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I must actually try a few AV's actually, to see if they pick up on a file being a threat, if it was built into an AV that would be ideal !
I work in a photo lab so we take in lots of orders from flash drives, SD cards, external HDD's among other devices. Now there hasn't been an issue up until emails stopped sending from one of the PC's (that's a whole other story) a few weeks back and its only when I've looked into it further that all the PC's on the networks (3 Wireless PC's on one and 5 wired on the other) all are chocked full of virus'. I'm currently getting through removing the issues but I now have...
I guess I can chime in with a slightly different view, with that I actually work in a camera shop and have done the paid photographer for a while too. Being a Pro (Pro in this sense being someone who gets paid for the work, regardless of gear) is tough, like running your own business in any way really, and even if your good at it, its tough (especially over here) to get work because people for the most part see $ signs (or £/€) and will go for the cheapest option more...
Good thing about working in a camera shop is that you get great deals on lenses. Bad thing is that you have money to spend on those lenses Picking up a 17-55 to replace the Tamron 28-75. Looking forward to adding another piece to the collection
Left the loop running today while I was in work, 14 hours of prime and the hottest the CPU got was 71 degrees. Very happy with my loop Cross post of a quick picture I took in the EK Club.
All set up Took a few days extra since I was busy with work, anyway, quick pic since my main cameras are outta battery and I'm really tired, will have some nice shots on Sunday I'd say ! (since thats my next day off ) Thanks for all the help guys
Sweet ! I should have enough room, im off to google to see if anyone else has done it
Just running some tubing idea's through my head before its all installed tomorrow, just wondering, is it possible to run the tubing between the back of the motherboard tray and the side panel ? Case is an 800D and using Primochill LRT.
Should have all my stuff tomorrow, according to DHL its sitting in East Midlands airport ! Hopefully set it up before I have to go photograph a gig. Too excited
Ordered today at 12, hopefully I'll have it tomorrow. Just need to pick up some fans locally and then I'm done
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