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Huh? Okay them. Learn something new!
Hm... This is a puzzling one. I would try the following: Create a new location under Network Preferences. Reset the PRAM and SMC (to reset the SMC, turn off the machine, then press and hold the power button. Keep holding till the light flashes quickly and the machine will turn on). Perform the aforementioned bluetooth trick. If none of those work then I would also try removing the System Configuration folder in /Library/Preferences. This will cause your system to forget...
I myself have not had any trouble with Sapphire. They have always been good when I needed to use their RMA services.
A bad power supply will easily do that. I am not a fan of the litepower PSUs. They are decent but thermaltake PSUs leave a bad taste in my mouth most of the time. Few are very good. I am surprised that thing even still works. I would personally not trust it and backup your data onto another drive. With something like that, the TSV diodes are suppose to fail. Odd....
That there is a bad logic board. Take it in to get it repaired.
If the drive mounts up, just pull the data that way. hell, your drive will probably migrate without issues to another one. That dirve is not that bad.
From experience I can tell you that is a failing logic board again. Also, your hard drive is failing.
That really is odd. Your drive seems perfectly healthy.
Sounds like a failing hard drive to me. The way your drive is behaving during a benchmark shows that. I bet that if you did a large swath of the drive you would see even greater evidence of this. Time to replace it.
That drive sounds like a possible electrical or firmware issue. That is not something you can repair on your own and will require advanced data recovery at a place like drive savers. Sorry bud. If that drive is clicking then you are in some deep poop. Clicking is caused by a number of things but not limited to: 1) Head failure (requires headstack replacement and has to be done by a trained professional in a clean room) 2) Firmware issue - Needs to be repaired by a...
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