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In for #3 ! I'll give away my Schiit PYST USB cable if I win !
Very solid choice if its for video ! I get to use A7II's once every couple of months for training and I love them. About the only downside is the battery life but its not like the batteries for them are expensive.
I decided I need a slightly more subtle bag than my Lowepro for carrying my equipment around, that and I've outgrown the trusty Flipside 300, and I've more lenses on the way. Buying some foam tomorrow to convert this bag to carry my eventual full setup (2xFF bodies, 1xCSC , 4x zooms, 4x primes, 2 flashes etc) plan is to cut a template out of thick foam for protection but still make this section removable so I can store my gear when I get home too, and use the bag for day...
Nice shots dude ! Planning a trip to brands for BSB when my 200-500 arrives !
Even if its only average, its cheap enough to warrant most people buying it, here in Ireland the 50 1.8G is a €250 lens.
Provided they have parts, yes they will. Be prepared for a fairly expensive bill though.
The same idea yes, i just bought this one since it was cheapest !Also got a 9/10 condition Nikon 50mm 1.4 today as well for €200, so another good deal I had planned to get the Sigma Art, but at €800, I figured I'd try out the Nikon and if I really want the Sigma, I can always sell the Nikon for more than I paid anyway (They go for €280-€320 over here)
So I wanted to try this out before I bought the really expensive Nikon Wi-Fi Adapter for my camera, and it works ! Kind of... the metal on the Adapter is causing the connection to become quite weak, I do want to work on it and see if I can improve it though !
I've lost a few Fuji eyepieces that way, trust me, I feel your pain.Yep I do work at a camera store ! The lens was in a second hand shop near where I work for €225 (which is a bargain anyway, the lens is mint !) so I traded in my Fuji 18-55 that I genuinely think I've used once, and got €150 credit for that, so only had to pay the difference
Yeah the Optech connectors are great, about they only plastic ones I would use. Im really not a fan of Blackrapid's mounting system, so the extra security is a big plus.In other news, got this for €75
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