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Help Conquer Cancer subproject was the only one with GPU work. That subproject has completed so I think World Community Grid should be eligible for this category.
Asteroids@Home is also Nvidia only.
Yes, hence why I put 'if' in the odd chance that they set a prize to be given away to the #1 person.
No problem with it as long as if there is a prize that is given out to the member with the highest credits in a BGB, it should go to the member with the highest non-BU credits.
Old people club!
Welcome to the team @list!
Upload size of Citizen Science Grid's DNA@Home work units are quite large.
Great to hear that you got it fixed, happy BOINCing!
If those don't fix the issue, I wonder, because going from 7 to 6 rosetta threads seemed to bring GPU utilization back, if there is a program that runs when your computer is locked and takes an entire core. You might want to run a program like MSI Afterburner that logs CPU usage per-thread and have it log the data to a file and see if your CPU usage on those unused threads changes when locked. There should also be a program that logs CPU speed in a similar manner, you...
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