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Yes certainly. CPUs are very reliable devices with good warranty anyways. As for reference, my 2600K ran most of its life at 70-75*C and 100% load at 4.7 - 5GHz (1.3-1.4V). It turned 3 this year
I have my CPUs at 100% load mostly. A CPU is really to designed to run at full load for a long time, they don't die/degrade that easily. I'd start worrying with temps over 85*C and heavy overvoltage. You're fine, a CPU is meant to do stuff like this. Running it at 0% load for its entire lifespan is kind of a waste
You have to experiment with FSB clock, memory multiplier, cpu voltage, PLL voltage and NB voltage mostly. It's been a long time since I overclocked S775 systems though
Found the ppa   sudo add-apt-repository ppa:numix/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install numix-icon-theme-circle   I do not like the latest numix circle that much though. They seem to be of lesser quality IMO, but maybe it's just me.
Do you have the tweak package? If so, I use the HUD theme.   If not   sudo apt-get install elementary-tweaks elementary-plank-themes   and then the above :p   This is also where you can change the icons etc. I believe I also needed to add another ppa for numix circle though.   E:   Scratch that, your plank is already non-stock so you must have the tweak tool. My bad, I wasn't paying attention 
It didn't for me when I installed it      My eOS install on my main rig
Yes I think so too . It's really difficult to see which part is better that way. Just look at the chart above. 2680V2 and 2690V2 turbo equally hard on 1 core, but 2690V2 has a higher all core turbo. Even the numbers don't say much anymore since 2687WV2 isn't faster than 2680V2 at all...
I can confirm the above. Seems we have the same theme, icon set and conky theme (it's really gotham or bust though) I didn't update my numix icons though. I like the old ones better (especially the USC one). E: Code: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/apps; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install indicator-synapse This should install "search indicator" for you. It works a lot like Spotlight on macs, very useful IMO.
3.3GHz (and even a tad higher) can be achieved if you load only 1 core. 3.2 if you load 2 cores, 3.1 if you load 3 cores, 3.0 if you load 4 cores. Anything more and you'll get 2.9GHz (as displayed in that chart). If you disable turbo, you only get 2.6GHz with 1 core and 2.5GHz if you load more.
All core turbo should be 2.9GHz. Do you have Engineering Samples? Also use HWInfo to monitor clock speeds. Enable speedstep and turbo.
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