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I have a T splitter capped off towards the bottom of my loop so it makes draining easier into a large cup/bowl. I'm not sure I can offer any help with that res/setup, but load down what ever is directly under the portion you're disconnecting with a big wad of paper towels (I prefer sparkle, seems to absorb best) with another big wad at the ready close by. It's best to disconnect, or even cut the hose, where you can most easily deal with the fluid draining out. It...
When I get that film on my acrylic res I'll use some bb's that have been pre-rinsed with soap and water. Put the bb's with some water in the res, with it sealed, and shake it up. The friction of the bb's does a great job of breaking that film loose and cleaning up the acrylic.
Sorry to hear that Bernie. I would still get a new power supply before attempting to run that computer again once the graphics card is replaced. It's the heart of your system, and everything depends on it providing clean, stable power. As you can see here your PSU feeds some nasty power. It's entirely possible it was the cause of your video card failing prematurely.
Yep, these guys are all over it. That power supply is...not good.
Sounds like a PSU issue to me. Did you try running a single card yet?
Actually, I'm holding on to a similar system as yours for a friend that's currently out of the country. He's running a 960 at 3.8 ghz with Ati 4870x2 in crossfire. If you have the patience, this weekend I can turn off hyperthreading on his cpu in order to match yours as closely as possible, install my 980 and see how it does in heaven between my system and his to see exactly what kind of bottleneck, if any, there is.
At that overclock, nope. That is going to be a massive performance jump for you, nearly quadruple the gpu power. Do it, your system can handle it just fine.
That's going to come down to personal preference. I prefer ENB realvision with truevision a close second, each with all recommended mods installed. Unfortunately, ENB's don't mix well with crossfire as there are visual bugs, such as flashing shadows, and depth of field issues. I'm not sure if a single 7950 can pull it off, or not.
I'd buy a box of 20 for servers, but I won't, because seagate.
"We want to give Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline players more time to enjoy these games and immerse themselves in a game, the live service, and the community." That's cute. Try (and I do mean try, because you can't) making a quality game with gameplay so good the dated engine goes seemingly unnoticed for years after it's expiration date. Counter-Strike, and Skyrim pretty much nailed it for multiplayer and single player varieties. The standard has been set you...
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