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I will be quite happy once I have an 1800X to replace my 4930k.
the hangout earlier today was a good time for sure. it was good talking to those in the live chat. and yeah that beard was epic hahahaha. - John
I'm sure you'll be ahead lol. I plan to be using the install for a video opportunity with my new company for content before launch, so it'll much longer to do than a normal install. I'll also be there for the hangout! But I think I'll be using my company moniker instead of my personal one
Got my FTW block in this weekend. First time shooting with my new staging setup too. Came out nicely. Jakob you guys are incredible.
I'll take your word then. Thanks man.btw, got my shipping notification for my FTW block
Perfect. I appreciate the insight my friend! +rep
hey guys. gotta quick question for you all. on In Win's site, it says 70mm for radiator clearance at the top for a 120/240/360. I just would like to double check from some actual owners of the case, as I'm planning to build one of these up, and am trying to plan out what radiator to get. what's the thickest radiator you can get at the top with fans mounted to them (push only) and still have a little bit of gap between the fans and the glass side panel? thanks!
Though I would love to trust your word on that - knowing there were pads added for the cooler. But there were also pads added for the backplate.What I'm referring to:
Hey @Watercool-Jakob are you saying you will have new thermal pads for the original EVGA backplate, coming with the block? Or are you saying it's simply just compatible? Also, I did not know that you were making backplates for these cards. I thought it was just the block. I never grabbed the extra thermal pads EVGA was giving out to 1080 FTW customers back when there were articles saying the cards were burning up because of the lack of backplate pads. I was never worried...
I am so excited.Best looking waterblocks on the market. Without a doubt.
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