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Cheers mate, look like good suggestions. Will look into these cases.
sup errybody, been out of the game for a while, so I know nothing about anything anymore. Here's my problem. I bought myself a cheap case (Xigmatek Midgard II) to put my components in because I barely use my computer these days and I was just headed to university. The problem is that there's not enough room in my case to orient my CPU cooler properly: if I try and have it in the usual position, running perpendicular to the GPU, it simply doesn't fit in the case. This...
posts: 1,999 lol goml
Need something, say around £20. Ideally like a Logitech G500 or something that you're not using anymore. My old Sidewinder X5 is gonna kick the bucket soon.
in answer is 10
In FTW. My Black Widow was given to a friend who fell in love with it; now I miss mechanical keyboards and lack the capital to purchase a new one. Thanks, waffle.
My rig! Boring but sensible.
Only got standoffs and everything for ATX I'm afraid
Hopefully working now. Had linked them from a personal image hosting thing with some restrictions on it.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for me to move on from one stage of my life and acquire a more practical and grown up case. I've had this baby for a few years now, and it's been with me through thick and thin, but it's time to let go. If we can all have a moment's silence, that would be most appreciated. For sale is the lovely Clemens the Techbench! A unique all-acrylic techbench made for me. And my incredibly horrible verification...
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