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Didn't really bother to read all of the posts, but didn't nVidia implement some kind of texture compression to cope with reduced bus width and therefore memory bandwidth with Maxwell? Pretty sure I read something like that when GM204 released.
Initial results in the benchmark don't look that hot
Not that the card is bad really but this really reminds me of the time Bulldozer was released. Wait for Windows 8! It's the Intel Compiler, etc., etc.   I think it just needs a little price cut and it'll be fine.
I'm not sure I follow. Are you trying to run 2x S2011 CPUs on a dual S1366 motherboard?
IOH = Input Output Hub, these are your PCI-E controllers. IOH 0 being the 40-lanes wide PCI-E controller on CPU0 and IOH 1 the same but on CPU1.Device 1, 2 and 3 are different collections of Root Ports that switch between physical PCI-E slots on your motherboard (you can program the bandwidth for your ports here).If you want to force slot 5 to gen3 you will need to force Root Port 2a of Hub 1 to gen3. This will also run slot 7 in gen 3 however (there is no way to only run...
Well, I was going with the market prices over here. 1090T also has 2 FPUs more than 8320E and goes for 90-120 euro. But yeah, you could be right. Crosshair IV is going for around 120-150 eur over here. Strange deviation then. I think $150 for a 1090T and CIVF is pretty low considering it is still fairly efficient and capable at multitasking, but after looking on ebay I do think I did indeed overvalue them for the US market
1090T - $120Asus CIVF - $130EK Supreme - $50EK CIVF Block - $50$350 totalMushkin Enhanced 2x 2GB @1600MHz - $50Koolance RP401X2 (dual loop mcp-35x) - $90mcp 350 (DDC-1T) - $60 ea.Thermochill pa120.3 - $75Fittings - $30Xonar DG - $15$380 total
Didn't it also get rebranded in hd 8000 series?
 Yeah agreed, this is just sad.
I think I'm partly responsible for that since I inspired the Unicorn in the first place. Your wife can kill the Unicorn though, unicorns weren't supposed to exist in the first place...
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