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Meaning they don't fail often. Not sure about performance though. Then again, the liteon SSDs are not bad from past experiences. I wouldn't think to much about it.
I don;t seem them come in to often.
That flashdrive was a sandisk cruzer.
Xeb does data recovery! Oh boy. This one was fun. My data recovery tech doesn't have the best of soldering skills. However, somehow, I do. And well. I will let the picture speak for itself. This flash drive was bent downward causing the 2 pins for data to be ripped off the board pads and all! The traces were also broken. So... Yeah. Fun times. I grabbed an IDE cable, took a bit of wire, soldered it to the the broken leads... well... then I followed the traces to the...
Good on them.
I vape. So far I have had the following results: No more smokers cough Better lung capacity No more respiratory problems (bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.) No longer smell like an ash tray So far, less expensive than cigs MUCH better flavor My car doesn't smell like cigs... Strangers don't mind it as much. Actually, they love the smell of my e-juice Stay away from cheap gas station crap. Blu cigs and whatnot are CRAP Cons: Higher up-front cost (depending on what you...
Not bad really. Though the new MacBook Airs that are out now come automatically with 8GB of ram. Apple just recently released these about 4-5 days ago.
128GB isn't a lot of space... Also, 4GB of ram is usually more than plenty for most people. I don't see future OSes needing more than 4GB honestly. The only time you need more is if you do some intesive programs or have a large number open. You can upgrade the drive, however, they are not cheap... EDIT: Retina is not really needed unless you do a lot of photo editing or need some kind of color accuracy. If this is just for school, it is perfect. BTW, you can still get...
Mini parition wizard is magical for me.
Hm... Should be intersting what they dig up.
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