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That is really bad... Wish them luck. This is why I am not fond of most large corporations.
They are but not while in operation. Some modern drives have their heads EXTREMELY close to the platters. In some cases just a few 10s or 100s of nanometers away. Though they can take some movement and shock while in operation (you can turn them upside down and stuff). So I would say definitely not normal. Guess it is time to replace a drive.
Yes but even still they do have read head issues. Any time we get a DM series it is pretty much a chicken shoot if it will work or not. They are just like the FreePlays that came before them... God I hate FreePlay drives...
Its not just their 3TB drives. It is anything with "DM" in the model:ST1000DM001ST2000DM001ST3000DM001ST4000DM000ST5000DM000So far I am seeing similar problems with the DL series as well. That would be anything that like this:ST3000DL000
Oh great. It is a DL/DM series. Fantastic. Just you wait and see. I am going to have deal with these too. Damn DM series and their crap heads...
Hm... I will think on it then. Look for some stories if I do decided to tell about my tales!
The bigger the gob the better the job they say. For me, it is the bigger the puzzle the more fun. I like a challenge. ^_^ Due to the NDA and whatnot, I am not sure if I will be able to. Though I think I can be very vague and be able to do ti. Not sure yet.
If that doesn't work you are going to want to send it a data recovery company. I am not a fan of Drive Savers but other companies that have a lot of experience and rep are: OnTrack WeRecoveryData SalvageData CBL EDIT: Do not intialize the disk. That is going to really screw up the drive and make recovery more difficult. Also, check to see if the drive is making any kind of strange noises. Is it chirp or clicking? Does it make any rhythmic sounds? What happened prior to...
That is what I was thinking as well. And thus, this is why I stay the hell away from TP-Link. Never have had good luck with them.
Not a problem. I think what techs should always take to heart is this: "Everyone is an expert in something. Never approach an interaction thinking someone is otherwise. Knowledge is acquired not earned. Always be humble and wise. Never look down on others for simply being ignorant within your realm of expertise."
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