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I think I was a bit short with my explaination. The 970 *(unless you have a good 970 board like what Gigbayte does and uses some beastly, powerful 4+1 phase), your chip will draw a ton of power from the power delivery system. MOSFETs, which are the chips that do the work of taking 12v and dropping to something the CPU can do, have a lot of stress put upon them. That is why you seem boards with large heat sinks around the CPU. These are not for looks, but for function.... I do not need to explain anything more
Push as high as you want, If you fee the overclock is too high or it is too hot, back it down. That simple. Edit: MSI 970 board + 8 core CPU? Yeah, don't overclock. You may end up with fireworks.
I have a MacBook Pro 13 Mid 2009 2.26GHz Core 2 - 8GB - 64GB SSD boot - 500GB Data (replaced optical drive) iPhone 5S 8.1.2 - 16GB
Or you can just drag and drop them out of a parallels.
Um... can you boot in safe mode?
Welcome anytime.
11254 with Fire Strike
I went from an MX518 to a G400, then to a G400s. Was not happy with how the G400s felt and went back to the G400. >.> G400 is basically a MX518 that has been overhauled and it has severed me well. Just need some new feet.
If you don't have this resolved I will talk to my pc tech. The guy is a guru at removing these things. If windows is messed up then you may need to just reinstall windows.
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