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1) Make sure you clamp the IHS, not the circuit board itself into the vise.2) It really isn't necessary, but if you want to heat it up first that's your prerogative. It may make it very slightly easier, but it is made to withstand high temperatures, so it won't do much.3) It isn't necessary providing you follow the detailed instructions on applying CLU/CLP. If you put enough of it on the die to allow any to reach the surrounding capacitors you have done something very...
You'll be able to play all games in the next 5 years. You will be able to max out settings on most of them for about 2 years at 1080.
That's pretty strange. Your GPU is obviously more than capable. What games are you playing on main monitor and at what res?
Sounds good. Please update the thread!
Good call, or better yet, an i3 to test with, then RMA your CPU unless it's delidded.
Well forget that then. Spitballing here...
3rd motherboard RMA? I would be changing the power supply, personally.
Fill in your rig specs. What chipset are your sata ports?
No one really knows when big maxwell will drop, but pure speculation I would guess around spring/early summer. 4.4 is definitely achievable with a hyper 212, and you may be able to go higher, but will be limited by temps unless you are a gambling man and attempt to delid and apply some high quality TIM.Keep in mind AMD's next round of GPU's will likely be nothing to scoff at when they're released (which is rumored to be 2nd quarter this year).
That's a solid system. I would overclock to 4.4 or so, get a 980, and a 256, or 500 GB ssd. edit: if staying under $500 then I'd probably wait for GM200 and/or AMD's offerings and get a very nice, big SSD
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