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Needing this gone asap its been running for 3 months with light/general use bought from nvidia directly. any questions are welcomed can ship to EU if you pay the extra costs. can take paypal or banktransfer(if in uk). No i will not ship first.
Please be in uk i need more excuses not to go out.
Using wccftech as a reference to customers. My sides = gone 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
No problem it just destoryed my whole i7 920 system that i paid for with my first "real" job at the tender age of 18they were rude and incompetentwell that was in 2008 hope things have changed 9 years later
What have they done to keep you loyal?i can think of many things to make me wanna leave.
lol at the rep ignoring all the bad stories of their product and customer service had a bad block from them also
My favourite days of pc gaming tbh. Swaped my 920c0 for a d0 got a nice 4.5ghz out of it.
Gonna pick one up and see what it can do
Housefire confirmed.
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