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The 970 is no slouch and is a good card. Really do not think it is a bad buy.
I use an external or internal drive dedicated to backup and FreeSync. For Mac, I just use Time Machine.
Yep failing.
3-5 years is the average life a hard drive. That is really all you get. As far as backup goes, I dedicate a single hard drive for just backup. If need be, I have more than one drive that used for backup. Currently I have a primary drive with the OS, plus a data drive. That is then backed up to a third drive. Nothing goes on this third drive other than backups. I have a 4th drive that I use for scratch stuff. If it is lost from a drive failure it would mean anything.
Temps should dip. However, you never answered my question before, what are your load temps?
Good lord, that seagate drive has almost 25000 hours. Impressive.. though it has 4095 reallocated bad sectors which is not so good. The other drive (the one you care about) seems to be fine. However, SMART is by no means perfect and a drive can still fail without tipping smart off. As always, make sure to have a backup and your fine. I would definitely replace that seagate though. You could eventually start seeing issues where your system will randomly lock up. You will...
I just use another drive. You don't have to use anything special. However, using a caviar black for a backup is not bad idea. Still a second place to put your data.
Can you set the values to decimal?
I have seen that happen countless times. No fun.HI Fitz!!!!
I would reapply the TIM under the heat sink and see if that resolves the issue.However, idle temps are not very important. What are your load temps?
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