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Gee... it really has been a while ladies, boys, and girls. Xeb here with another update at long last! There have been a few additions at the shop. We now have a new guy who helps at the phone and another guy (lets call him Lopez) who is our data recovery tech. This guy... is really smart and a really good friend Anyways, I have this... machine come in. First off I should mention a few things here: 1) Was in a hurricane (hit Baja California) 2) Customer wants...
1.65 here without issues. Almost 2 years now.
I don't know what you are event talking about.
I have Yosemite now working on my... "Mac Pro"
If only others knew as well... Most people I see are as follows: *something new* *Clicks* *installs* *everything broken*
In the end, the only resolution was basically a save data restore... e-e
Thanks Kyle
Hello fellow nerds and ne'er-do-wells of internet! It is I, Lord Xeb, with another guide! Without further to do, lets get down to business shall we? Symptoms: Ads on Google Redirects Pop-ups Modified home page (Genieo, Conduit, etc.) Modified primary search engine InstallMac, Conduit, etc. When you have adware on your system, you will see the above. It can be everything from having constant pop-ups for MacKeeper (a worthless, foul piece of trash of a program) to...
Everyone, please be sure to bare in mind, with Yosemite being so new, things may or may not function. I have had so far today at work at least 3 cases of insanity happening. One of them involved networking and parental controls which was a nightmare. Another was with Yosemite changing MAC addresses and causing various related problems. Before you upgrade, for the love of god, create a time machine backup so you can restore if things go south!
I love it. Been using it since DP1
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