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I can help as well. I have a script that installs bigadv, kraken and everything
Challenge accepted 
 Thanks as always :D  All hail the new king . Though you were already king :p
They should perform the same. Folding is single precision after all.
Yeah, it's making me want to sell my 780 Ti. But I'll wait on big Maxwell and the new AMD chips before that. GTX 980 pricing smells like ripoff to me.
Which SKUs do you have around?
  Yes, Mercury Graphics Engine is OpenCL. Maxwell is faster than Hawaii and GK110 at single precision though. It also sucks a lot less power and is cheaper most of the time. Just take a look at the compute section of the Anandtech review.
 You mean Xeons without boards or just systems not doing anything? And nope, you should at least double the amount of threads each year. I call it ZDngr's law.  You don't belong in here   
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