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I'm not saying I'm sensitive to it. I'm just saying that I can see it very easily in Portal 1 (it might just be Portal 1, I don't know), but it's not so bad that it's distracting.
Experts seem to agree that if the framerate exceeds the refresh rate, then G-SYNC disengages and V-SYNC takes over if V-SYNC is enabled. It's generally felt that this is bad because V-SYNC reportedly has noticeably worse input lag, so it's recommended to cap your framerate at maybe 2-3 Hz below your refresh rate. The method of capping that's reported to be best is in-game capping, if it's an option in the game. If it's not, then of course the only other way is by using...
 I think you will find that as you exceed 80-85% of your installed memory, CPU usage drops below 100%. This means the test isn't really doing anything because too much memory is being used. So, in my experience, it's very bad to have Prime95 use 100% of your memory.
I am just setting the expectation for a slight bottleneck. That's all. Slight. So, that way, if he notices any, he can say that he was told to expect a little bit of one.
What do you have for a CPU cooler?   Yeah, Prime95 is kinda deadly for these CPUs.
Auto is only bad if you're overclocking. Since you're not, you don't have to touch anything at all.
I'm just saying that it's a misleading name. "Unlinked" is technically wrong. I just feel it's important to know that it's actually not truly unlinked so that you can see why it doesn't seem perfectly unlinked - because you'll see that it's not and you might wonder what's going on. It's just a lot more memory straps to give the illusion that it's unlinked.
 No, just the G2/P2/T2 and G3 units.
The green line is only bright in product photos because the lighting they use is extremely bright. In reality, you'll never notice it. Everyone complains about it because of the way it looks in the product photos.
 It's critical to be perfectly specific so that you don't mislead people.
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