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Sorry to hear about that DarkRyder. Better times are ahead!
From the OP " To simplify things for everyone, everything will be indexed in the OP.". No wonder that person is "retired staff" now...oh wait.
Get your SIMAP WUs before they're all gone!
Crunching away on Einstein@Home and World Community Grid
My rig is doing 180K PPD. Come on people, let's show these other teams what we're made of!
HD 7870 up and running. Will switch over the 750Ti and 4770K when the BOINC work units for those are completed.
Bottle it up and send it to us
As a Canadian, looks like a normal day there Tex.
My first aftermarket cooler was Zalman brand. It cooled my P4 Prescott quite nicely and didn't look too bad either. Sad to hear that they're biting the dust
Running Enigma@Home on my Nexus 4, most of tasks take around 1.5 hours to complete. Doesn't give too much credit a day, but every little bit counts Welcome back cechk01! dman, how long are Moo! Wrapper WUs taking on that?
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