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I'd run a extension from the amp down to your headphone stand to give it a cleaner look, unless you have a very long cable ! Other than that, I don't see much that can be improved there. The headphones are easily accessible so that's the most important thing.
Its related to headphones so its not THAT off topic ! From that diagram to me, basically you would have your cans at desk level then the Amp/Dac above your head, is that right ?
I have mine set up similarly to Marks, the L part of an L shaped desk is what I've found to be the best place for my cans/setup. Although I am toying with the idea of swapping my amp (speakers) (under my screens and the moment) and my headphone setup around, so that my desktop amp would be to the right of where I sit and the headphones would be on front. My phone is downstairs at the moment, I'll upload a pic when I get a chance ! Whatever setup you go for, either the...
I've not totally left the EVF master race
Happy birthday to me !
Headphones are turning into another expensive hobby ! I guess I can't complain since I've not spent too much on the hardware itself. Thanks for the suggestion !
I use both every day (joys of working in a camera shop ) and from my experience the two cameras are pretty similar, the AF on the Sony is faster, however I've found it to be less accurate than the Nikon. Image quality is the same to my eye. If it was me, I would personally stick with the Nikon, it is easier to expand your system in the future, and the battery life on the Sony is poor by comparison. It is smaller though, but that advantage goes away if you ever want to use...
I never thought I would get a better bargain on headphones than my 650's I picked up a few years back for €150...that was until yesterday, picked these up BNIB for €550. Extremely happy with them so far, however the stock cable does feel a little cheap considering the RRP of these, thats easily swapped though ! Only thing I'm now wondering is would I get more by upgrading the rest of the setup ? Currently have the Modi and a Little Dot MkII (with Svetlana tubes IIRC)
Can you force the board to run PCIE 2.0 ? I know some boards have different set ups available so you may be able to run 8x/8x @2.0. Obviously this will only help if the board isn't electronically wired to run the way its set up now.I had my 980's stacked on top of each other exactly as you guys do, 10c is about what you should be seeing between the two cards, thats normal. Your problem is getting air to/from that top GPU.@Superniceguy : if your case has a side fan slot...
Mainly graphic nope although its not totally a work PC yet Thanks again for all your help mate !
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