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Definitely Intel. The Marvel ports aren't nearly as good/fast.
Yeah price/performance I've been very happy with the M500 (256G) I got for work. The write speeds aren't spectacular, but it's been an amazing SSD considering the price.
Try OpenHardwareMonitor when you get a chance and see if that one will at least give you a temp. It's what I'm using ATM and I had zero issues getting it going. I've never messed with Aida64 unfortunately.
Dang, sorry Trest I haven't been keeping up on forums. With the Sensors tab open, click on software sensors and you'll see generic sensors 1 - 8. Highlight Sensor 1, then to the right click "mode" and enable it. You should see the sensor's output now on the window to the left where all the software sensors are. Does this part work, at least?
No, that is the actual Aquaero's CPU temp. You can set it to display virtually any temp you want via hardware sensors, which are actual physical leads, or software sensors from programs like AIDA64, or OpenHardwareMonitor. It'll take some playing with to get your Aquaero doing exactly what you want, but you made a great investment. These things are amazing.
There is simply no reason to have a radiator in any loop with a chiller. Either it's going to heat up the already chilled loop, or your chiller is running beyond cooling capacity and won't last long running at 100% anyway.
You know something...who does own this site? This no politics rule is getting pretty ridiculous considering the political poop storm we live in today IS DIRECTLY RELATED TO TECHNOLOGY.
Yeah, like privacy! Cats and dogs living together. Mass Hysteria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That will be a nice upgrade. I remember when I went Intel (2500k) after my AMD 965 black. That was the largest difference in performance next to ditching spinner drives for SSD's I've experienced. I'd run before/after bench if I were you, because the difference is going to be massive.
BINGO! Just updated my driver over the weekend thinking I should before folding. THANK YOU dman!!!!!
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