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Ah yes thank you for refreshing my memory. My FTW seems to favor that rightmost DP too. I'm sure the card will be fine when I switch it up.I still plan on trying this T4 bios as soon as it's watercooled. Thanks.
some pastel coolants develop white buildup if the system/pump hasn't run in a while. since this is a drain line and not much flow comes through, it's just the mix separating and settling.
To refresh my memory - didn't someone brick their FTW card when they flashed to the T4 bios?
Those are the old school first generation dominators that do that.These new ones have a proprietary pcb since it has the led light bar on top. Technically the block itself could fit, IF the jackets were taller.
Great news so far!Very excited about this thing.Keep the testing coming!
WHAT.Oh I hope this isn't the case. I specifically got the FTW for their block - and redesigned my entire system to showcase said block.@Watercool-Jakob I didn't even know it was on the site. Is the block canceled?Edit:Getting festive tonight!
Lol. It is because I am waiting (not so) patiently for Watercool to finish their FTW block.Haha I'm sure my girlfriend would love that name; she loves noodles.Thanks man, I appreciate that. I definitely wanted to snag a Caselabs - don't get me wrong. Cutting it up though just didn't seem natural. But the Thermaltake I had no hesitation Far superior than EK in my honest opinion.Build quality, aesthetics, presentation. EK has become huge now - and with every fiber of my...
You wouldn't call their wall mount case innovative? In terms of main stream, I haven't really seen anything else like that. Don't get me wrong - I'm not all of a sudden turning into the guy defending Thermaltake. They've definitely done some bad stuff in the past. My situation dictated going with them instead of Caselabs. It felt good to cut up a Thermaltake. It wound't have felt good to cut up a Caselabs Haha, yes I have heard from quite a few people on instagram about...
Thanks man! I appreciate the compliment. It definitely took some time that's for sure lolThe block will literally be front and center, which is funny because the fact that your blocks looks soo good to me is the main reason I decided to do this rebuild!Here is the entire system:
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