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No Comparison in my experience, 4820K.
I agree!
I like the SPEC 03. Will definitely buy one if available!
Planning on a complete new build around Haswell-E. Case, Ram (of course), PSU, etc. Cannot wait for release!
The A10 7700K is a very nice CPU. The IGPU performs similar to a 4870 with all the new instruction advances.
Congrats Everyone! I hope you enjoy your duties here as much as I did!
Steamroller will probably be the best CPU performance increase that we will see in a long time. Intel has not done anything since Sandy. Ivy and Has-been were pitiful!
Looking forward to the Kavari Release. Intel is now stagnate with there piss poor heat transference on Has-been and Ivy.
Everyone knows the 290 and 290X have a dual purpose. Gaming, and space heating. You can remove your heating source from your home. Great savings!
The Extreme6+ is a very nice board. One of the best AMD boards that I have used. Just wish Kavari was released. My place holder A6-6400K , even highly overclocked, does not do this board justice!
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