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YES! Just like the old MW2 days.
heatkiller > all
And here's the video we made filling it up
Xidax shoot with our latest X10
The lack of an I/O cover on the Strix is a little sad, especially these days when it's almost a given that boards come with them.
Installed the first Heatkiller block over at Xidax today... Customer wanted something more unique, so I instantly recommended different blocks. Suffice to say he is quite excited now. And I am really happy I was able to use them for a build! Here was a quick shot on the iphone. Legit photos will be posted here soon.
it's obvious he took inspiration from parvum for the grill designs but other than that it seems completely unique to me. it's hard to be original these days in regards to tower cases. I dig it! but my favorite part is that raised window.... I NEED THAT.
Your mic picking up any of that wind noise from the rad?
you should try out the new alphacool vpp755. you'll have to get a new revision pump top for it but it looks promising.
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