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Um... what? Why? Where? how? Who? When? I don't know anymore. Kill me.
My card is currently beating a 980. Personally, I would say go with a 970. You will not be disappointed.
And is stable. Hm... Is this normal for GTX 970s?
The issues that I had with my R9 290x was from sleep mod. If you make it so your displays don't go to sleep but instead use a screen saver, things are fine.
Oh boy, here we go again.
You won't be able to max out games like Shadow of Mordor even at 1080P, Hell, I cannot do that either because it requires 6GB of vRAM. However, that card should be able to play pretty much anything maxed at 1080P. For 2560, that is a different story, but it should have enough to play most games but may require some to be turned down a little. Though, since you have crossfire, I think you should be fine even with new games. Plenty of power there.
I think a simple GT 630 would be plenty.
I love mech games!
970s draw less power than 680s. You will be fine.
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