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have you played it since the update?you should go try should shut your mouth.on another note, played 3 rounds of the updated is a whole other beast players tighter, no lag whatsoever, graphics are better, and I got about a 20-25 constant fps's incredible.hit reticle slightly changed, rez icons changed, red dots are finer, cqc is much faster, overall game is a bit faster paced since everyone is experiencing a tighter gameplay, not nearly as...
my god so many haters in here and they all wanna throw their .02 in. nobody cares you don't like bf4. this thread isn't meant for you.
this looks awesome. anyone have an idea on what kind of pump it is? I would get it just to tear it apart and use the block/pump in a custom loop.
i'll use them for cleaning out blocks or rads with cheap tubing, plus i just like hoarding barb fittings
hahaha right?when their holiday coupons come around...spend $1k, get 3% off -___-that being said, with every block you get you normally get your size choice of barbed fittings which I think is cool
im really bummed about ppcs' website face lift.
agreed. my god that's a lot.
trying hard not to sell and upgrade
my recommendation to you folks is find a driver that works as good as it has in your rig, and leave it be. in my experience there is sometimes no need to update drivers when a performance "boost" is next to nothing, as it can potentially completely change how your rig acts with everything video. it astounds me when i see people losing their freaking minds over a driver and then selling their hardware. you can find older drivers out there. try them all, find which one...
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