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Thank you gentlemen!!!!
Is it possible to stop the display from scrolling through stuff I don't care about? Maximum page time is 600 secs. I was really hoping I could set to a page on the display and make it stay there
NO. That's what I was impressed with. Any settings are actually saved to the unit itself, not in the pc software! Sorry, not sure on the sens1 not working issue...
Really, which hardware store are you frequenting that carries food grade high temp silicone rubber tubing exactly? Honestly, it would be great if that were true. Stinks waiting around for an internet order.Good point, I hadn't considered the pH angle yet. You just get test kits from pet stores, or what?
I got pretty sick of gambling with vinyl tubing in water loops, so I started experimenting with different types of tubing over the past couple of years. If anyone is interested, I have found a clear winner IMO, food grade high temperature silicone rubber tubing. Vinyl tubing will never see the light of day in one of my loops again! The only downside to the tubing I use is that it is semi opaque. Unlike vinyl, it just doesn't come in crystal clear, however, I think it...
Sorry, I'm old. What's it mean to wet a line?
I've been messing with this thing for a couple of hours. WOW. This has been hands down the best money I've spent on my rig. It's going to take some time to get used to not having to constantly fiddle with any knobs and check temps every 10 minutes or so while gaming. Incredible.
Just ordered one of these from frozencpu. I'm really looking forward to playing with it this weekend. Anyone know if it will be possible to use this as a controller for a TEC chiller setup? I would like to set controller to raise/lower fan speeds on hot side's rad fans based on chilled water temps. Basically, I'd like to keep chilled loop at about 15C. Is there a way to program this sucker to adjust fan speeds automatically to hold a certain temperature?
SSD caching would feel quite a bit faster, but keep in mind there is an initial period where the caching doesn't feel faster at all. It takes some time for the intel management system to figure out what files are accessed frequently, and actually stored in the flash instead of the hdd giving you better performance.
Wow those last 2 are super impressive. What mods are those running?
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