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I would really would like a decent set of cans. I currently have Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7BK sitting in my cart. Is there a better option for a mid range set of headphones though? I figured you guys would know!
Won't make a lick of difference as far as the order since you're only cooling one item.
Yes, that will definitely work, I have done something similar. link to this board? That would be much nicer than the 30 amp automotive relay I'm using now.
Gotcha, well it was worth a shot anyway. If it's only shutting down at load, then it's still highly likely the PSU. Don't suppose you have a buddy that would allow you to borrow one?
This isn't a 100% certain diagnosis by any means, but the following was taken from the review of your PSU. "Normally, this unit would have only gotten a half point deduction there because of the near excellent numbers I got in the hot box. But... this unit shut down in the hot box, dropping all outputs to zero." Here's the full review It seems that model does not tolerate heat well at all. Perhaps you can try removing the side cover of your case to see if that stops it...
That's pretty high voltage for the frequency. I would back it off to 4.5 and see how low you can get the voltage. You can fix the boot record error by using a flash drive with a windows installation .iso on it. Instead of installing, try repair
Ok I gotta ask, what the heck happened with this board?
Sounds like windows was installed while another drive was hooked up. w7 will install the boot record on secondary drives if they're connected during installation. I hate it.Reattach the drive and try again to confirm. It doesn't give you the w7 option because it doesn't know it's there, essentially.
No one really knows for sure. All anyone can do is speculate based on their experience. My guess is about 3-4 years, probably longer than you'll be using it, but maybe not.
Wow, that's a damn fine chip you got there. Have you considered relidding it? I bet that thing can hit 5 ghz. Jealous! I wasn't going to upgrade, but I would like a new rig for work and figured if I'm going to put money into a computer it would be better to upgrade my home rig then use old stuff for work. I can see there's no point in waiting for Kaby to do it though, yikes. That's abysmal.
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