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​It will probably tank the efficiency of your system though. I kind of lost interest, but I don't really want to buy Pascal. I actually already predicted that this would happen a couple of months back in the OMPT :(
  Yeah, except for the surplus of bandwidth I knew this. My question was more why they needed HBM2 over its first generation if they were going to run it at low speeds, but flipping_waffle already answered that question. It seemed to me like running DDR3-800 Or DDR4-1866 or something, while Fiji used DDR2-1200 or DDR3-2133.
​CUDA is dominating all of the interesting research topics like computer vision, machine learning, image processing etc. That's because all leading researchers are educated in CUDA and are capable of extracting performance out of it. As a result they also write their frameworks in CUDA, and CAD also offers CUDA based tools for acceleration. I don't see this changing very soon. I did see something about an CUDA compilers for AMD, but they do not offer optimized performance,...
​Yeah really, I was just sleep deprived and figured how ambiguous my posts were :P
 Ah okay, sorry.  Yeah thanks, this is what I was looking for. It doesn't seem to make sense otherwise.
​I'm purely comparing Fiji to Vega, not GDDR5X vs HBM. We already saw with TXp and 1080 Ti that bandwidth wasn't all that much lower than P100 :P.
​I'm not doubting the amount of bandwidth, but what is the added value of HBM2 in this case? It seems strange that they would not extract the full benefits of HBM2
​Then this seems a bit strange, since this would mean that Fiji has a higher amount of bandwidth. Was Fiji too high latency?
~480GB/s seems a bit low for an HBM2 part. Am I missing something here? Good pricing though. I'm tempted to get one.
        Contents (click to jump to the relevant section)   Product overview Assembly Performance Verdict     Product overview   Fitting a high performance cooler into a small form factor chassis is often quite a challenge. be quiet! recently launched a revision on their existing Shadow Rock TopFlow, the Shadow Rock TF2, as an answer to this problem.     The main feature of the Shadow Rock TF2 is its relatively low height for the cooling capacity it...
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