 1 I did flash my own GTX470's few years ago... but in post 1 there is info I do NOT understand But we'll see when it arrives I just hope 1 780Ti will beat 2x 470 in SLi (1440p)
Don't bother I could have searched it myself on the Corsair site... And as a matter of factr I should have known it was red (I always build with Corsair PSU's )I know water is moarrrr cooling power than air... but still, the hardware swapping so fast is.... meh... (but not for you it seems , bye bye Z87 eh-eh-eh...)
I found the name: ATK0100 ACPI UTILITY I remember that I HAD TO install it in order to let the optical drive work properly --> but it might only be for ASUS laptops??? I also had to install this as the FIRST driver (or I could not install some other drivers. Some worked, some not, but after that, all worked...) Symptoms are: disc not reading/loading Cyclic redundancy error (or something) But it was with my 1st laptop, so loooooong ago --> it was a single core 1.7GHz...
Why not install a SATA 3 controller???Nvm, I read to fast You had...
It sure looks damn nice!!! Based on the last picture... what about orange cooling liquid??? The same orange as the "AX" from the PSU... Might work well in combo with black-light??? I never build a water setup, nor did I ever took the time to sleeve stuff or whatever modding... so don't need to follow my orders I wanted to do it... but main reason is simple: the hardware changes so fast... Nevertheless, I like it what other ppl do!!!
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