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For the past few days Firefox has been constantly crashing. Usually about every two hours and it doesnt matter what I have open. Any ideas on what I need to check for. This is getting aggravating.
My business partner needs a decent printer, and I dont have a clue. I am satisfied with a basic HP All-in-One. This is what she is looking for, something that can scan multiple documents quickly, prints housing listings (with picture) without having to change the ink constantly. Of course something that prints quickly and efficiently. She doesnt want to spend too much, but is willing to buy something reasonable that gets the job done. I guess you could say it is like a...
Anyone else having issues. Firefox updated to 25 last night and now it crashes when loading. I uninstalled it, reinstalled it and now it only opens in safe mode. IE and Chrome work fine.
No warranty ??
I have a 7970 with mine. It does fine with me. But I havent really pushed the GPU yet. I only have Crysis 1 and racing sims. Buts nice to run everything maxed out.
Two of these 64GB MicroSDs will be all the storage you need of games. Stream your movies from Netflix or your own video package and your set. I am wondering if you can hook up a mouse to the USB port for gaming. I wish Cox Cable would have a TV app for Droid and not just iPhone. That kinda sucks.
Looks like a good find. I use Power DVD mobile which came with my Ultra version, but this is cheaper. Its free I still reformat my movies on my NAS for cloud streaming though. HD movies are too big and eats up to much bandwidth. They still look good on the Transformer too. I use DVDVideoSoft Free Studio for conversion. Lots of good stuff for a free program. Like any freeware, dont install the bloat that comes with it.
I am trying to configure a security camera DVR for remote access using iPhone/Droid apps and remote web access. However the business class WNDR3700v3 router wont let me log on to configure any of the ports. I cant even see what they are. The only thing it will allow me to do is set up names and passwords for web log on, parental controls, ready share type stuff. There arent even any drivers I can down load for this router. Apparently the only ones that can do this is a an...
I would try to find a PSU that is fully modular and has shortened cables available, or if you are able to shorten the cables yourself. Nice looking case.
It happens. And it looks like the new 4.2 updates are out too. Just for the TF300 now, but others are soon to follow.Android
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