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I was just about to suggest that.. Dammit Fitz!
Hawken is Life. Hawken is Love. Hawken is Everything. I play way too much of that game. >.> No time for my 171 other games to play. 863 hours and counting...
Maybe. Do you have access to another computer? If you do, you can download the Hiren BootCD and burn it to a disk. Then, try booting from Mini-XP mode and see if you can run HD Tune from there. If not, there are plenty of dos based programs you can run as well.
Run HD Tune. Check the health tab and see if there are anything that says warning on it. If you don't know how to read it, post a screen shot here. here.
That is messed up any every way imaginable...
I have experienced people loosing data when loosing power.Almost any file system can easily be damaged by power loss. If an important portion of the file system is being amended at the time of the power fault corruption will occur. I have seen this many times with OS X's file system called HFS+ where the catalog file and/or b-tree gets all messed up. I have had this happen from power loss, though the journalling that is enabled on the file system does offer a bit of...
I have a 850 Pro 1TB and it works great. Like anything, make sure you have backups. You shouldn't have a problem otherwise.
I personally would still not trust the drive.
If you wipe the drive (filling with zeroes) then overwrite the data with junk even once it will make recovery really hard. The only things I know of that can recover data from something like this are REALLY stupid expensive and very few places will have them. Hell, even our 10k PC3000s and its kickass software cannot recover data from a hard drive that has been overwritten like that.
They will find an error. Smart is failing. Plus, if you do a surface scan it will find bad blocks. You can RMA that drive without issues.
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