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Someone shut the valve.
I'd like to clarify something here. There seems to be confusion regarding the way that CRISPR behaves in prokaryotic vs. eukaryotic cells, and it's causing a lot of unnecessary back and forth. In eukaryotic cells, CRISPR can cut a sequence-specific site, at which point the cell recognizes a double strand break and can fix this by either recombination-mediated mechanisms (i.e. I have two copies of my chromosome, so let me use the other copy as a template to fix this break...
Unfortunately, because of a death in a gene therapy clinical trial back in 1999, these kinds of medicines require almost two decades to make it to market, which puts off a lot of pharmaceutical companies. The reason for this is a possible 15-year (minimum) study required during clinical trials for delayed adverse effects before the drug can make it to the market. There are some ways of getting around this, but it depends on the tissue that you're trying to target, and how...
Complete with day 1 DLC, season passes, and draconian DRM for each release that you can never completely uninstall without re-installing the OS.
This takes the fun out of frying electronics. Get yourself a microwave transformer and plug the ends onto the charging port of your laptop or the Vcc and Gnd pins on a USB port. You'd probably get some nice arcs that way too!
At this point, I wonder how much money was poured into the anti-cheat system that could have gone into further game development. It seems overly sophisticated. EDIT: If you don't feel comfortable with this anti-cheat system. EAC proudly advertises the games that use their anti-cheat services on their website:
iGame? i'mnotGame. isanyoneGame?
I'm not terribly surprised with this. Blizzard is now a large company with higher operating costs than before. The market for their old titles wouldn't be large enough to invest the resources to make a proper remake. When a gaming company grows to this size, it's very hard for them to take on any sort of risk that deviates from the current mainstream demand. This has happened enough times that you can probably even model and forecast the "fanbase hate point" for a given...
I can see why this is because of the premium price tag of the iPhone 7. I guess the target market either really hates the look of cables or Apple's consultants discovered that the majority of their user base has Bluetooth sound systems. Still, a Y cable, while ugly to some, would solve this issue pretty easily.
My old 850 W Seasonic PSU has been running my rig for about 8 years now. They charge a premium price tag, but in my experience the product is reliable. I might pick up one of these if they have a 700-850W model under $200.
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