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Yea, they had fixed points. You could immediately see by the points on which hardware people were folding. Funny, I was about 14-15 when 8800GT launched. Saved up months of money from working on the market to buy it lol. Should have gotten the 512MB version...
a.k.a. WHQL 344.11 I think it's a problem in the data directory. Most likely a reinstall of v7 would solve it, but it would cause all the work to get lost. Deleting the fahcores (0x15, 0x17 and 0x18) might also solve it.
Yeah, on a good overclock 8800GT might have been the best GPU in history wrt value. IIRC they launched at $199 though, just like the GTX 460 (768MB version). 8800GTX is legendary. Remained relevant deep into 2010 while it was released in 2006.
I remember 1 mil for half a year of folding used to be boss lol 6k PPD anyone ?
a k40/k6000/GTX Titan Black would be 8x faster than a GTX 780 Ti (frametimes that is). PPD depends on what GPU they use to benchmark the k factor. For regular SMP they tradionally take midrange SKUs (like an i5 760/2400 etc.). I'm not sure how they benchmark GPUs and bigadv (supercomputers). Judging by the PPD on those 970s and 980s I'd assume they also take midrange GPUs (660/270x). For bigadv it would be at minimum a 2P 8 core machine since most other hardware is too...
Yutong (the programmer of the OpenMM folding units) told me once that they did have mixed precision units in the pipeline at some point. If those would be released (as they are currently on CPUs), Quadro/Titan/Tesla/FirePro cards could be several times faster than equivalent GeForce/Radeon setups. Other than that they are pretty much slower due to lower clock speeds and ECC RAM (introduces higher latency) and the cost would mostly rule them out either way. They are only...
Seems to me the GPU hangs somewhere and FAHControl erroneously reports progress. It could be that your data directory got corrupted. You could try to delete fahcores/fahcore_17 in the data directory (I think it was in App Data/Roaming/FAHClient). Could you post the log where this happens?
Great work Zdngr Seems about right for me since I got robbed of a P8103 (apparently multiple people ran the same unit...) Also seems like everyone is working on it just fine. Great work team, march on
Make sure you have pause on start turned off. I once got that when I configured the client to pause on start via the GUI and then try to launch it via command line.You can also delete the pause on start option from config.xml
I never found an application that ever stressed my CPU harder than those units. They also run a good 10*C hotter than everything I encountered. Here are the old entries The units used to be hosted by server (marked yellow). Pretty much the same as units 7000-7027
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