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finished it up
2804 Unread Posts MIA too long. upgraded. parts on the way.
I decided to run 4 cards because, well why not? My 1600w can handle it. the 7970s are a good deal right now on ebay so I acquired 4 of them, flashed em all to Ghz Ed bios, and watercooled them. Well except the 4th one. The waterblock is on the way as we speak, along with a bunch of new watercooling parts. So that's the one that's running in my aircooled rig right now.I'm anxious to see how well mine will overclock. We'll see. I'll do everything I can to reach that 4.7ghz...
very interesting you guys. well I guess time will tell for me, I'll only be able to run one 7970 today as today will be air cooling tests to make sure everything works correctly. the 4th 7970 I got was from ebay and since it still has the air cooler on it, i'll be making sure that card is still good, the motherboard is not DOA, and that the 4930k is good (which im sure it is) next weekend is when everything will be put under water, in which I'll be able to discover these...
that sig rig picture I have as the default is actually a bit old lol.I did in fact ditch that RGB strip, which was the NZXT Hue.switched over to white led's an updated pic of my now-old rig:
man, I gotta lot of reading to catch up on. just had my RIVBE delivered today, though i'm not home to play with it yet. work trips suck. here will be the specs on the beast. asus RIVBE 4930k 16gb samsung green x4 7970s titanium hd sound x2 raid 0 hyperx x2 raid 0 hyperx (2 raid arrays possible with x79?) evga 1600w everything watercooled as well. will be updating my old build log yet again, might make a new one. not sure. hopefully I can get the 4930k to 4.6ghz. it's...
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