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I stacked the hell out of mine. The EK waterblock I used fit terribly, so it took several hours trying different thicknesses (by stacking the pads) before it finally got a good solid fit. I haven't had any issues at all, and it's been 8 months.
Make sure your rad fan is at 100%. If it's going to a PWM connector on the motherboard then check bios settings for fan outputs and keep that one at full throttle all the time. There's no thermal paste in the world that deteriorates after a few months use, unless you've moved, or something, and aren't getting a good block seat on the CPU. The fact that your rad exhaust is hot rules out heat transfer from the CPU to the water block. You either have high ambients, or...
Is the radiator exhaust fan air warm at all when CPU is at these temps?
Aw come on bro, same team, same team!!
I've been fiddling with realvision since christmas. I like it, but I agree it's a bit too bright.
Wow this is horrible news. Luckily I backed up my modded skyrim folder I guess
I would go 460A.
Really? So you don't mind having some government tool know when you're cheating on your girlfriend, looking for a new job, what kind of porn you like, every single thing you googled, that email draft you typed up but never sent etc.?People seem to be perfectly content in their ignorance until they understand there are breathing humans out there that know a LOT about them. That is the weakest argument to step aside and allow mass surveillance. "I've got nothing to...
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