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hey guys. looking to collab build with some people locally. let me know if you live nearby and are interested!
I haven't gone to the crimson drivers yet. im still at work. however with CCC at the moment, if I was on a 1080 screen, the highest I could do was 1440. but now Im on a 3440x1440 screen and haven't been able to up it from there.
im assuming the VSR settings are still limited (resolution wise) to the HD series cards?
excited to see how these drivers will work with my 7970s! work needs to done nowwww
the crysis 3 crossfire profile works pretty well. both gpus at 92% and 99%. steady 60fps but sudden dips to 35fps. still much more consistent than one card.
so im on 15.11.1 now with windows 10, and i've got 3 CTDs in about an hour. thank god im used to quick saving constantly. but what the heck man.
a new AMD beta driver...interesting. I'd almost want to install it and see. then again doing drivers on windows 10 is a huge pain for me. I think i'll just wait for an official release. it cant be that far off.
that's boston for you lol
guy on Reddit finds a way to make SLI work: can someone go try that with CCC please? I'm at work. I remember seeing the option for alternate frame rendering 1 & 2 when I was trying the skyrim profile on CCC.
well last night I was able to get a consistent 45-50fps throughout the game with just one of my 7970s (I HAVE 4 DANG IT) ini file fps UNcapped rivatuner capped at 59fps ccc capped at 59fps god rays low textures ultra shadows high distance draws high-ultra it's a good amount of fun becoming situated with the game. so similar to skyrim once you see yourself doing the same animation as the dragonborn when you go to the armorer's bench lol. but whatever, i kinda like that...
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