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Dizzy... i think you have a macro setup for your posts XD
HI! You will now be Xeb's slave. Quickly, we must create a cult! >.> welcome to OCN.
However, if that is the case, didn't said hardware come before 1.2a was announced or even finalized? Yes, A-Sync has to be supported in the monitor, but you also have to have hardware and software able to drive said spec. I did do my digging and this is my own conclusion.
Looks purdy.
^^ Words taken right out of my mouth.
Oh jesus... Oh god... Oh no... Oh dear... My pants... They are bursting... This... it just... I can't. *explodes from awesomeness*
Don't worry about little things like fan control and such. Most power supplies do not have noisy fans and any manufacturer worth their salt will make a proper fan control routine.
CAS 10 is the latency of the RAM. The lower the latency, the less time their is between commands and instructions between the RAM and the memory controller itself. Thus, low CAS latency means faster memory overall (on a latency level). Most high performance DDR3 ram is around 8-9 CAS. However, as you increase frequency, you also increase latency. That is why 1600MHz ram can have CAS 7 vs 2400MHz has a lowest of 9. However, with cooling, tweaking, etc, you can get this...
Really nice man!
FreeSync and adaptation for their video cards and prodcuts of an open standard that is controlled by VESA called Adaptive-Sync. Before going and spewing false information, people should do a little more digging. AMD also never said it would be able to used on old hardware either. The HARDWARE has to support DisplayPort 1.2a. Being 1.2a is so new, only the newest cards...
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