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Yeah, this.   I had something similar like this last week on my workstation in Windows 7. Went away after running ccleaner even though it only reported that it removed like 5GB.
I don't think it will change that easily. They'd realistically need much larger R&D and budget to do that. This is also very specific optimization.
I think he was just having a bit of fun in between all of the serious posts :p
It is for a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering over here (just like C and C++) as well as HDLs like VHDL and Verilog. Also VLSI and Computer Architecture on the hardware part.
Lol, I don't have notifications enabled. I found this thread per chance :p   Here is the post dman is probably thinking about   It could probably be done in Windows as well, but I'm not well versed in Windows scripts.
Nice chart You should make an article about it. Would be interesting
Yeah, my all core turbo multi is 31x and I typically have it overclocked to 103MHz bClk for a little more performance (apparently gives me an additional 51.2 GB/s bandwidth to L1). You can easily find the clock speed if you know the arch and amount of cores 1630/(32*16) = ~3.2GHz (=103MHz*31) What these benchmarks typically do to measure lower level caches' bandwidth, is that they flush the higher level caches by feeding it data that won't fit in the higher level cache....
No problem. Yes, Intel locks down everything they can to increase sales. It depends on the difference in price whether it's worth it. I was thinking about getting some 2.3GHz 2695v2 myself, but they were more than I was willing to spend (like 1300 usd for the pair...).
You've probably got b1/es2 chips. Should not be a problem, but they are just clocked a tad lower than retail samples. It is possible that you've got 4P Ivy chips though (you can check this with HWInfo64). That would be a plus seeing as they can also be used in quad processer setup.2696v2 is probably a limited fab by intel. They sometimes do this. They are retail and as such they come with warranty, but they are not part of the official 2600v2 family. You can actually get...
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