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'09 for me (Chimp Challenge). Since '10 under my own name
Also with your 18k folded work units you are a true veteran. I only have 8k units or so.
Congrats repo, and yeah my performance sucked this week. I was trying to install Splashtop on my TC rig to allow remote monitoring/control. Though for some reason it made the system unstable and I only noticed it stopped folding after 2 days Let's win this month guys
All releases past 3109 are .CAP. And yes, they should work with Sandy C0/C1 (QBxx)
3.3GHz is single/dual thread turbo. 2.9GHz is the maximum all core turbo. If you would run the single threaded bench for example you should see 3.3GHz That score looks fine to me though. 25p is about what I would expect from those chips (comparable to 2687Ws)
I like YaST But it's a huge disadvantage when you have to deal with packages and need to search for rpm instead of deb. I try to compile everything now but I can't always find source code or even build instructions. Also, it's just folding so I don't need a lot of packages. Ubuntu 12.04 and later w/ unity looks ugly as heck though, I completely agree.
For Sandy and Ivy (tested on my 2600K, 3770K and 2665s) ubuntu 12.04 seemed to perform a bit better than 10.10. Shaved a couple of seconds off some TPFs. I use OpenSUSE on my TC Rig (oleo)
Sorry, I meant a conflict. I could see that there was nothing wrong with your configuration I would have to do it myself to really get an idea of why it tanked your PPD. 20k PPD is good though. P7520 was a better unit btw.
5004 was kind of a dud. It needed ECC RAM to get Ivy to post and doesn't post with sandy B0 at all.
Newest BIOS should be fine with those chips. I can't help you with your storage problems however
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