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Not some, all of you No lol, but the way I formatted the spreadsheet it is nearly impossible to get it right unless you're either me or pedantic I typically fix things like quadrupling memory speeds, Fermi hotclocks, adding one or multiple zeroes to the TPFs, editing GPU and OS labels. The core components have mostly been properly submitted. lanofsong was the first one to screw up in that aspect But without jokes, I really want to thank everyone who submitted to the...
You would pwn pretty hard with that 4790K @4.8 in Linux though
Excellent, they were also all perfect submissions (Correct GPU/mem clocks, OS/GPU/TPF labels etc.) 
Yeah, especially P9101 are bad IMO. I get 280-330k PPD on P9406. Nice units
Yes, please list the distro (with release) and whether it's 32 or 64 bit. I'll further format it for consistency Thanks a lot man, great information there
No problem.   Those 2P boards are the Z10PE-D16 and the Z10PA-D8. The latter is ATX, not E-ATX. Seems to be a direct successor to the Z9PA-D8. The Z10PE-D16 seems to be more of a successor to the Z9PE-D16 but that one was fairly similar to the Z9PE-D8 WS to begin with (if not for the overclocking options and additional PCI-E lanes)
 Can't help you much there since I don't drink :p.  Yes, for this board E5-2697V2 is end of the line unfortunately. Sandy Bridge chips are considerably cheaper. Sometimes you find some great deals on ebay as well.  Yes, Asus will release the Z10PE-D16  Not sure if they'll do a WS board again, since the Z9PE-D8 WS was designed under the assumption that Sandy Bridge would be able to OC. Now Asus knows better I guess... I think it's better to sit this one out and watch how...
I just got some E5-4650s for $250 a piece (C0). If you can afford them, E5-2680V2 (QD29) and E5-2695V2 are best value (around 5k yuan). Obviously the 2680V2 will give you better per core performance though. I'm hoping ivy prices will drop when Haswell 18 cores drop
Thanks for the contributions again guys    Btw @lanofsong I take it you submitted a P9408? You labeled it as P6408, but I can't find any projects that meet that description. I changed it to P9408, please let me know if I made a mistake there.      Original:   7/3/2014 0:55:30 P6408 lanofsong R9 270X 1200 1475 1280 00:09:27 79,447 R715, C0, G37 64 ZETA 3,072.0 38.7   Edited to:   7/3/2014...
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