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You can try opening the drive with something like R-Studio.
Depends on what level of security you want to go to. For a secure erase just do a zero out of the drive.
I dig it. However, being an early adopter since the first release canidiate to the devs, there isn't much I can say. However, the changes that are made are VERY welcomed.
Oh god yes. I forgot about that.
Oh lol. Look at me.
Real men use FAS. Hope you got 220.
It is not even that. The issue comes down to accountability and abides by all rules that other companies set in place. So, if Apple doesn't want their stuff on other non apple products, then OCN will abide by those rules. When you are such a big forum, these kind of things really can turn into a huge headache and can cause MASSIVE issues in the future.
i5 is night and day compared to Core 2 Duo. 35% faster clock for clock. Mac Mini is not bad if you get it for a good deal. 500-600 sounds fair for it.
The 2013/2014 models are the ones you want. They will go for over 12 hours. Basically, the newest ones.
I was going to say MacBook Air 13 because it can go for up to 12 hours... but that is out of your price range.
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