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 Oh, I don't know how it compares. That one's beyond me.
 If you change the Offset to -0.010, then that will be a decrease because that's in the negative integer. So, you'd be decreasing the voltage by doing that and that definitely wouldn't increase stability. ;)
 Funny... I didn't have this issue until I bought the AOC G2460PG. I had 3 other monitors prior to it: the ASUS PG248Q, Acer XB241H (I was trying them out), and the very old Samsung 2253BW.
 I have proper grounding and it's still doing it to me. So, I don't think that's going to help.
What do you mean by "flicker up" and "flickering up"? Do you mean it turns off for like half a second?   My AOC G2460PG does that, and I think it's caused by ESD. It happens the most to me during the winter.
 I don't know. So this is the only way to choose the hard drive as the first thing in the boot order?
The only thing I can think of is to doubly make sure in the BIOS that the hard drive is first in the boot priority.
I would say no based on this:  It's only with the purchase of a case. So, if you have a case in your cart that you want to buy, then you can get 50% off any case accessories that you wish to add to your order if you use the CASE50 code. If all you want to do is buy accessories and parts, then I would say the CASE50 code won't work. It sounds to me like a qualifying case must be on the order (the Bullet cases don't qualify).
 You're welcome!
 Wow. I'm sorry that people laughed instead of answering your question. Was that here on OCN? You're right that you have to buy an adapter that converts the Toslink plug into a 3.5mm plug. They're just called a "mini toslink adapter". Here's one that you can buy: I'm not sure if you know this, but it'll be stereo output only unless it's DVD audio. DVD audio is 5.1.
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