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lol yeahhhh goodbye warranty if that's the case. Linus cut the upper DVI port off an older Titan card just to see if it would work. It did indeed, honestly wasn't surprised but then again that's now a card you would probably never be able to sell afterwards.
Where are you located? I would try and have some patience, man. Watercool is a smaller company than most. Yeah you may have to deal with a longer time frame, but you get top of the line stuff.I waited for my 1080 FTW block for like 4 months from them. It wasn't even in production when I pre-ordered it, but it was worth the wait. I'd say give them a chance.
I'm in the same boat as you, man.A couple of us are trying to convince Jakob at Watercool to choose the EVGA FTW3 for their 1080ti card to make a block for.Honestly, EVGA pulls more sales than any other AIB card manufacturer so it should be an obvious choice.
I'd have to say the EVGA FTW3 card as well, Jakob. Other than Asus, EVGA probably hustles more cards than anyone else, so your potential market is much greater than going with anyone else. Also think about the advances that EVGA has made with their FTW3 pcb, primarily with their ICX revisions since their huge debacle with the original FTW heat issues. Problems like that honestly create the biggest innovations, and I really appreciate the care EVGA has done to pursue a...
there's also this bad boy: I don't think it looks that bad. I'm sure there will be a waterblock for it too.
I will be quite happy once I have an 1800X to replace my 4930k.
the hangout earlier today was a good time for sure. it was good talking to those in the live chat. and yeah that beard was epic hahahaha. - John
I'm sure you'll be ahead lol. I plan to be using the install for a video opportunity with my new company for content before launch, so it'll much longer to do than a normal install. I'll also be there for the hangout! But I think I'll be using my company moniker instead of my personal one
Got my FTW block in this weekend. First time shooting with my new staging setup too. Came out nicely. Jakob you guys are incredible.
I'll take your word then. Thanks man.btw, got my shipping notification for my FTW block
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