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The E is silent... o wait. So watermarking is against ToS?
That first pic was actually the best out of the bunch, if not for that watermark
Really dig the CSQ pump tops
2687Wv3 have 2 cores disabled. At least I'd assume Intel uses the MCC dies for these. Also the TDP is more with respect to the AVX computations/turbo bins from what I understood. But yeah, it's not a great product. 2687Wv2 was already a letdown compared to the original. I mean it had the clocks just like the 2667v2, but it was just not fast enough with only 8 cores.
I read somewhere that Intel was trying to counter ARM clusters with Haswell-EP.
Completely agreed. I also want to add efficiency and memory bandwidth for these systems and multitasking in general. My 5GHz 2600K system is really not comparable.
Damn, that looks nice connect
Oh, that looks pretty good. Clean paint job. Please paint the Noctua fans though
The M2 connector is just right of the Q-Code display     E:   ninja'd
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