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Sorry for your loss DarkRyder. My condolences to you and your family.
I'm usually around, just don't log in and post too often.
We crushed the Stop@Home goal. We are currently 16th with BOINCstats estimating that we'll hit 7th place by the end of the month
That's a shame about the errors. Hopefully they fix them soon. I haven't run into anything major on my GTX 1070. Out of about 300 Cuda units, I've only had about 10 error.
About 1h12m for me on the 4770K running at stock here.
For those unaware, Enigma@Home recently added Nvidia and AMD GPU applications for Windows. I've tried the Nvidia one on my ASUS GTX 1070 and the work units complete around 2m15s to 2m30 and give 761 credit each. That's potential for around 400K credits a day. It's not huge numbers compared to other GPU projects but it's a great way to quickly rise in the Enigma rankings. If anyone else tries the apps out, let us know how long they take.
To add some extra incentive to do some crunching on Amicable Numbers, according to their Project Status page, the estimated completion of the project is early July!
Welcome back!
Great performance everyone! Gold in Einstein@Home
Currently only Nvidia GPUs on 64-bit Windows according to their applications page
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