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welcome to the party from the northland man!
And you think anything different happens with any EA game? Come on man don't be thick headed.
3 pages now? Overclock the processor and call it a day.
It just doesn't get any better. I've soldered in new omron microswitches to keep this ridiculously amazing mouse going. Nothing I test drive even comes close.
I don't see anything on those fans being PWM, so if voltage control is all they are capable of, then they can be controlled via BIOS/software IF they have a 3 pin molex connector (with corresponding red/black/yellow wires) that can connect to a motherboard header. If all they have is a red/black wire molex connector that connect straight to a PSU connector you will have to get a fan controller.
And what exactly is the dollar amount on property lost, and body count worthy of personal freedom then? Security from our enemies isn't worth freedom, you merely create your own jail cell/prison when you put security above everything. That's kind of what this country used to be about before all the 9/11 fear mongering began, but you might have missed that between Nascar pregame shows laden with country music, pyrotechnics, and American flags. Please, spell this out for...
No. The push-pin design of the stock cooler was manufactured with the added depth of IHS in mind. You will not get sufficient pressure. I would also be concerned with the coverage as well being as the stock cooler merely utilizes a small cylinder of copper for actual contact as opposed to an aftermarket solution.
I stacked the hell out of mine. The EK waterblock I used fit terribly, so it took several hours trying different thicknesses (by stacking the pads) before it finally got a good solid fit. I haven't had any issues at all, and it's been 8 months.
Make sure your rad fan is at 100%. If it's going to a PWM connector on the motherboard then check bios settings for fan outputs and keep that one at full throttle all the time. There's no thermal paste in the world that deteriorates after a few months use, unless you've moved, or something, and aren't getting a good block seat on the CPU. The fact that your rad exhaust is hot rules out heat transfer from the CPU to the water block. You either have high ambients, or...
Is the radiator exhaust fan air warm at all when CPU is at these temps?
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