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You can just try to pull it off using unstoppable copier. If not, send it out for data recovery. I don't want to sound like a jerk here, but this is why data recovery is so important. I simply cannot stress it enough.
Sounds like a stuck spindle or stiction. Either one require advanced data recovery at a specialized facility.
DO NOT DO THE FREEZER TRICK!!!!!!! You can and will permanently damage the drive as it causes condensation and rush on the platers. Buy a second 2TB hard drive, download unstoppable copier and just let it go. Or copy what you need to copy off to one drive, copy more off to another drive and so on.
Titan may not work, 960 may not work either. 780 confirmed to work fine. 970 and 980 needs Nvidia web drivers. 650 Ti I believe confirmed works. Although I do believe some cards require a mod to their bios.
Then I think we should be fine.
Sorry to hear that.
I would try and see if it has any issues. If it doesn't. great.
That will have to be removed.
I also am a fan of the blues. BTW, make sure you have a backup. Only fools don't have one.
Make a video of it.
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