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 Someone from China or Islamic Caliphate would have written this about Europe and North America as well around the time you mention here. Now look at the world, and of course how we got here.
 I think this is your primary problem. You don't see that this isn't semantics but a fundamental flaw in the way you view the world. For example, the world doesn't develop like this. If the US/EU falls another power will simply take its place and continue to cause progression. It's a matter of opportunities/causality.
Please tell me more. I didn't know world history only covered the industrial period and that Africa was a political union.
  I've been skimming through this thread (and some others), but what poisoned you to think like this? It's like a cascade of shortsighted and narrow-minded statements. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it's pretty dangerous to simplify global scale problems like this. Especially when your knowledge on the matter is so limited.
 I was thinking the same thing. I'm not really a fan of how the Sennheiser headphones look in general, but for $55,000 this really is subpar.
Yes, you need BIOS 3306 or later to POST with PCI-E 3.0 GPUs. It will hang at b2 otherwise.
True   I was curious since I used to do folding@home on my machine in Linux as well.
Good to see it worked . Did Gen 3 really net you some performance gains btw?
 It's a conflict between the PCI-E controller in Sandy Bridge-E/EP and nVidia firmware. I read a couple of years ago that at the time that Intel was doing validation for the Sandy Bridge HEDT platform they had no functional PCI-E 3.0 devices. You wouldn't have this problem if you popped in Ivy Bridge processors for example. I explicitly named Linux because I knew from tech news that there existed a patch for Windows. I didn't know that there was a similar workaround for...
 I never really looked into this and have the same problem in my Linux distros, but apparently you can edit nvidia.conf to enable Gen 3 in Linux. For Windows you need the pci-e 3.0 patch (which can be downloaded from TPU) Linux: Windows: I'll try to...
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