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Moving from 680's to a 980 and I've a bit to figure out ! Mainly posted here cause I'll forget where the thread is is if it's not in my subs. Only very briefly had a chance to look at my card, has the ClassyXX BIOS, but it doesn't seem to offer any headroom over the stock BIOS, I could be doing something way wrong though. 1580 core @1.275 (as reported by Precision) is nice and stable ! (I really want 1600+ )
Moving from dual 680's to Dual 980's under water soon. Excited isn't the word ! Thinking either Strixes or Classy's. Any other cards I should be looking at ?
Screens arrived ! Excuse the quality of the pictures, but that photo is taken roughly where I sit Edit : Turns out OCN mobile pics are always really low res, I'll take proper shots where theres not packaging still on the screens, cables everywhere and actually have them lined up
I just need someone to remind me when I get paid to buy them !
It does remind me though, I need to get sleeved cables too
700's !Thats a sweet looking setup mate !
Clean looking setup ! What keyboard is that ?Should have my new screens on Tuesday so i decided to change my setup slightly, now the new screens will sit over the top of the speakers. Took the time to hide the DAC's behind my laptop, got some new things since I've last posted, Rumor cable for bi-wiring the speakers, MoPads and some PYST cables. Need to get some Omega stands for my headphones next, should be getting an Aeron next month too
I figured that much ! Thanks man !
Just ordered up some extra monitors since I'm doing a ton more Photoshop/Illustrator work for my job now Does anyone know if surround will work with screens that have different resolutions ? Google wasn't giving me an answer, I'm presuming worst case scenario is that I turn the main screen resolution down if I want triple screen ?
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