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In! Anything specific needed to optimize GeForce 750Ti and Radeon HD 7870 Folding performance?
Welcome back to BOINC!
From now on, you are known as DarthRyder!
BOINCing on that chip would be amazing! Recommended Customer Price N/A Other candidates for price included: - LOL - More than you probably have - Makes Titan Z look cheap
Hope you enjoy BGB 44!
Really sorry about this DarkRyder. Fingers crossed that the doctors find out what's wrong soon and it's something that's easily corrected.
Old man DarkRyder
Great to hear that you choose Rosetta and got it running on all 12 threads on that 970!
Running Xubuntu 14.04 on VirtualBox with Guest Additions here on my sig rig (i7-4770k). VirtualBox detects the physical cores of my processor but not the hyperthreading, but I've gotten BOINC to work with 4 cores no problem with it.
Sig Rig
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