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I asked him this last week.Unfortunately, Watercool will not being producing any AIB 1080ti waterblocks.They have too many resources devoted to other projects currently.
lol the rgb gimmick shouldn't be in the realm of soundcards but who am I to say such heresy? either way, my soundblaster titanium HD will be with me always. soundcards definitely still have a purpose.
it'll be interesting to see all of the top tier 1080ti's go all in on overclocking potential using their stock coolers, and then maybe another run with their cores/pcbs waterblocked. nvidia's voltage limits is what's to blame here.
those AM4 brackets look good. that reminds me... let's get a mounting kit for that SP3r2 I so badly want to get their rumored 1977X 14 Core if that's the route that's actually taken when these things come out.
THIS. would gladly use these.
Of course I will forgive you! Thanks for the post, Jakob. I've been so busy trying to round up some more content for more videos. It's a little funny that all my old co-workers from Xidax keep coming to me, wanting to have their systems rebuilt lol. But I am definitely okay with that. Brandon, the guy whose system I built in this last video, is the sales director of Xidax. He's now trying to get me back with the company which would be nice seeing as I've been unemployed...
Video should be uploaded at the end of the week!And yes, the reservoir will stay mounted horizontally.The system has left my house and is now with the person who owns it, but I had it for two days while it was up and running.Honestly, I'm surprised you guys haven't thought about mounting them horizontally! I made the sure that the inlet side was on the bottom, so that coolant could evaporate down to almost half the height when sideways before the pump starts sucking in...
gotta fun little project I'm working on with an Inwin 909 right now! super happy I was able to do what I wanted to do with the Heatkiller Tube!
pretty excited I was able to get my hands on one of these beasts finally... and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a close up of this beauty either!
lol I wasn't trying to be unfriendly. I just seriously doubt that those temps are possible. I have a SR1 560mm, 480mm Monsta, SR1 360mm, SR1 240mm, and my 4930k at 4.52ghz reaches 49-51c under full load. granted it's a hotter proc, but 12c below what I'm at with the heat dissipation that I have, it's just hard to me to fathom those temps under full load. Edit: old pic since the gpu is now blocked but you get the idea. I have plenty of heat dissipation and I still...
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