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lol... so I'm still in the same boat as usual... selling my whole rig for the same price of what costed me 1 card Ok, as I said, nvm then
Ok, reviving my own "old" thread So I figured out how to root it (Kingo did the trick) and I managed to do some stuff like removing bloatware and taking a backup using TiBu (Titanium Backup) I also learned a few things on how Android "works" compared to Windows... I also noticed that there was an official Lollipop Upgrade on the ASUS site for my device. So I installed that too. But now Kingo is not working anymore for that... I reinstalled Kingo on PC, I tried the...
Yup rebooting did the trick, all removed now. THX all
Hi, 1st time I use this forum to "sell" my rig. And it's NOT selling, just want to ask what it is worth today... So I don't know if it belongs in this section of the forum... Anyway, IF I would sell it, what would it be worth: ASUS P8P67Deluxe 2600K Thermalright Silver Arrow + Fans 4x 4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1866MHz 2x ASUS GTX780Ti Crucial MX200 SSD 256GB Corsair HX 1000W PSU Antec 1200 Case ASUS DVD-burner ASUS BR-player Euro if possible Thanks, looking forward...
Just to let you know that these updates failed to uninstall: KB3068708 failed KB3080149 failed KB3088195 failed
I should have read the whole text But still don't understand it how it helps? How can light "tunnel-help" an electron?
Maybe they get "a returning message" from all our PC's that these updates (the BUU ones) fail.That's why MS knows
In your 2nd picture (SPD Tab) you selected RAM slot 2. Browse for RAM slot 1 and/or 2 and/or 3 and/or 4 by clicking on the black triangle next to the text "RAM slot 2"
electrons in a fibre? shouldn't it be fotons?
In the end it IS an i7 and they still rock. Old or not. See what happens when you have the rift. Not happy? Upgrade
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