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Just like Sandy Bridge and Bulldozer or 290X and 780 Ti?
Yeah, I'm not sure why you want to upgrade your current PSU, but that OP850 is pretty solid and doesn't really require replacement. I use a 6.5 year old TX750 in my secondary rig (Oleo). You might squeeze a GTX 980 in there if you keep the PSU. Maxwell is the arch you want right now. It has an enormous amount of cache and CUDA really saves you a lot of headaches with respect to performance, bugs and driver fixes. What software do you use (you realy need to get on behance...
I look down upon people with unlocked CPUs.   Lol, but seriously. I don't see why you would care whether people look down upon it or not. The majority will since epeen is a great factor in building PCs. There's always someone with a better system (for its purpose) though.
Can confirm this
My condolences. I can't imagine the pain this must bring man I wish you and your family the best in these harsh times.
 Like a boss  I hear people rave a lot about that tablet lately.
  Agreed  I remember buying my Xbox 360 controller in 2010 just to play Just Cause 2
Yeah, this.   I had something similar like this last week on my workstation in Windows 7. Went away after running ccleaner even though it only reported that it removed like 5GB.
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