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Good find. Unfortunately I'm tapped out after the card + water block purchase though. I see that one actually cools the modules the EK one does not though. That's irritating.
Yes. There are also 3 modules on the back, which have cutouts on the backplate, but no thermal pads are included, and the instructions say nothing about them. I wasn't happy about it, but hoping for the best. I understand they have to do what they can to keep production costs down.
Well, on a positive note, I was pleasantly surprised to disassemble my 2.5 yr old EK 980 WFC waterblock to find the condition of the block plating in near perfect condition. I just ran Koolance premix, changed out one time.
PM me and I'll send you some metal plugs if you want some. I have extras I'll never use.
Unfortunately those are threaded standoffs, spacers aren't going to do you any good here. If they've become stripped there isn't much to be done, aside from drilling/tapping slightly larger threads. I have had some (limited) success before using JB Weld as a filler, curing it, then redrilling/tapping. Your other option is to cut the head off a longer screw of the same thread, drill out the hole, and JB Weld the screw into the standoff. Then you can use a washer/nut on...
Wow, nice score! Perhaps I'll clean install as well, yikes.I really hope you're right, because I absolutely dread jacking with the loop any more than I have to. At load there was SO much heat off the back plate, I just figured then I could at least effectively keep it off other components and channel it out of the case better than 3k RPM case fans currently used.
Waterblock & backplate arrive today, so busy Friday evening for me. I'm excited to get case temps down. I've been thinking about using this on the backplate if the water block & backplate don't do much. It sure as hell won't look good, but it should help to keep case temps down.
Sounds like the tubing you used plastisized. I would recommend neoprene tubing instead to completely eliminate the possibility. Please don't post in News if it's not news though.
I agree! At LEAST gradually bump up your frequency and squeeze out as much as you can on stock voltage. You paid a premium for your parts, and they are very good. You may as well get your money's worth.
Interesting. Are you going to try down clocking GPU a bit, as the OP in link did to fix it?
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