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I switched mobo yesterday, same chipset and managed to keep the OS (went from a P9X79 to a P9X79 WS) but for some reason whenever I try and boot from my SSD I just get a blinking cursor. The raid card CAN be inserted but I have to remove the SFF 8087 cables from it and then windows will boot, I can then plug in the cables and everything works fine. The card is a RocketRaid 2720SGL and I do not use it for any form of RAID, I just use it as a pass through. I have set the...
This only happens on Chrome and only on this Windows machine, my Macbook and other machines all have the same plugins so I know it's that but some text on the web just comes out like this: I tried to Google the problem but I wasn't getting the right results as I don't know what's actually being displayed. Any help appreciated, thanks in advance. Edit: Also note when I copy the text and paste it somewhere it comes out as it should.
You should probably do it with the extra 240, i was running a 480 with a 3770k and 7970 and it was nice and toasty, I can only imagine that 2 780's would be too much or not worth the WC. You can still put one of the HDD bays suspended from the 5.25 bays and fit the 240 underneath no problem.
Googles DNS:Google Public DNS IP addressesThe Google Public DNS IP addresses (IPv4) are as follows: Google Public DNS IPv6 addresses are as follows:2001:4860:4860::88882001:4860:4860::8844
I really don't think you're going to notice the speed difference, stick with googles DNS, its fast and reliable.
ITX and mATX mobos still use the built in standoffs, so still no reason to include standoffs.You can't really go wrong with it, it just wasn't for me moving away from custom loops and to things more practical.
Does anyone know why this is happening? Everytime I start my computer I need to clear CMOS and load my settings for anything to show up on screen, if I just leave it windows will boot (can hear boot sounds and keyboard lights up) but my U2711 will continue to say "In power saving mode" The computer started exhibiting weird behaviour for a few months where the "Shutting down" screen will stay on the monitor even after the computer has switched off, this didn't worry me...
The manual is very misleading IMO, they should have stated clearly that the standoffs are already on the board as this isn't the norm.Haha, I'm not sure what's going to happen to it now, I'm not sure I even have any of the HDD bays anymore (needed the space for my 480 rad) and the case itself needs a lot of TLC.
Yep I worked it out, it just didn't make sense that the manual said they should have included them and that one actually came with the case, I'll ask a mod to rename this or delete it as it was my stupidity.The standoffs are built into the case, it's just not all too obvious as the 'mounds' do look too big but I stand corrected, see above.And yes, I'm ditching my custom loop because it's just too much work to maintain and switch out components. I actually prefer the 750D,...
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