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  Bland, I know :P
 Intel and nVidia had a fierce rivalry for a long time now already. From what I saw in from their recent marketing slides (recent being ~8 years) they mentioned Intel way more in their PR than that they ever did with AMD. I can't remember nVidia ever explicitly comparing their products to AMD like this? Thing is, nVidia always wanted to make x86 CPUs and Intel wanted to make powerful discrete GPUs. Neither ended up getting exactly what they wanted. nVidia...
This is true. Cinebench is probably the best benchmark out there for gauging parallel floating point performance. Unless you test single core performance it won't say much about gaming performance, but it is a very accurate representation for what you can expect in multithreaded workloads.
 Nope, it's priced at 179,99 :P
Lol, well IMO some practices are just plain unethical, but this just seemed like a terribly frustrated mind to me lol. I can get frustrations over things, but we're talking about graphics cards here . Not huge investments with risks that may ruin your life.Yes, pretty much spot on.Because there's nothing wrong with the performance. Most of the users in here also don't run their cards at 870MHz like they do in the reviews so the margins are different.
Stockholm syndrome, masochism, rape, wow
Well, you have to paint a strong imageThis is the news section after all. Facts and logical discussions are unwanted while flaming dominates the discussion.In a sense it is kind of like America's presidential campaigns.
I don't see how what you said contradicts what I posted. It is now where it needs to be both in new and old titles. Of course that means it saw recent improvements.4 years is also an exaggeration, but initial drivers were bad. The 7970 was ~15-20% faster than a 580 at launch for instance. AMD had to do a lot of work ironing out issues with the architecture. Even issues like frametime variance and dropping frames etc.Can you pass me the articles you mentioned?
I think it's more a matter of GCN having piss poor initial drivers that made Tahiti lose to the much smaller midrange GK104 and now performs like it should, 4 years after its release.The same was also said about AMD when when they were on the outdated VLIW arch where 6970 competed against the GTX 580. By the time the 7970 released even the 560Ti 448 and GTX 480 beat it. Pretty sure that nowadays with support dropped for anything not GCN the 6970 is even slower than a 470,...
Which CPUs are you guys using?
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