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Mainly graphic nope although its not totally a work PC yet Thanks again for all your help mate !
It worked !This is a work machine for me now mainly (unfortunately) so I think I'll make it use Gen 2 if possible !
Thanks mate, there's a BIOS update from 2 months ago which improves 980 and Titan X compatibily so I'm going to try that first and if that doesn't work I'll have to borrow a GPU to get it booted !
Hi Guys, Wonder has any one seen this issue. I've a new P9X79-E-WS. 3930K installed and 2x980's. First boot and I'm getting a B2 error. Diagnostic LED tells me its not getting POST'ing past the GPU's. Question is, where do I go from here ? BIOS Update I would imagine, but I wanted some input before I went off to make changes ! Thanks !
Just want to verify a bad idea here guys. Somehow I have managed to lose (I have no idea how) one of the screws for mounting my block to the CPU while I was swapping out a bad board. Really don't want to be without my PC any longer (I use it for work and doing everything on my laptop is slowly driving me insane) so would it be possible to get away with the three or possibly even two on diagonally opposite sides. I'm not looking for optimal temps ( Heaviest use is gonna be...
If you haven't tried it, clean the gold contacts on the body too, these being dirty can cause communication issues. Check that the lens opens and closes smoothly too, there is a little finger you can use, just above the lens contacts, press it down and check if the aperture of the lens opens up smoothly.
Just finished up my new build with a Rampage IV Extreme, some small teething problems but nothing serious, except one. The board gives the above message at least half of the time it boots up, when it boots, it is fine, all the USB ports work, but the message will come up regardless of there actually being any devices plugged in, on the external headers or the internal ones. Is it possible to turn this message off ? Since I know the USB devices I have are fine. Any other...
Which contacts have you tried cleaning ? I presume only the gold color ones ?
So my new board arrived (yay) but I seemed to have misplaced my 2011 mounting hardware (boo). EK have the spare kits on the site, but says its for the Supremacy EVO. They look identical but I just want to check before I go ahead and order up a spare. Will it fit ? Thanks, Dean.
Hi everyone ! Got a cheap 3930K so looking for one of these second hand. Budget at the moment is €275/$305 but if someone has one of these boards and is a little more expensive, let me know and I might be able to wrangle some more money out of my wallet. Looking to have this shipped as quickly as possible too so someone who has access to sending via a courier is preferred, as is a UK seller being that I'm only across the sea. US based offers will be considered obviously...
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