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Agreed The advancements this year have been absolutely amazing. I noticed back in 2013 that Linux did make significant difference with my 780 Ti. With Maxwell and the newer units it just got ridiculous, as can be seen from the results you submitted to the database (thanks for that btw ).What team are you folding for if I may ask?
Congrats @RedM00N for breaking the 1,000,000 PPD mark. In all of the databases I managed since 2012 this has been the highest PPD registered on a WU      Up until now @scubadiver59 held the record with 994.1k PPD on a P8104 (bigadv) using 4x E5-4650s.
 Seems like the oob is on the road to success 
I don't really know when Pascal is coming out, but seeing as it is going to be based on a vastly smaller production node (nearly halved in size) I'd say Pascal is going to be the better choice. No guarantees though.
 Olá e bem-vindo  What are the specs of the system?
 Except for the name change to Pascal, isn't that pretty accurate?
Yeah, it's a bit pointless to look in the future. I think it's also safe to assume that AMD and nVidia have some sort of agreement regarding HBM.
Or it could be a new 8800 GTX...
 It was leaky and very few units even reached 4GHz (1GHz clock). I think only GTX 580 and co. could reliably clock over 4GHz. A lot of the performance gains of Kepler actually came from fixing the memory controller (making the 256-bit bus seem 1.5x as wide compared to Fermi). This resulted in GTX 680 still being somewhat of an upgrade over GTX 580 despite being based on a midrange GPU (along with its core being clocked to the moon)
Well, it is worth noting that nVidia's first GDDR5 controller released horribly broken (Fermi).
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