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I've been fiddling with realvision since christmas. I like it, but I agree it's a bit too bright.
Wow this is horrible news. Luckily I backed up my modded skyrim folder I guess
I would go 460A.
Really? So you don't mind having some government tool know when you're cheating on your girlfriend, looking for a new job, what kind of porn you like, every single thing you googled, that email draft you typed up but never sent etc.?People seem to be perfectly content in their ignorance until they understand there are breathing humans out there that know a LOT about them. That is the weakest argument to step aside and allow mass surveillance. "I've got nothing to...
Ok you're killing me. What's the company, I'd like to try it for a few months and see what's what, even at a $100 a month.
For $1200 a year I'd be expecting a hell of a lot more than my VPN to be non compliant if subpoenaed. Nothing that could be said on this forum...but a lot more. That's more than I pay for internet alone. I'm highly curious to know what kind of service you could possibly provide to command such a price tag?
Right? These people vote man...
Welcome to the forum. Enjoy yourself!
Possible that your memory voltage needs a bump, or maybe timings need loosened? Just spit balling here. Hang in there, lots of good minds around and I'm sure it'll get figured out!
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