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Admin is not going to like paying 8x $275 :p
I think it was in one of the crime tv series I watched in 2009. I can't remember or find back the episode though. I'm still skeptical about whether or not it will really work but I've been taking it serious since last year around this time actually
No, all you can really do is bClk OC'ing (10-15% on Ivy, 4-6% on Sandy).
Actually, Derick had two Z9 boards. First time he snagged the board I was going to buy, second time he snagged the chips I was going to buy along with the board. Both times he sold it within a couple of months just because he grew tired of it
$35 seems about right.
W implies Workstation use cases. In contrast to general servers workstations need per thread performance and often are not used in clusters so efficiency is sacrificed.
The top two run from CPU 0 and the last two run from CPU 1. It's best to have both GPUs connected to the same host because of latency. I know that Radeon R9 290 series even stutter when they aren't connected to the same host in games due to the fact that AMD runs crossfire via the DMA engine.
Any of the blue ones and depending on your applications either the first two or the last two.
295X2 would be way hotter and more suitable being AMD sponsored and all
Physically incompatible. They have different ILM keys and different pin layout.
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