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Nice build, I'm curious as to why you couldn't get into BIOS with the RX 480 though. Clean cable management as well.   E:   at the front that is.
​I merely meant that it's literally half the functional units of something like a 1700 along with its limits and everything, not half the gaming performance. For a 8C/16T part you would hit a power and thermal limit anyways, but I had hoped that this chip with a much smaller footprint would fare much better in that regard. Granted this single review is by no means conclusive.
Pretty much half a 1700 for slightly over half the price. Too bad that it suffers from the same clock wall, which is not a big issue if you have 16T but does hurt a 4C/8T part.
 I'm honestly glad that we still have you around  Solid logic 
I am aware of that, but it's still relatively high paced to track for a company with limited funds. That was the only point I wanted to make with it. I'm also aware that technology scaling is nearing its end so that improvements will have to be extracted elsewhere.
This is just normal correction after the Ryzen hype bubble. Can't say I'm a fan of influencers like this, but Hari does make some valid points. Even though Ryzen has been a very successful launch, they merely leveled the playing field in x86 business with aggressive pricing as selling point (which is already a great feat for Lisa Su and it showed in the trend of last couple of months). What happens in the long run will heavily depend on how they'll manage to sustain this...
Well, I guess with the prices as they currently are on the used market people probably don't make much of a loss. It seems the OG Titan XP still sells for $900-$1000 8mo after release 
Sorry, combo breaker but I totally dig Quebec.   Welcome back brother ;)
​Hmm, could have sworn it was longer, but you're correct. I'll remove that bit.
 Some potential features of DDR5  (Source)
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