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Fair enough. Clearly you enjoyed it, and no one can fault you for that. I wish I could overlook the ending, but man that was sour. It's difficult to quantify the quality of a game based on hours played for me. For instance, I would rank dragon age origins very highly in my all time games list, but I only played through it twice, so not very many hours really compared to metal gear solid, or skyrim.
Really? I feel like those are pretty small potatoes considering the ending was a turd. "but life's about the journey, not the destination!! The story made me feel fuzzy" - Yeah that's neato. On that note, I had a great woman at one point in my life. We made all kinds of happy memories together and 99% of our time together was pretty much blissful. All of those memories have been blocked out by the fact that she cheated on me. Screw the journey...DESTINATION:...
Ugh, I've had an x99 system in my MC cart for like three weeks, but I keep coming back to the fact that 1) I don't have the GPU horsepower to justify it. (Gee whiz, why is that?) 2) Games are getting worse and worse. Everything is the same crap ass sequels, because gaming has gone coporate, and the only way these greedy executive sob's running the show will get their bonuses is by green lighting what sold well 5 years ago. It's 2015 and my go-to games are just variants...
Like a phoenix rising from a cold, desolate computer grave, your machine once again moves electrons so you can take a short reprieve from the daily troubles on your world weary brow. Welcome back my friend. Any chance you can float another motherboard? That thing scares me =|
She sounds an awful lot like my ex wife =| Either way, getting this.
more sequels... I guess I need to find a new freaking hobby.
Wow. I've never heard of such a thing, crazy! Thanks.
Wow, 1.7?? I had no idea that was safe, thanks.
Right? It's a load of crap. So no one in any sort of managerial position had a clue? Engineers didn't speak up when they saw how the card was listed? These must be the same folks waiting for that hidden cache of WMD's to be discovered in Iraq. The level of naiveté is alarming...
It's from this. Worth it's weight in gold to me. I hated manually adjusting knobs to get temps where I wanted them all the time.
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