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WHO DARES DISTURB ME FROM MY SLUMBER? ARE YOU WILLING TO PAY WITH YOUR LI- *hack, weeze*. Okay enough with that. Hm... That is one hell of a pickle and them some if I do say myself. Was the RAID broken, rebuilt then installed over? Or was it just formatted? Is one of the drives failing? Did you only recover data from one drive? Either way, personally, I love using R-Studio. It is about 80 bucks but one of the best software recovery programs I have used. It SHOULD...
I have used those before as well. Rather damn handy. However, I love the dremel method because I can reuse them if need be.
You could use a dremel and put a slot into it. Or you can use a small flat hit, catch an edge and tap it out
I update my bios as soon as I get a new board. Though, once its updated I leave it alone unless there is a reason to do so.
Not going to have one of those lying around. They are expensive. :/ I forgot I have one in my sig rig that I just use for a scratch drive. I am willing to part with it for 300 + shipping. Yes, it is a genuine Apple SSD. I had a friend with a MacBook Pro 15 2014 that he trashed (dropped down a flight of stairs). It is in perfect working order. Have had it for over 6 months now and still going strong. No issues.
Sorry boys, I have been busy with work and drained D: I will see if I cannot get you guys an update later this week.
Looks like that puppy dun givin' it her all and chooched her last bit of plastic. Poor puppy. Boy, she went with a bang. Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn.
He drives trucks.
Hello my fellow friend (yes, he is a IRL friend). I hope you have a wonderful swim! *whale moans away*
I sell them at my shop and they are great SSDs.
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