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C0 aren't better. They are just clocked the same as an E5-2680 but with 4 QPI Links, and 2680s clock higher on 1-4 cores. They also don't have VT-d. C2 is newer and has fixed VT-d, but Intel clocked retail E5-4650s lower (max multi of 33x instead of 35x). I need 1.025-1.050V System Agent voltage. Stock vcore. They do show turbo speeds in CPU-Z, but I mostly use HWInfo64 in Windows. I'm not sure where you can read up on OC'ing these. I mostly listened to ocvn and tested...
I can get bClk stable to about 105MHz. It turbos to 31x 105MHz on all cores, so something like 3.26GHz. Since I have C0 E5-4650s they turbo 2 bins higher than retail E5-4650s on single core, so 35x 105MHz = 3.68GHz. Do you have speedstep/C1E and turbo boost enabled?
It's unlikely to cause a problem. It may since we have no data on it, but I think it would work. And yes, those are retail with VT-d fix
I don't think it's possible. Windows also doesn't want to install to drives connected to the Marvel SATA 6G ports. I think it's the same for the USB 3.0 ports since they are run off the ASmedia controller. I'm not 100% sure. I just know it doesn't work for me.I assume those are retail 4650s? It doesn't seem like this will be an issue, but you'd have to ask Asus to make sure. Any BIOS will work with retail 4650s.I'm running 5206 on my system (also dual E5-4650). You do need...
7-way SLI Lol, but it isn't that difficult once you get the first one done. Just try to build all your clusters in the same way and you can just create scripts so you don't have to go through the same hassle each time. Faking n monitors is basically just copy pasting the same section n times (with different labels of course).E:Besides GTX 970s are fine on automatic fan. They don't consume much at all.
I found this for the nVidia proprietary drivers Seems you need to do as valve suggested and trick X into thinking that you have 3 monitors so that you can run 3 instances (one for each GPU). Then you can enable coolbits 28 for each GPU, so you can tweak them. Then you can use the commands I gave you earlier to set fan speeds. And if you want to, even clocks and voltages.
Okay, but you can't fold with nouveau drivers I'm not sure how to get this working with 3 different GPUs. I'd really need the hardware to test with.
Yeah, sorry I meant coolbits 28. I enabled it a while a go. It gives me voltage, clock offset and fan control. I know I mixed up coolbits 24 and 28 before. It's didn't throw any errors in my case, but it would explain why Ryahn couldn't load X just now. I also don't have different GPUs to test with atm.
I bet it's $ilent
Have you tried setting coolbits = 24 (overclocking, overvoltage and fan enabled)?
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