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The only possible culprit I can think of is, maybe it's due to a new driver getting installed.
Technically, the only time you need to use any kind of a driver cleaner is when you're trying to fix a problem. Otherwise, you can just do the upgrade as it's designed.
You'd have to try extremely hard to kill a solid state drive.   Solid state drives are meant to be used. I wish people would stop worrying.
 hehe that's quite an understatement. You're going to love this PSU. Everyone who owns it is kinda blown away by how good it is. I don't mean just the 750W G2, I mean any G2.
 Or you could do the upgrades in preparation for it. ;)
 Oh man I've been there. Sometimes it sucks to be human. lol It's all good, my friend! :) So, you're still getting the exact same readings from the digital multimeter? The reason why I ask like that is, we should never go by what the BIOS says or by what any software says. The only things that can be trusted are good digital multimeters. Even then, I have seen during the past 2-3 weeks here on OCN that some digital multimeters are more accurate than others. Up until I saw...
Why not just take a step back and judge it for yourself with your eyes and your mind? Does it look good? Yes? No? Are your blacks crushed and whites blown out? I think you're making this way too complicated and difficult.
There's no need to snap at us or get angry. We are taking time out of our personal lives and schedules to help you.
 It only does what you tell it to do. Programs can only do what they're told to do by the code and by any settings and preferences that are set. It's silly to think that programs can actually decide to do certain things.
 They said that it's currently available as a plug-in for Unity, and also as something called a "C API" for integration into custom engines and tools.
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