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Uhh...Intel stop it now :/
No that just was to see if it had a cold bugWhich it doesn'tI would imagine 6ghz in the future once they have had more time with it.
Scan,ebuyer ect have ryzen for preorder I would imagine ocuk do also.
Aussie land taking another L So sorry
Really makes you think huh?
So Gigabyte’s motherboard has x2 USB 3.0-Type A Always on x2 USB 3.0-Type A x3 USB 3.1-Type A Gen2 x1 USB 3.1-Type C Gen2 right?
For a very slim 13 inch laptop or something in that vein.
I could probably run TS on a dual-core so quad is overkill since i'm only serving max like 60-70 people online at the same time.
Paying £300 for what is basically a galaxy S5 cpu and nvidia GTX 940m WeW i think i'll skip this one.
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