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And is stable. Hm...
The issues that I had with my R9 290x was from sleep mod. If you make it so your displays don't go to sleep but instead use a screen saver, things are fine.
Oh boy, here we go again.
You won't be able to max out games like Shadow of Mordor even at 1080P, Hell, I cannot do that either because it requires 6GB of vRAM. However, that card should be able to play pretty much anything maxed at 1080P. For 2560, that is a different story, but it should have enough to play most games but may require some to be turned down a little. Though, since you have crossfire, I think you should be fine even with new games. Plenty of power there.
I think a simple GT 630 would be plenty.
I love mech games!
970s draw less power than 680s. You will be fine.
My card can run benches at almost 1450MHz on air during benches.
That card overclocks well. FYI, it is also ridiculously powerful, so even if it doesn't overclock as well, is it really that big of deal? I mean, you get MAYBE a 5-10% increase in performance which is technically, maybe, 3-5FPS depending on what is going on and the game you are play.
I have had to do a complete uninstall then reinstall of my drivers to fix that in the past.
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