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Eh, looks a bit uglier than the original tech demo for this game at 4K. I'm honestly not a fan of Gameworks it hasn't improved FFXIV and every other game that utilizes it.
You have to understand that you can't get performance from nothing and getting performance from everything its not good either way. There is a threshold a developer needs to be within when developing. I've seen games that should run on an i3 that run still subpar on an i7. AND THEY ARE 2D!
Single thread performance shines when you use the faster memory. If you want to overclock Ryzen do it with the memory games at 1080P gain almost 10% performance from stock to 3200mhz.Due to Intel's weak IPC growth in the past years just bumping up the ram speed on Ryzen is enough to tackle a few generations after what it's supposedly comparative to. That's in single thread, now the scalability of the processor is phenominal. You lose very little performance with it in HT...
Weaker systems help programers become better programers. More power machines would make us all crysis users and would take two strokes off your swing. There are plenty 1080P 60fps PS4 games that look stunning, those that complain are spoiled by forcing graphics to happen instead of learning to optimize. A great developer optimizes and takes those optimizations toward the PC environment to make it look even better. If you do the opposite you're a porter.
The console did come out how many years ago? Anyway A Way Out developer isn't very good at make games mechanically speaking. Pretty good with stories though.
It's not really glued when the performance scalability exceeds that of the solid silicon of Intel scalability.
They've not for a very long time. They license out a core design technology from a firm. Because they're cheap.
Telsa stock has matured too much without a new market entry. I don't see the company growing in profit unless it expands it's market and becomes more accessible. Yes they've always sold solar panels and system, but they need a new market to enter.
He he... really? Ryzen 7 might not be a match either, but considering everything you can do on a Ryzen 7. Sky is the limit.
Depends on the BIOS.
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