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Awesome, been waiting to pick up the 2nd one
These are excellent especially for the price, I picked up 3 sets for my family and they're in active duty as I type this $20 off with promo code CM20SUMA13 Not sure about the quality but it's free. Decent spare?
Very cool little tablet, never knew it existed.
Model DS411+II Synology Product Page: Newegg Page: This is a customer return that was damaged. Fully functioning and personally tested, damage is strictly cosmetic and potentially fixed if you're handy at bending metals. Comes with original box, power supply, and hdd mounting screw set. Damage Specifics: Dent on the top left rear section of the unit, you have...
PM'd, sorry I didn't think to check the thread.
This is another customer return, which started life as a Shuttle SZ77R5 Barebone machine but the motherboard pins were mangled to the point of no repair, so I pulled the board and I'm selling it now as an ITX case. It does infact support boards other than Shuttle according to their website:This originally came with a 500w 80 Plus Bronze PSU but I also have a 250w PSU available (Both are a special form factor designed for Shuttle cases).$60 Shipped with the 250wor$90...
Newegg Link: Shuttle SH61R4 Barebone - I received two customer return Shuttle barebones, this being one of them. It seems the front audio is a bit strange and the mobo pins are not perfect, but working. I built a full rig with it and did a day of regular usage with no hiccups. Comes with the stock 250w PSU If you need a media center card I can add a LNIB XFX One card for $15 (5450 512mb) PM with an further questions $100 Shipped via USPS Priority.
I've only ever had issues with multi-card setups and a few driver sweeps solved everything.
Up for sale is an interesting little machine. I purchased it from a TPU member a few months back and used it as a general browsing machine. It has the intel bios installed so you can install whatever OS you'd like on it essentially. Read up about it here: Specs: It's in decent shape but wear is definitely visible. It has done alot of traveling with me and the matte finish has held up well. It'll...
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