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Bottle it up and send it to us
As a Canadian, looks like a normal day there Tex.
My first aftermarket cooler was Zalman brand. It cooled my P4 Prescott quite nicely and didn't look too bad either. Sad to hear that they're biting the dust
Running Enigma@Home on my Nexus 4, most of tasks take around 1.5 hours to complete. Doesn't give too much credit a day, but every little bit counts Welcome back cechk01! dman, how long are Moo! Wrapper WUs taking on that?
Oh Cross Product ID issues. I'm currently last with negative ~3M credits and at the same top 5 with positive ~3M credits
Tell your Folding friends to jump in on the fun, there's still time left to sign up.
In! Anything specific needed to optimize GeForce 750Ti and Radeon HD 7870 Folding performance?
Welcome back to BOINC!
From now on, you are known as DarthRyder!
BOINCing on that chip would be amazing! Recommended Customer Price N/A Other candidates for price included: - LOL - More than you probably have - Makes Titan Z look cheap
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