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Yeah, you should be able to pick one up without flags. Well you need to set packet size to big so that it will be able to download bigger units.Haven't downloaded one for 2 days. I'll check when the i7 is done folding its last 8106. The server seems to be up though
Same as before. You actually don't need flags for one of them (P8106). You'll get a P8106 if you have 24 threads or more AND 2800 MiB RAM or more AND big packets enabled, which you should have if you folded bigadv before. For P8107 and P8108 you'll need beta flag (I think it was -bigbeta on v6).
Funny thing is that with the extended deadline corehacks might be back into business. I think even little i5s would make it in time given enough clocks.
TheKraken definitely helps. It just helps more on faster and higher core count systems. I did notice like 5k PPD increase on my little 2600K.   Make sure that you have whatever fahcore you're running wrapped (fahcore a3, a4 & a5).   Btw, bigadv lives on!   23:30:38:************************* Folding@home Client ************************* 23:30:38:    Website: 23:30:38:  Copyright: (c) 2009-2014 Stanford University 23:30:38:     Author:...
I made a summary of the data in the database     Thanks for all the contributions up till now, up to more 
Yes, I need a log. I don't have AMD GPUs currently so I can only guess 
Someone with a PhD in Electrical Engineering is an IT professional now?
  CPU Cores /Threads Clock /Turbo L3-cache TDP E5-4669 v3 18 / 36 2,1 GHz / 2,9 GHz 45 MB 135 W E5-4667 v3 16 / 32 2,0 GHz / 2,9 GHz 40 MB 135 W E5-4660 v3 14 / 28 2,1 GHz / 2,9 GHz 35 MB 120 W E5-4655 v3 6 / 12 2,9 GHz / 3,2 GHz 30 MB 135 W E5-4650 v3 12 / 24 2,1...
Oh, I was just going to add jan 2015 so it's not really necessary.
Good point. Not sure why I thought it was Core 18 initially. Must have misread something. It's fixed now.   Also, thanks again for the contributions people    I'm thinking of creating a PPD database summary of 2014 sometime soon
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