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I just passed this along to my friend. Thanks Mr. Soft
Here is the email sent to me:Don't ask how I got the nickname Biff XDEither way, hope that is enough information.
Hello everyone of the net, OCN, and various areas of the globe, Xeb here and I need a bit of help. A good friend of mine just moved from the US to the UK and now has a bit of a problem. The nice, wonderful Sony TVs he bought here (US) do not work in the UK due to NTSC not work with PAL. Now, all of these adapters that I see online are for gaming consoles and not necessarily a TV, so that is a bit of a problem. Of those of you who done this, what does my good friend...
The MBA 2013 is a nice computer. Nothing like 12 hours of battery life.
Lion was a good OS. Still is >.> Also, if you have a flash dirve you can install Lion on a system even if it is already there. You don't have to upgrade to Lion if you want a fresh install. You know, because magic.
Your processor is unstable. Increase your voltage. WHEA errors are because of an unstable CPU. Run at stock and see if you are stable. If you are not, then your CPU is degraded. Also, increase you vcore. That will help with instability. 1.32v doesn't seem to be enough for 4.6. On my 3770k I need at least 1.33 just get stabl-ish at 4.5 EDIT: I forget you had a Haswell CPU. Sorry.
I think my pants... Yeah.
Now onto 1500!!!!
They can be, especially to satellites up in space. However, it takes a serious magnetic storm to cause issues on the ground. I believe in 1859 there was an event called the Carington Event. This was a magnet storm so strong that it caused short circuiting of telegraph poles, caused telegraphic wires to overheat and snap, and even had so much current that telegraphs still ran even when power was disconnected. A solar storm like this can very easily harm or even destroy...
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