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Ugh....More bad news
If i bought a quad core which is the R5 1400xIt needs to clock high.
Looks like it will clock badly another major disappointment so much for these slaying in games which like higher clocks.
Hey folks selling this gtx1070 massive card can take up 3 slots on the i/o but runs extremely cool has rgb led also if you care about that kept at stock bought 3 months ago can provide recipe for warranty if needed any questions just ask Can accept paypal or bank transfer as payment
Sorry dudesi mistype not used to this kbwhat i ment = 150mhz on the core and 300 on the memoryi really don't know how it came out like this lol
Ok got my 2nd 1080ti while my other RMAs ocing the memory again seems to be stable @ 350mhz now + with 300 on the core that will do for now
Their test method is obviously flawed since no other site reported anywhere near the same resultsorry to burst your bubble.
Yes the memory was weak
250mhzand it blue screenednow it won't display anything from the DP portsonly the hdmi port works which i tried and outputs a corruput picture with a weird purple colouri've tried it on a different pc with same issue.
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