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Welcome to the team @list!
Upload size of Citizen Science Grid's DNA@Home work units are quite large.
Great to hear that you got it fixed, happy BOINCing!
If those don't fix the issue, I wonder, because going from 7 to 6 rosetta threads seemed to bring GPU utilization back, if there is a program that runs when your computer is locked and takes an entire core. You might want to run a program like MSI Afterburner that logs CPU usage per-thread and have it log the data to a file and see if your CPU usage on those unused threads changes when locked. There should also be a program that logs CPU speed in a similar manner, you...
CSG is back up. Successfully uploaded all my finished tasks and got some new ones.
I recommend theSkyNet POGS and the Citizen Science Grid as they are our CPU projects of the month for February.
In as usual! We're 6th now, WOW! And just 33 days before we hit the top 5 too, impressive! Let's keep this momentum going!
I'll help out with Collatz on GPU and Citizen Science Grid on CPU. The Citizen Science Grid seems to be like World Community Grid in the sense that it consists of distinct projects. I've never crunched on the CSG and I'm wondering if there is a way to select what projects you want to run on that. I'm unable to find anything in Your Account and not I'm sure if this is because the DNA subproject is the only active one at the moment or such a setting doesn't exist.
Sorry to hear about that DarkRyder. Better times are ahead!
From the OP " To simplify things for everyone, everything will be indexed in the OP.". No wonder that person is "retired staff" now...oh wait.
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