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looks great as always, Jakob. soooo any word on the FTW block? itching to make an order from you guys asap.
Hey @Watercool-Jakob would it be possible to find out how thick the thermal pads would be for the 1080 FTW block that's in development? Thanks.
Awesome, thanks man.
Try Valley 4.0, instead of 1.0
Figured it was worth a try asking for other Pascal Strix experience.
I think you were meaning to quote @aaronstransam lol
Hey anyone on here have a Strix 1080 that can give me some insight? I'm currently talking about this on the 1060 owners thread... But my girlfriend's 1060 Strix does NOT throttle boost when hitting the heat limits we see when we're testing our air cooled 1080s. Like how all of ours start throttling boost at 55c and then again at 60c. Her 1060 Strix doesn't fluctuate at ALL. Another user on here said that might be because of the bios? Interesting theory. Wondering if...
Are you saying the Strix bios would do this, and not any other bios? It's an interesting theory to be sure. I'd almost want to flash my 1080 FTW to a 1080 Strix bios and see what happens. It'd be nice if that were the case.
Hey I gotta quick question for you guys. Everyone ever mix different manufactured acrylic or petg tubing? Would like to get some more tubing as I'll be blocking my FTW soon, and Primochill has a lower priced tubing to Monsoon. Same sizing and color, just different manufacturer. Just wanna double check, since I've never personally mixed. Thanks!
I think I know what you mean by not understanding them in regards to temps:boost situation.The Strix 1060 I got never throttled it's boost value when temps got passed 55c. I turned down the fans deliberately to see if boost would drop with even higher temps.After 66c, boost STILL didn't drop.I have also bought and overclocked a Zotac Amp Extreme 1070, and an EVGA 1080 FTW. BOTH cards started dropping their boost value after 55c, and then another drop after 60c, and so on...
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