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I think this might be the board I get. And I actually didn't know about a workstation variant being released either. A nice suprise.
I think everyone who's so dead set on predicting the future for some of these new boards should just wait for reviews and feedback from fellow consumers/enthusiasts before buying. Simple as that. But if you're one of those people who NEEDS TO HAVE IT THE FIRST DAY, then be ready for potential issues, like you SHOULD already be.
I was hoping to see some more info on the third board Gigabyte is making, the G1 X99. Oh well, guess i'll have to wait a bit longer.
good ol red and black. i'll wait for reviews on all the boards though. it's asus, evga, gigabyte, and then msi for me. really got hope for evga this time around.
Bringing this log back from the dead, for another couple updates before I'll call it officially complete. Didn't really take any photos of the process adding the 3rd 7970, the flow meter or the coolant temp probe, but I will be adding lots of photos once my acrylic gets here Just spent another chunk of change so I can make the move to acrylic tubing. Here's the parts list I went with: Decided also to get another D5 pump to replace the mcp350 I had underneath...
....very interesting choice of comparison.but alright, so it'd be really tough to remove the tubing once it's seated in the fitting? kinda have one shot to do it?
Can you elaborate? I didn't really get that reference.
Hey @B NEGATIVE I sorta have this question aimed at you but if others know the answer that'd be cool too; in your pipe bending 101 thread you tell people about the fittings you used.. Could you use those same PTC style fittings on acrylic tubing? Apparently E22 has a tubing size that's 10mm OD. (I see it on Technically I could use that tubing and those Aquatuning fittings, correct? I don't really like the idea of paying 7-8 dollars for one fitting when I need...
evo block is lookin' cray!
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