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I figured that much ! Thanks man !
Just ordered up some extra monitors since I'm doing a ton more Photoshop/Illustrator work for my job now Does anyone know if surround will work with screens that have different resolutions ? Google wasn't giving me an answer, I'm presuming worst case scenario is that I turn the main screen resolution down if I want triple screen ?
New Cans
Must look them up ! Cheers mate !
Looking at the Aeron myself had a quick Google and the only other chair I can get on the list is the Embody, nevertheless, excellent post leftythrillz
Crop, D7000. I had it before my 17-55,I find the 17-55 is a much more useful focal length. Personal preference really ! 28-75 would be a bit more general purpose if you didn't carry a zoom
I've owned the 28-75 as well, built the same all other Tamron lenses so don't expect it to take a massive amount of abuse. My particular one was a noisy focus-er and wasn't usable at 2.8, at F4 though, it's a lovely lens ! It's all about getting a good one with that particular lens, IMHO
I've tried all three in work. Optically I thought the Nikon was best (from my own shooting) its also got the best build quality bar non, makes most pro lenses nowadays feel like toys. However between the other two I'd buy the Tamron, found it better than the Sigma, more consistant QC. Its not quite as nice in my hand, but I don't really mind too much, its built like every other Tamron lens which is fine.The VC, I couldnt really hear working over the sound of the AF, a...
Thanks bud ! I've not tried the DX racer chairs, but from working in a garage, I've sat in plenty of seats like them, and for sitting for long periods, theres very few cars with bucket seats I'd like as a chair. $300 is really expensive too, if your anyway handy with tools, I'd make one up yourself, should just be a case of mounting a plate between the rails on the bottom of the seat and attaching it on to a set of wheels/tube you can get off any cheap chair !If your going...
Got promoted (yay !) in work. Using that to justify jumping to triple screens, since I'll be doing more design work at home now.
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