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 lol, this
Although my CPU usage doesn't seem that high (on the 2 threads it uses)  
 No, I'll look into it when Bethesda fixes multi-monitor support and moves the bottleneck to my GPU ;)
  Just tried it. Some bushes seemed a bit more crisp with God Rays on Ultra but nothing worth mentioning, FPS was roughly the same. Maybe I'm CPU bottlenecked.  I'm thinking the same thing. I was pretty intimidated by the initial benchmarks and bug reports but the game runs flawless for me (except for the lack of surround support)
 Setting graphics to Ultra leaves God Rays to High FWIW. I also don't really think it's that taxing seeing how a 2.7GHz - 3.5GHz Sandy Bridge + stock 2 yo 780 Ti run it effortlessly at 1200p. Whether the setting actually adds significant eyecandy, I don't know. Haven't turned it off to see what the difference is, but it runs fine with it enabled so I don't see the point of disabling it.
 I'm not sure how these are benched, but at 1920x1200 at Ultra I got 75-90 FPS on my main system. It just sucks that surround isn't properly working out of the box. Graphics also aren't spectacular but good enough.
Doesn't this game support NV Surround?
 You aren't providing any substance so I'm not sure what point you're trying to get through, aside from that you're conveniently avoiding and ignoring facts (I already got that from your first post I responded to).
 Someone from China or Islamic Caliphate would have written this about Europe and North America as well around the time you mention here. Now look at the world, and of course how we got here.
 I think this is your primary problem. You don't see that this isn't semantics but a fundamental flaw in the way you view the world. For example, the world doesn't develop like this. If the US/EU falls another power will simply take its place and continue to cause progression. It's a matter of opportunities/causality.
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