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It would really affect the pH, super alkaline I believe. Don't use bleach.
It irritates me to see the new member who brought this issue to our attention has racked up a whopping 5 rep. 5 rep guys, really?
Please do! Looking forward to seeing the results.
Thanks a lot for the comparison! The older 2700k with a good OC on it faired much better with 980's in SLI than I thought it would, wow.
what TIM did you use?
I did something similar with a friends build. Didn't have the HSF mounted good and cpu idled in the mid 90's until we noticed and immediately shut it off. I think about 15-20 minutes went by, but his CPU is still rocking to this day (2500K) 4.5 GHZ at 1.33v. I think you'll be just fine. Best of luck.
WOW. I had no idea you could stick custom images for it to display. This thing is just incredible, can't wait to try this out tonight!
Thanks a million! Hoping microcenter carries them.
What mid tower cases can fit an R9 290? I bought one for my nephew and he's going nuts because it won't fit in his case, so looks like we are going case shopping for him this weekend.
This has been a really informative thread, and I'm impressed there hasn't been any flaming, or name calling. Kudos to the contributors. Personally I am just sticking to NV due to performance per watt, although these used R290's are awfully hard to overlook regardless of their power draw.
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