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Bump, I'll discount price if items are purchased together. much you guys predict this will be?
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Hey OCN, selling my currently-being-used 3770k and Gigabyte motherboard. Everything I have is watercooled, so I can sell the motherboard with or without the XSPC waterblock. I can also sell the 3770k with EK's delidded mounting kit for their Supremacy waterblock and save you the hassle. I can also sell everything together, it really doesn't matter to me. Here are the prices as follows: 3770k bare - $220 3770k w/ EK delid kit - $230 3770k w/ EK delid kit + EK Supremacy...
this looks awesome. anyone have an idea on what kind of pump it is? I would get it just to tear it apart and use the block/pump in a custom loop.
i'll use them for cleaning out blocks or rads with cheap tubing, plus i just like hoarding barb fittings
hahaha right?when their holiday coupons come around...spend $1k, get 3% off -___-that being said, with every block you get you normally get your size choice of barbed fittings which I think is cool
im really bummed about ppcs' website face lift.
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