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Any idea on Tahiti support? I was assuming my 7970s would get support with this..EDIT: Nvm,Seems it's more than just Hawaii gpus like I thought.Here is a quote from the actual article:
Still available, but at the time I listed for sale, no one wanted it. And now that I don't necessarily need to sell it now, people are PMing me like crazy about it. Therefore the price has gone up. Price is firm.
Can't wait to find out the actual retail price on the metal top tier storage version....oh wait just kidding. Having to buy a new phone retail because you don't want to lose your unlimited data plan is BS. Anyone want an 32gb white Verizon S3?
Incredible. I always thought of rewrites on my SSDs as a taboo that should be very much avoided. Guess it's safe to say I can rest easy in that regard.
Obviously.But now the buyers market is completely saturated with miners scrounging up any high end AMD cards they can find.Really is a bummer, I would have enjoyed being able to purchase a 3rd 7970 for "cheap".Seems like Mission Impossible now.
Wow. 4 days, and I was behind 770 posts in this thread. You people move fast
Someone buy this damn thing
This.I did it, and it's worth the effort
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