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 It will say on a product page on a store's site if you will get a game code. As you can see from the link that Crash-Over found for us, the only Amazon partner they have for this is the Canadian Amazon, So, that's why you didn't get a game code and that's why it's not mentioned on the product page.
Oh. I would've used MSI Afterburner. ASUS doesn't make good software.   I'm relieved and happy to see that you're back on track though!
 Does the product page on Amazon say that it should be included?
I think it's in the box.
 Both cards are always controlled by the driver that's installed. As far as I know, you can't have 2 different drivers.
Windows 10 is probably replacing your preferred driver with an inferior one.   Your version of GPU-Z is very old. They are on version 1.18.0 now.
It's dead silent to me. Are you talking about a very high-pitched whistle type of sound? If so, then that's "coil whine" and unfortunately, it can be normal.
 It's only beneficial to protect things that plug into an electrical outlet. Other things like phone lines and cable lines for TV/internet/digital phone don't need protection because they are protected outside. They have to be because these things are very sensitive and carry audio signals, data signals and TV signals, but your electrical power lines do not and so they are probably not protected outside. Thus, you should use a surge protector inside for plugs that go into...
I do notice that when my hand is very dry and kinda cold (where I have pretty much no natural grip and the mouse feels very slippery), I tend to kinda grip between my ring and thumb and my hand looks more like it's doing the claw grip. Other than that though, when I have a little more grippy moisture to work wit, my hand is totally relaxed.   So sometimes I will supplement moisture by steaming up my palm with my breath. The more "tack" (grip) I have, the easier...
 You're welcome!
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