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I wanted an iceforce for so long..
edit: got my threads mixed up lololol. I think I just may snag one of those reservoirs.. gotta figure out a way to make it work with my rig. I can see myself spending lots of money on it very soon lol.
wahhhhhh I want a la carte cables already!!! kinda. I'm not that impatient. Comic-Con will hold off my spending habits for only so long, then it's back to my rig.. cmonnnnnn Jacob lol
DUDE. YES.I love it. Excellent work man.Did you mount those clips to the GPUs to hold the vga cables in position?
if it didn't have that break in the middle, i'd consider finding out a way on making it work in my rig. that is just too cool.
yeah they did
rig looks great! too often i've seen "sagging/drooping" acrylic or subpar bends, but this is spot on man.and I agree, the eLoops are my preferred fan. they're flawless for me.
they should let us send in our untouched original cables that came with the 1600g2 and in return send us an individually sleeved set cmonnnnn early adopters perk! but to be completely honest I was expecting it to come with the individually sleeved kit as the NEX came with them too.
i definitely think you should watch 2001. lookin' good man.oh andTHIS LOOKS AWESOME.
no worries at all sir!
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