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Guess I didn't miss much then, other then people leaving WP. As for the 900, pre-ordered mine and will be picking mine up on Monday. I went with the Cyan color after playing with both in the Retail store. Both have a Matte finish to them, however the Black is just like any black phone out there and I wanted something different. The White has a glossy look to it like the White iPhone 3Gs, while it was my top choice, just seems like more phones are coming out white now too....
New Windows Phone Announced at MWC 2012 Just watched the Nokia Press Conference here's what came about WP related. Nokia Lumia 610 Nokia Lumia 900 (Global) This announcement for the Global 900 also confirmed that the white version exists. More to come..ZTE is up next in a couple of hours. I'll...
Sup WP7 brethren. Haven't posted in a while. Miss anything since I've been gone? For me went from my HD7 to the HD7s to the Titan and also got my girl friend to convert from an iPhone to the Titan also. Plus got about 9 people to convert over from various handsets. I myself am waiting for the Lumia 900 to drop to switch to a more "permanent" handset as the last few have felt temporary.
Damn, I haven't logged in a while been on vacation and come back to a New OC website....pretty spiffy. GF ordered the Titan yesterday during the 1 cent deal should be on it's way middle of the week. She's pretty excited as she's been looking for an iPhone replacement for the longest. I'll still be trucking along on my HD7S, I'd get a Titan myself but not eligible for an upgrade so I'll just wait till the Lumia 800 hits stateside or maybe by then a newer version comes out.
Nothing has been confirmed for new Mango handsets other then the HTC Titan & Radar (T-Mobile) and the Samsung Focus S (ATT) but with new FCC leaks and rumored names appearing in Game Device data (Nokia/LG), I would only assume that there are going to be new phones soon, as Verizon and Sprint only have 1 each, they would be the next to hopefully get a handset. My guess is closer to Nov as it's the anniversary month for the US launch, whereas launched in Europe Oct 11th.
Curious. What games you were you last playing?
Haven't been on the site in a while. Using a HD7S now and pushed Mango to it. So glad they fixed a lot since the Beta 2 version. How's everyone enjoying their Mango juice?
And there you have it folks. All for ATT tho.
No points here....just my lonely 220points from the Rewards Program over the months. I got excited for no reason.
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