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You missed everything >.> JK, I too have been away from the folding scene for a while. Will be paying attention to this thread
Judging by the error and what other places I have seen, it is going to be either the SSD or e even worse, logic board. I hope you have Apple Care. If not, leave the original in, take into Apple after you backup your data, send it in for a repair, then once it is back working, replace the drive in the machine with your new one. Done deal. BTW, apple mail-out is 310 or so. If you go to an AASP, it is likely going to be 322.45.
If the display keeps cutting out like that, last time for me it was a video card. :/ Either way that is a disaster. Been in a few of them where it is one thing after another and it just really sucks.
Gee... it really has been a while ladies, boys, and girls. Xeb here with another update at long last! There have been a few additions at the shop. We now have a new guy who helps at the phone and another guy (lets call him Lopez) who is our data recovery tech. This guy... is really smart and a really good friend Anyways, I have this... machine come in. First off I should mention a few things here: 1) Was in a hurricane (hit Baja California) 2) Customer wants...
1.65 here without issues. Almost 2 years now.
I don't know what you are event talking about.
I have Yosemite now working on my... "Mac Pro"
If only others knew as well... Most people I see are as follows: *something new* *Clicks* *installs* *everything broken*
In the end, the only resolution was basically a save data restore... e-e
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