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Well, some things I could think of are average PPD per processor, project and I guess power consumption and dollar. The latter two are more difficullt to pull off since you would need to have some kind of source which calculates average price based on current market prices and estimate power consumption based on overclock (and I guess voltage). There are some estimations I can think of for power consumption, but I think it would be best to ask someone like Wizzard over...
 The charm of it is actually pretty simple. When you slap on a nice couple of high RPM delta fans in push-pull config, it would give you way better cooling performance than any custom WC loop could begin to offer you. Times are changing, air cooling and custom watercooling are ancient tech now, especially when you consider how low maintenance it is.
I am actually also running a CPU PPD database :p, but no one submitted for over a year or so.   You can also copy the data and add it to your SQL database though.   Just a bit of advice. It might be better to organize the projects vertically, since there are a lot of them.   Also, I never quite succeeded in creating automatically updating (interactive) charts/graphs. That would be a cool feature.
Thanks for the submissions guys. I'm still alive!     Also, all hail the new TPF king, RedM00N     He broke the 600, 650, 700, 750, 800 and 850k limit. Up to 1 mil ?
Lol, thanks. Same to you 
You'd need a Nehalem (i7 920-960 or 965/975 EE) CPU to make the system POST first.   That is, if the board doesn't come with a newer BIOS version.
Should be fine. Ask the seller to flash the BIOS (8F) to the latest to make sure it accepts Westmere chips (your Xeon).
I take it that's 6x 4GB? If that's 3x 8GB registered, it won't work. Do you know the brand?
I'd say you'd have a good chance that it would work without ECC bits.   What RAM do you have frequency, size etc?
It won't support ECC memory. You really need specific DIMM slots and BIOS for ECC functionality, although typically ECC memory runs fine even with i7s and consumer boards (with ECC functionality disabled of course). There are always compatibility issues, but you have those with non-ECC unregistered memory as well.   You can also find some 1/2P socket 1366 Asus and Supermicro boards on eBay for cheap though. Those will run ECC RAM with the error correction bits. Pop in...
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