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Currently only Nvidia GPUs on 64-bit Windows according to their applications page
The day I get the BOINC Pentathlon 7x Participant badge will be a great day.
Let's make this a memorable BOINC Pentathlon for team!
No CSG WUs here but plenty of pogs.
Congrats bfromcolo!
You did an amazing job TechCrazy, sad to hear that you're stepping down. 3 years, how time flies, it feels like barely a year since I stepped down myself. Hope to still see you around the forums!
I've added the team for the DENIS challenge on BOINCstats.
Huh, apparently I am the only one that can announce us. Until I find a way to transfer this ownership, let me know what challenges you guys want to compete in. Here is a screenshot of current and upcoming challenges
Pretty cool wallpaper:
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