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So far so good for me here. Runs really nice on my rig.
Yumi is the most awesome program around. Check it out! I use it at work
You could just get a used one off ebay. I got a Mac Pro (mid 2009 core i7) for 450 bucks in full working order. If you know where to get one, you can get a nice machine for a nice price.
One word will calm all worries: backup. I see it all the time with people loosing their data on their system because they don't have one. I don't care if you have a 20GB drive or 20TB drive. Backup is important. If you still don't get it, see my sig. Let me further re-iterate what everyone else is saying. If you don't want to go through the hassle of a backup (no need for raid, just use another drive), then you are playing with fire and you deserve to get burned. If you...
Max ram is 8Gb. Must be 1066 speed.
Antistatic bag + 2 inches of bubble wrap + box = profit.
Dude, you have a failing logic board. Not a failed hard drive... APPLE!!!!! Also, you didn't provide me with any good logs. If there were kernel panics, I could use those. however, your description of what happens is all i need to know. Also, I recommend you don't go to the Apple Store. Go to an Apple Authorized Service Provider. You will get better support. They use to be good but now the "Geniuses" there seem to just be half-baked morons who guess on everything. You...
Huh? Okay them. Learn something new!
Hm... This is a puzzling one. I would try the following: Create a new location under Network Preferences. Reset the PRAM and SMC (to reset the SMC, turn off the machine, then press and hold the power button. Keep holding till the light flashes quickly and the machine will turn on). Perform the aforementioned bluetooth trick. If none of those work then I would also try removing the System Configuration folder in /Library/Preferences. This will cause your system to forget...
I myself have not had any trouble with Sapphire. They have always been good when I needed to use their RMA services.
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