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No, it doesn't really work like that.Enterprises choose to use proprietary tech because of support and getting optimal/tailored performance (efficiency, modularity, application specific). Moreover, the primary contender for NVlink uses a proprietary ISA on itself. There will probably be x86 NVlink boards in the long run, but it is very much a competitor to Intel's Phi architecture and interconnect. I don't think AMD is even considered a competitor in this space. When you...
 Not to speak of yields. The clickbait is strong in this one. E: Also, priority for AMD does not imply off limits for any other company. Hynix is still in it to do business I presume.
 If AMD would even be ready to ramp up production at the same time nVidia does.
 KL uses Micron's HMC with proprietary interconnect. It's a competitor to AMD and Hynix' HBM. Although it is also referred to as High Bandwidth Memory.
7970 and 290X are damn power hungry for midrange chips
Expensive expirement at crucial times though. Not that it would be an unthinkable thing for AMD's current management, but I don't think they wanted this result.
Assuming no more HD 7k/2011 spice rebrands.
Like I said, AMD simply entered the market too late. If this had released just after the 980 released everyone would have been raving about these cards. Now, a lot of people already have had similar or better performing cards for months and the impact is kind of mediocre. Not bad but just lackluster.
Fury isn't much faster than 390X/290X now I look at it more closely.
Strix vs stock. Nice ! Nvm, strix is stock.
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