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Hi everyone ! Got a cheap 3930K so looking for one of these second hand. Budget at the moment is €275/$305 but if someone has one of these boards and is a little more expensive, let me know and I might be able to wrangle some more money out of my wallet. Looking to have this shipped as quickly as possible too so someone who has access to sending via a courier is preferred, as is a UK seller being that I'm only across the sea. US based offers will be considered obviously...
Rest of my setup is too messy for pictures just yet so here's where I do all my listening !
In M mode on a Canon, you should have to hold one of the shortcut buttons up the top near the shutter button then move your back dial, or you should be able to bring up the screen on the back and touch the aperture option, then use the back dial to bring it up or down.
Got my blocks installed last week, testing them out now, overclock on benchmarks has only increased on memory, but I am stable at a lower vGPU. Testing out some games now, I'll post back with results !
Watercooling my GPU's was the best decision I've made in a long time (even if it hurt my wallet ) Temps don't break 40 on load
Fittings for these will be here tomorrow. Can't wait
ImI'm not local but I should be able to get my hands on one of them easy enough. Thanks !
I never even thought of that ! They are aluminium unfortunately, now my journey for a thin 120/140 rad begins !
I'm not nearly qualified enough to be attempting what I'm doing so I'm going to ask in here before I start planning it more. My current loop was my first 360 + 120 rads in an 800D, cooling the CPU at the moment, nothing special, and I plan on adding the GPU's when the blocks are released. I would be fine I reckon with my current WC'ing even with the added blocks.....but this is OCN So my friend gave me a H55 and H100 he was no longer using, and I figured why not add...
+1 to this, I want to give the Vardar fans a try too !
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