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 I did this once when nV folding was still CUDA only. Performance was horrible and installation was tedious. Not sure how to get v7 working in WINE either to be honest. Maybe try the manual install to see if it makes a difference.  The next LTS release will be 16.04 
 Do a reinstall of drivers. Linux/X isn't really plug and play lol. Would be best to start from scratch actually (install of the client and all).  There's also Ubuntu 14.10 btw
 Oh, I have the same thing as that. Never knew it was related to the motherboard. Which GPUs do you use and have you tried other drivers and/or SFR instead of AFR?  What are your settings for RAM? Force 1600 or Force 1866?  GTX 580/590 is the fastest you can use on the green side and HD 6970/6990 on the red side. You can use PCI-E 3.0 GPUs but you will need to switch to a non-stable BIOs for your CPUs, which I don't really recommend.
It's a folding client that can be run in Google Chrome. It gives you small units that don't take long to complete.
P7520 is actually a pretty good unit. It is a GROMACS a3 unit however. Those really like extra bandwidth.
Ah, great piece of information Yeah, my main problem with GTX 900 and latest Ubuntu is that I couldn't test it. I use a different Linux distro based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and also have lightdm and already encountered the problem with dman when he was testing it.Point noted, I will definitely add this to the OP. Thanks Hmm, that is not a lot of performance. It could be that AMD dropped support for HD6k in Linux. They only fixed their OpenCL drivers recently. I will look into...
Yeah, definitely remember you. A lot changed in Linux land and folding since you left. Good to see you're back though
Welcome back!   Happy New Year as well 
Happy New Year btw    GTX 960 seems interesting (the Ti variants at least)   E:   Splashtop has a desktop remote application now as well. It is a lot faster and can transmit audio. It's actually my favorite, but Teamviewer does the job as well 
5820K would work as well, albeit at lower bandwidth. I'm thinking Asus just screwed up with adressing in the BIOS. I think even P67A GD65 can pull 7 GPUs (some at x1)
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