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Try removing that bypass. The increase in pressure through the top block should help immensely.
The only reason to upgrade IMO would be vram limitations. If you aren't experiencing issues with distance rendering in your games (probably other symptoms of low vram I'm not sure), then $300 is a hard pill to swallow for nothing more than extra vram. I would try and wait it out, personally. Otherwise you'll be spending $400, or over, as Zealotki11er said.
I agree with jprovido. Until the trash paste is replaced with a liquid metal TIM the heat transfer to the waterblock from the IHS is going to suffer.
What version of OS X and Safari?
That's about average, great temps though! Did you replace thermal compound under the cpu IHS (i.e. delid/relid)? I would probably push it as far as 1.3v and see if you can squeeze 4.6 or higher out of it, providing temps don't get out of control.
download the auros software utility to change the RGB settings here
Throttling due to heat would be my first guess, but if you are 100% sure it is not getting over 70C during heavy use then there must be something else going on. Have you already checked CPU-Z to ensure you're PCI-E slot is running at x16 on the mainboard tab? Which model PSU are you using?
That's an older version of Passmark, but I'm not sure what the difference is between version 8 and 9. I scored 15005 in version 9 FWIW though, which would indicate you are indeed under performing. What drivers are you on, and how are your temperatures?
Good find. Unfortunately I'm tapped out after the card + water block purchase though. I see that one actually cools the modules the EK one does not though. That's irritating.
Yes. There are also 3 modules on the back, which have cutouts on the backplate, but no thermal pads are included, and the instructions say nothing about them. I wasn't happy about it, but hoping for the best. I understand they have to do what they can to keep production costs down.
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