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In for one
That maybe the total number of keys that you have..I also have 3 keys now.It's for an in-game item called Golden Key.
Launch the game.In main menu, go to extras, and then Shift CodeRedeem the code there
You mean the Willow Saved game file?They patched that already.
PC = KBCJ3-KX9B6-XTBJT-TT33B-C9ZR3 PS3 = 5JKJ3-6TWKS-CSTCT-S3KJJ-FXX3W 360 = 5JKJ3-6TWSJ-BRXBX-K6JJJ-FXXWB That's a Shift Code, so activate it in game. Go to Extras > Shift Code. This code is tweeted by Randy Pitchford for 10k activation, so be hurry.
Add me: endfinity Can't wait for the Ultimate Loot Chest to arrive
Answer all the questions in this website, and perhaps you are prepared. EDIT: Google Interview story and process
SourceFollow up from this incident:
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