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Not bad, but the only reason that I wanted the SNES classic was for the bundled-in games. Old games being the collectors items that they are now, they're not worth hunting down and potentially paying lots of money for. On the plus side, the super expensive rare games are generally crappy ones that have some story behind them (at least for the NES library). The price point is really good considering the amount that you can spend on getting a proper video upscaling setup to...
I liked the first one better too. For some reason, I found the time period that the first one spans to catch my attention the most.
Let us know how it goes! Last I remember the original AoE didn't age well because the controls were somewhat cumbersome. Also...the game is 16 GB? What the hell? Wasn't the original about 125 mb in size?
Tyrian 2000 is a free game on GOG. It was one of my favorite DOS games back in the '90s. The soundtrack to that game was awesome. There was also a pinball game by Electronic Arts (back when they were kool kids) called Extreme Pinball. It had only four tables, but I thought the tables were well designed and fun to play for hours.
I doubt Youtube personally cares about whether the gun mod videos are on there or not. They probably stand to lose money from sponsorship if they keep the gun mod videos on there, kind of like the time that Coke and Pepsi backed out because their ads were running on videos that Coke and Pepsi didn't want to be associated with. Youtube probably learned that lesson quick and is taking measures to prevent another sponsorship pullout.
For the overclocking community, I guess we can all look forward to cheaper DICE runs! Selfishness aside, it would be cool if they have these in-line with algal farms/bioreactors to fix the carbon and turn it into something useful.
My beloved M12D would have to be my favorite. This thing has lasted me countless hours.
Someone shut the valve.
I'd like to clarify something here. There seems to be confusion regarding the way that CRISPR behaves in prokaryotic vs. eukaryotic cells, and it's causing a lot of unnecessary back and forth. In eukaryotic cells, CRISPR can cut a sequence-specific site, at which point the cell recognizes a double strand break and can fix this by either recombination-mediated mechanisms (i.e. I have two copies of my chromosome, so let me use the other copy as a template to fix this break...
Unfortunately, because of a death in a gene therapy clinical trial back in 1999, these kinds of medicines require almost two decades to make it to market, which puts off a lot of pharmaceutical companies. The reason for this is a possible 15-year (minimum) study required during clinical trials for delayed adverse effects before the drug can make it to the market. There are some ways of getting around this, but it depends on the tissue that you're trying to target, and how...
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