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my recommendation to you folks is find a driver that works as good as it has in your rig, and leave it be. in my experience there is sometimes no need to update drivers when a performance "boost" is next to nothing, as it can potentially completely change how your rig acts with everything video. it astounds me when i see people losing their freaking minds over a driver and then selling their hardware. you can find older drivers out there. try them all, find which one...
I want everyone to know that you guys are doing some great builds. Awesome work everyone, I am constantly blown away by the craftsmanship. Also you're all hurting my wallet.
that grey is awesome. really digging it so far.
leave it to you b-neg to be the one to convince me why this is a good case. subbed.
Very interesting way to do the pci-e cables Buehlar. I like it a lot actually. Well done.
You can always stick some adhesive heatsinks on the actual chip, and plastidip the rest of the M.2 board. I'm not sure how "tall" they could be and still have clearance for gpus.shortvs. tall
not likely. it's not like they'd have overheating issues anyway. they dont even need heatsinks of any kind to begin with. plus i've seen whole motherboards being plastidipped with no ill effects when done correctly.
you guys can always plastidip the M.2 you know...
+rep thanks for the link. that really opens up some possibilities for me then.just gotta make sure the board I choose will separate the lanes as 8x,8x,8x for 3-way cfx.he's slingin' em on evga's forum. he's starting work on the x99, describing it wont be much different than the x79 dark.and he's definitely still in the block making game. i've always been a fan of his but he's pretty dedicated to evga boards...and I wasnt. but this round I might make an exception.but I...
Hey does anyone know about plans for what X99 motherboards will have waterblocks in the semi-near future? I only know of the EVGA Classified as Nate is got the EVGA blocks on lockdown lol
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