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My guess is it is dead. Rest in peace.
Update your bios. Also, there is a setting for the M.2 slot you have to change for it work in PCIe mode. Advanced > Onboard devices > M.2 Configuration. Change to PCIe mode.
It was likely failing before but the update (which moves a LOT of stuff around and writes a lot of stuff too) likely pushed it over the edge. Backup whatever you can and replace it ASAP. There is nothing you can do to fix it. A failed drive is a failed drive. Just like a cracked engine black is cracked. It is no good regardless.
In order for it to not do this you need to have the following:Plug it into powerPlug in a keyboardPlug in a mousePlug in a monitor or some other picture doohickey???Profit.
If that doesn't work Unstoppable Copier is godly.
Hopefully it all works out. Make sure you check through and verify that things work.
If you need to just get the data off, use unstoppable copier.
I use MiniPartition Wizard. There is a disk clone and SSD migration wizard in it. Magic. Plus, it is free. You may have to reactivate windows though.
That scan seems like it is taking way to long. If you use R-STudio it will scan for all found partitions and then you can recover it that way. If you covert from dynamic to basic it messes with the MBR. The partitions are there so you should be fine. Before continuing I would recommend imaging this drive sector by sector over to a known good one. Smart is clean keep going. Otherwise you can use GetDataBack NTFS.
If it were me I would be using R-Studio or UFS explorer. More with the former than the latter... R-Studio doesn;'t care if something is offline. It will still see the drive. If this thing is taking 2 days to do scans then I fear it may either A) severely degraded with damaged MBR/GPT file table or B) You have that and also a weak/failing head. How many reallocated sectors were there? Before even scanning for partitions or anything, I would just clone the drive to another...
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