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I fold for my Uncle Carrie who died of brain cancer. He had gone through surgery once but the cancer came back even worse the second time. 3 years and that man whittled away to nothing. I fold for my grandmother (she was like a second mother to me) who died of ovarian cancer. In 18 months she had whittled away to nothing (135 lbs to 85 lbs). They tried surgery and removed the cancer but by then it had already metastasized in her liver, kidneys and bones. By the the time...
So... who won the FFW? I it was BBQ right?
Albeit a lot of the world still runs on SHA-1, it is still nice to know that even though this kind of attack IS possible... it takes a LOT of horsepower. However, if blackhats wanted at it, getting 500-1.1million USD is nothing but the fact it is per hash means it is feasibly uneconomical. Though, with those that have lots of money to burn anything is possible. SHAttered is just another example as to why it is always best to rely on the most secure hashes when...
Eh? Firmware issues are firmware issues. Nothing new here. Moving along.
That is a pretty serious bug but glad they caught it when they did.
Install Mini-partition wizard Attach and boot from SSD via USB adapter Select "clone drive" option to the left Select source and destination System will reboot and clone Re-active windows and other software ???? Profit. Or create an an image of the drive itself and restore the image to the new drive. Use a bootable cloning software like others have suggested. Do not use an ISO file. use something like bin, dd, or img file since they are binary. Alternatively you can...
Just use mini parititon wizard. Install it into your machine and treat it like a normal drive.
What are you fan speeds? Just for giggles have you tried setting them the max and see what happens? This is just to see how much the temps go down.
I am going to go with Fitz on this one. Makes more sense.
Money just burning whole in your pocket there Fitz?
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