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You did an amazing job TechCrazy, sad to hear that you're stepping down. 3 years, how time flies, it feels like barely a year since I stepped down myself. Hope to still see you around the forums!
I've added the team for the DENIS challenge on BOINCstats.
Huh, apparently I am the only one that can announce us. Until I find a way to transfer this ownership, let me know what challenges you guys want to compete in. Here is a screenshot of current and upcoming challenges
Pretty cool wallpaper:
Crunching off-and-on since 2008, a total of 3 years and 243 days of crunching WCG goodness
1 million credits in World Community Grid
For WCG, you use your username, not email address.It'll probably be insignificant to the grand total, but any extra credits is good.
Don't forget about the BOINC android app! World Community Grid's Outsmart Ebola Together subproject has Android work units
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