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Yes but one of the RAID cards failed due to a bad motherboard killing its firmware.I recently had a recovery that came in that was not recoverable at all due to the controller writing junk data to the drives... Boom, RAID parameters gone and no recovery.
When i am not brain dead I will give an update on that hard drive eval from hell and a new RAID eval from hell. e-e RAID 10 that failed during a rebuild anyone?
Sounds like a sound plan of action. I will wait patiently and offer what help I can. Go get 'em girl!
You are currently connected directly to an intel SATA port correct? Have you tried just using a USB adapter and doing it there? If the SSD drops off from a USB adapter then you know for sure the SSD is bad. Also, sounds crazy, but do a bios update. I have had some funky things with some machines at work recently that was resolved with a BIOS update. I even reflashed one that had the latest version which fixed my issues (I.E. the same thing you are going through).
>.> I knwo you are not. I just thought I would continue to trend.
Then again, you would be correct.
Hard drives will never become obsolete unless flash can compete in capacity. Overall, flash is more "reliable" in terms of shock resistance and mechanical damage but they still do fail and they have a lot more than can go wrong. Usually when they fail they give no warning at all. Just lock up, dead. Done. Occasially you will get a sign there is an issue but rarely. Though, with how complex a SSD is, I am not sure about how good they would be in the long term of things....
Yeah... I know what you mean.
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