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Still looks good but not nearly as good.
That drive is perfectly healthy. It looks like I didn't explain things clearly here. Sorry for that. The way SMART (Self Monitory And Reporting Technology) on a hard drive works is by measuring various instances and variables against a predetermined threshold. That threshold on a drive will hold steady with a solid number (173/173 for example). Lets say the drive encounters a bad sector, it will log that sector in SMART and the threshold will drop. So instead of 173 it...
You cannot reset the password ona kleychain. You have to create a new one.
I like Photos.
As outlaw said, it really depends what it is used for. Right now the least expensive thing to do is to take care of the video card. The next thing would be the CPUs. RAM will not net you too much of a gain to be really worth it in my opinion and can be done at any time.
Anyone got a another part of pants?
Jesus in the name of what is good and holy DO NOT EVER DO THE DAMN FREEZER TRICK!Bad information is bad information. The Freezer Trick DOES NOT WORK! You cause condensation to form on the platters which will cause them to rust, ruining any and all chances of recovering data.Opening a hard drive does not destroy the data on the platers. It takes an incredibly powerful magnet to do anything to it. Go look up hard drive degaussing. You will see what I mean by that.On some...
Nope. From the sounds of it has some nasty platter damage. Not recoverable. Also, you should have NEVER opened that drive. Dust alone will make even more platter damage. You can try sending it off but I doubt you can get it.
Well, the total cost of the repair in house would have been:529 - ($429 from Apple) - Logic Board549 - ($449 from Apple) - Display Clamshell30 - ($15 from Apple) - Left and Right Fans99 - Hard drive149 labor...Or mail to Apple 1250 + 99 for data backup.Or new machine - 2349 (she is tax exempt).
An Act of Vengeance... This nice lady comes in (lets call her Jill). Her machine was beeping and the mag safe had some strange damage on it. So, we get it checked in and it becomes and expedite. That means I have to turn things around ASAP. Since the machine was beeping, the first thing to do is check the ram... and well... I found this inside: Object was jammed into the memory slot pins and drug across, rending logic board beeping. Fan cables cut. Fan cables...
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