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Mine seems to max out at 1260. Any more than that and whatever I'm playing just seems to crash. The memory, however, doesn't seem give a damn what I do to it. I'm at +750 right now and it doesn't show any signs of stopping; there's no artifacts and the highest temperature I've hit is 69C with the fan on auto. The power limiter doesn't seem to do anything for me either. It doesn't affect my overclock at all so I just keep it at 100%.
They must have gotten a lot more of the Gigabytes. It's been in stock for the past hour or so.
I also got one. They seem to be popping in and out of stock for short periods of time. I contacted newegg support and they said it was cleared by my bank so I hope it works.Edit: In packaging now!
The windforce came back in stock for a little while. I managed to get my order completed this time. I got a confirmation email from Newegg. Here's hoping it goes through.
It'll be out of stock by the end of today.
Missed out in the windforce by seconds. Would it be a bad idea to just get an EVGA model?
1) Do you prefer to build your own PC’s or buy a branded system? a) Prefer to build my own 2) How often do you replace or upgrade your PC? d) 2 – 3 years 3) How important do you feel an SSD is to system performance? b) Pretty important
How good of a deal is that Force drive?
Don't sweat it. Think about what his life must be like for him to post something so narrow-minded and false. There's a good quote for people like him; jealousy is no more than feeling alone against smiling enemies.
It was fun watching, thanks guys.
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