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That's on 16 cores (89% capacity)
2P still has double the mem bandwidth and 80 PCI-E lanes however. @PR X10DAi has 3x PCI-E 3.0 x16 IIRC.
He is actually only running the bench on 16 cores lol
And with a small OC
No, it turbos to 3.6GHz. 2.8GHz is all core turbo.
The prototype had a black'ish PCB though if that helps
This. It's mdpc-x sleeving (grand bleu IIRC.)I was totally thrown off because it quoted fateswarm rather than me
Another advantage of this board is that you are able to run Xeon E5 1600/2600/4600 v3 processors on this board. If you run one of those, you can run ECC memory as well (not registered however IIRC).   E:   ninja'd
 The Z9PE-D8 WS was loaded with features like 4-way SLI/CFX, beefy power section, OC profiles and AI Tweaker only to find out that Intel killed OC'ing on Sandy. SR-X was discontinued early 2013 for similar reasons. Z10PE-D16 should be fairly similar, but without the features mentioned above. Z10PA-D8 would be a cut down version in ATX form factor rather than SSI.
  You could pull off some interesting color themes with those old WS boards though @lowfat did a great job  Plasti dipped  I used Dominator Plats to match with the heatsinks  [[SPOILER]]  This board looks better though. Also, there won't be a dual socket version of this WS board. Only the Z9PA D8 and Z9PE D16 will get successors. Z9PE D8 WS marks the first and last of those boards seeing as the E5-2600/4600 chips are locked. X99 WS looks better though.
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