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The one time I was at the top of the BGB stats, I thought hell froze over and pigs were flying.
Helping out with SETI@Home and Climate Prediction
BOINC in a van down by the river!
Hey everyone, The hinges on my G110 keyboard have broken off over time and I'm wondering if anyone knows of any places located in Canada that carries the replacement G110 parts. I tried contacting Logitech directly about purchasing one, but they don't ship replacement parts to Canada. Amazon US has some available for sale but I might have to pay $$$ for shipping and customs. Couldn't find any on eBay, NCIX, or CanadaComputers. Kind of stumped on where else would carry...
Great BGB. When you folders come back for the August BGB, can you bring some of your F@H buddies too?
Passed 1M. It's a good BGB for me.
41. How far we've come.
Looks like we'll gain another position on Enigma and maybe 2 by the time it's over.
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