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Great, please update when you get it going! Good luck.
You're absolutely correct in that more air flow was presumed. Those are fantastic cards, but wow they can get hot! I would recommend a blower if you have the space slot wise. Something like this mounted right under it where the heat is being produced, Possibly even epoxy some baffles to the blower intake to pull air directly from the raid card if you are feeling industrious enough. Just a thought. These work better, but you better have it on a controller, because they...
You'd be correct. That Big Water radiator is Mickey Mouse and will struggle trying to dissipate that much heat from a 390x. Pretty much any 240 radiator would be a vast improvement. As for pumps, most people prefer either a D5, or mcp35x variants. This may help you. This guys ran into a similar issue.
Thank you for sharing. I recently gave them a shot as well last week for coolant and some fittings. Nothing fishy so far on my end, luckily.
I wouldn't use it in my system, but it's not going to explode in a fiery mess. Here's a basic review.
It does look good, and the story is reasonably decent as well. I got it on a steam sale for next to nothing, but gave up after some stupid glitch where I was supposed to pick up a javelin from a rack and launch it a guy but couldn't do it due to a bug. The only answer I found was, "restart your game from the beginning". I think I'll just eat the 5 bucks and delete local content, that's pretty bad.
I use OpenHardwareMonitor. You can utilize the software sensors from it in AS. I use gaffers tape for the temp probes, but most medical tape works quite well if you can't find it. I prefer these two, because the adhesive, while strong, isn't going to wind up a sticky mess when ever you remove it some time down the road.Yes, you will need a usb connection to get a software temp to read out on the A6. First setup which ever temp you want to monitor in Aquasuite. Click...
Anyone know if it's possible to use an Aquaero 6 XT as a temp controlled switch? For instance, if temp sensor 4 > 30C close contact in order to turn something on? Zero voltage going through it, just closing a ground connection.
If anyone cares, I wound up going with these. 32 gigs running great at 1.5 volts. I couldn't quite reach 2400 though, but 2000 is close enough.
Awesome, thanks man!
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