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The chips are pre-ES and are not really labeled as retail SKUs (as they have no real equivalent). This is before Intel actually decided on which SKUs to launch on the market (which clocks, core package and power target etc.). Seeing as it has 8 cores, a base clock of 3.0GHz and all core turbo of 3.1GHz with a TDP of 150W the closest equivalent would be an E5-2687W. This is why people call them E5-2687W ES. Strictly speaking it is not, however. It does not have full Turbo...
Does the card work in a different PC?
This seems like a good read
Ah, good work    Doesn't that actually render the adjacent PCI-E slot unusable though?   I just encountered some other user here who also had a missing/broken Polymer cap on his board (power delivery circuit however). Maybe you can help him find a place to buy the Japanese caps from?
I haven't really played a game in a long time, but back in 2010-2011 I used nVidia Inspector to force Supersampling etc. in games that needed it.
No, you don't need retail chips but certain ES chips may be buggy (B0, QAxx chips). Although seeing as your system POSTs just fine, I'm inclined to think something else is the problem.   What kind of driver errors do you get?
I love it when this happens    Especially when it is someone from way back (pre Huddler).   Welcome back btw, miron 
 What a good lab rat you are  Lol, thanks 
Those are retail?   In any case, try updating the motherboard BIOS to 5206.
Well, it seems like te ratings are very similar (electrolyte, low ESR, 820μF, 3V or more, Polymer). I'm just very careful with replacing these polymer caps. I'll ask someone who knows more about this for you
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