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For a full format on a 500GB drive at least 1.5 hours. For a 1TB drive - At least 3 hours. Then again it does come down to write speeds of the drive. It could take longer. I have had a 500GB drive takes 3 hours to write a 500GB disk image to it.
Well, that's eve for you. Trust me, dont piss off the Eve community. They are some hardcore dudes. The money paid out is in isk.
Hello everyone, Here at home I have a bit of a project I am working. Currently I have a case sitting on the floor that has an ATX board in it running plex. However, I want to move this into my rack. My issue is finding a decent, quality case that is 2U. I have already looked on Newegg, amazon and ebay and have not had much success finding a decent quality case. What I need is a case that supports an a full ATX board, at least 2 drive bays (for 2 SSDs 3.5 is fine) and is...
True that is also a good option. Always liked those PSUs. Thanks Shilka for helping a buddy out.
This is serious like what? How the hell is this even still active.
SourceWell... this is wonderful.
Yeah I figured as much. I didn't think the evga PSU was as crappy as it was. Well, if that is the case @Taw122 use this power supply instead. Jonnyguru was rather impressed by it and still in your price range.,%20LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID= Seasonic M12II. Really good and well made.
Been running my OS on my 1TB SSD for about 3 years no no issues. 29TB written and not a single hick-up.
You would be lucky to get away with just 1k. Judging from experience, expect between 1200-2500 for recovery. Probably closer to 2k. $200 will barely get your foot in the door and likely get someone to tell you to look elsewhere.
Oh yeah its dying and in a bad way. Get your data off ASAP if it last long enough for you to.
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