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I think the drive is probably failing then.
Your hard drive has failed. When a drive says it needs to be initialized,t hat is bad. You can try recovering the data with something like R-Studio but it may and mostly likely will, require advanced data recovery like Drive savers or something similar.
As always, a man of superior knowledge than I. Thanks Greg!
There is likely something that the external does with the hard drive. I would personally (if possible) wipe the drive and reformat it.
I have touched my 290x when it was running at 94C, still here without burns. Its hot as hell though. Remember to discharge yourself beforehand.
Gentle Typhoons!
Fiber Channel over Ethernet? Both of my parents work for NetApp and as stated: "It is used because its cheap. Instead of using Fiber (which is expensive and very hard to work with), you use fiber channel protocols over ethernet (10Gb). It is used in all types of data centers where having fiber everywhere (it is something like 3-5 times more expensive to use fiber vs FCoE), it is cheaper and easier to use ethernet. However, FiberChannel is on its way out as it is a pain in...
You got reallocated sectors. Recover data and replace the drive. There is no saving it.
I think 50 bucks is a good gamble. Personally, it is worth a shot.
That is weird. Then maybe your external is not compatible with Windows 8? That would be odd if it was.
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