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The world is pyschological warfare. Media, movies, speeches, infomercials. It's not working well any more so real warfare is coming. OH and kodak filed bankruptcy yesterday. But NOBODY on OCN knew. Weird huh.
There's a story on the daily geek where Bill Gates is getting the same photoshop personality treatment. They were trying to make him into batman and they even did one of those fancy picture to panting photoshop treatements on his picture. But trying to photoshop normal onto balmer is a bit of a stretch.
Star wars is on there because it got rejected and it can't afford rejection. So it'll keep getting thrown in your face till you either burn it's face off with a spray can of wd40 and a lighter or accept it.This thread went through the shredder. But I think they shredded the opener.
Next floods going to be worse. Ain't going to stop at the business district. Grow gills or get away from ibm.
I can tell it's brain damage from a couple of the astrocytes and from seeing quite a few brain damages in my lifetime.
In the future out game won't be horrible. As long as you keeps payin dose munthly extorshuns. Cuz widout doze we can't do dis. Capeeche. We was all generous when we wuz paying voice actors now we gotta tighten da belt.
Their brainchild Foxconn. A product of nafta running people off small farms in mexico creating a migrant worker population, using the exact same military style forced labor production in china has just seen 150 workers in china threatening to jump off the building. They were offered 1 months severance to quit and then they were given no money as it was a decency bluff.Slave owners in US had to make all the equipment that slaves used for farming 3 times stronger than...
Yes but things are always funny when viewed from a historical context. Kinect has already come to the PC. It just did it in the past so it's coming back. See this for hidden kinect joke. It made number 4.
Their intangibles and goodwill are simply their ability to extract or make money based on what they produce. It's way out of line for every company in any sort of market cap. The stock ponzi works like this. It's supposed to be an investment vehicle that gives you gain for becoming an unsecured investor at the small business level. But the problem is it populates the corporate level with psychotics with enormous power drives that seek to destroy small business. The stock...
Sony films and massive chunks of sony online entertainment are going to get sold off more than likely.
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