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I wouldn't necessarily say a lot of people think AMD owe them something, or that they are anti-AMD. I would say its most people being conditioned to Intel's behavior these past years. It's more like people saying "hey AMD, prove me wrong in assuming Intel will always be better." Better being not just performance, but also price. The value needs to be there as well. It has to be. AMD needs to shake this market up. At this point, they're obligated to. I fully expect the...
frequency is cool and all, but what about timing? that's the key here. granted I will be snagging DDR4 with Ryzen's platform but my Samsung DDR3 is 1600mhz, but with CL6. the low timings can make up the difference, albeit only to a point.
TXP is 6x8. Not 8x8. What you're probably seeing is an AIB 1080ti with 8x8 pins. Expected, as some 1080s also have 8x8.
YESSSSS.Looks great, Jakob!Am I safe to assume that since the copper is going out next Tuesday, the nickel will go out a week after?
I'm not too much bothered by the Ti potentially coming out. I snagged a 1080 to replace my four 7970s. Quite the upgrade, and it does what I need it to do and then some. I am much more hyped about Vega. I so desperately want it to beat out the 1080Ti. It's time AMD exchanges actual blows with Nvidia and Intel.
soooo who wants to buy my x79 platform?
no need for the animosity there, guy.
mind showing proof of this date?
Now that's what I'm tolkien about!!! Awesome stuff man. Glad to see you're guys are on the initiative. Man, have you guys seen the Bitspower block on that new Z270 Asus Maximus? Looks like a old school tape deck but it's got a ton of tech inside the block. Very impressive. I wouldn't get it though - why? Because I'm personally not a fan of monoblocks. Makes things way too easy! I tell you what, I snagged those Watercool D5s with your pump tops for one of our show systems...
Yessir! I am definitely happy about their performance. They had the best performing blocks when I had my four 7970s all blocked up.That Aquacomputer active backplate is a really cool idea. Awesome initiative on their part. If I only I could run both together lolI am digging the idea quite a bit. However, in my honest opinion - Instagram is constantly blowing up with computer photos. There are tens of pages with tens of thousands of followers constantly re-posting awesome...
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