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Hey there, Eduard.I talked to Janusch at Alphacool about the 1070/1080 Amp Extreme blocks at the beginning of the month. He said they'll be in about 6-7 weeks. Have you heard anything from them on when you guys will be getting stock in? Thanks!
glad to see a heatkiller group here. funny that i've missed it all this time till now lol. I love heatkiller/watercool the most. I had my four 7970s on their blocks. I miss em.
has anyone dabbled with Phantek's 1080 block yet? I'm curious to see if it'd be possible to run a different manufacturer backplate on the blocks, as Phantek doesn't make any for their own.
Had fun building in a Core X5 last week at work. Pretty solid case for watercooling that isn't too hard on the wallet.
lol dude like 2 people we're involved in making the entire game. give them a little slack yeah?
not yet, haven't even downloaded it yet so I don't know what i'm gonna be dealing with yet. is it just an executable or something? the article said an emulator..
i'm gonna be that guy and do you play it?
I tried Afterburner's curve mode last night but no avail. Even locked at 1.093v, a higher clock speed couldn't be achieved compared to using the normal sliders. This is good and bad though - good that Afterburner is directing the correct amount of voltage to the card that it needs for certain clock speeds, but bad that I couldn't get a higher clock speed lol.
You know, that would not surprise me at all.I have not encountered the freezing problem again since discarding those specific three game saves, but I did encounter some crazy instability problems when I was doing an overclock session on my 1070 last night.I was using AB's curve graph and a setting I had tried the computer did NOT like. bsod, and then got no video out of my graphics card for almost 20 minutes. resetting CMOS didn't fix anything. The video randomly popped...
I hadn't had my cup of coffee yet.The warranty deal with Zotac is nice, even with the FE editions I believe. They won't mind you taking the stock coolers off. iirc EVGA is the same way. Not sure about any others though.All I'm saying is it's pretty interesting that almost every 1070 can cross flash each other - whether reference or AIB - and they all relatively overclock the same. I'd like to think the bios files everyone got has the same limits, if it's with Boost 3.0 or...
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