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OK so I'll explain this as clearly as I can - see sig. for rig. I installed Mint 18.1 on my sig. rig. I selected "Guided - Encrypted LVM", installed as normal and rebooted into Mint. When I installed the nVidia drivers using Driver Manager and then rebooted, the system hung when loading the initial ramdisk. However, when I repeated the installation with both "Guided - use entire disk" and "Guided - Use LVM", installing the nVidia drivers using Driver Manager and then...
Is that for the GA-AB350M Gaming 3?EDIT:I just looked - F7 is for the ATX version.
@thread OK, so I'm now running an R7 1700 and a Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 kit on the AB350M Gaming 3. First thing I did was to update the BIOS to the latest stable release, which is F5. Then I selected the XMP profile for the memory and according to the BIOS it's running at ~2947MHz (varies). The board is stable running Linux Mint 18.x with no weirdness or lockups. Can't get temps or fan speeds (needs kernel support) but that will come in time. This is a 24/7 work...
@Dangles91 Hopefully F3 BIOS includes AGESA
@buddywh Well, the F2 BIOS for the AB350M-d3H does support AGESA, according to the support page for that board. I couldn't get hold of that board where I am, so I "settled" for the AB350M Gaming 3. It's an OK board, and it's been stable for the few days I've had it.
You do if it has multiple hard drives in it.
@OP Word of advice. Don't order the PSU until you test your existing one with your new CPU/RAM/MB combo. I've had the same thing happen to me with my sig. rig. PSU is a TT 850W - I thought it was an issue until I tested the board with a Corsair HX520 I had lying around and it did the same thing. You might end up saving yourself a few dollars.
That's good to know since I decided to take a gamble on that very same memory kit with that very same board.
@faction87 I have the 16GB version of that kit (which hopefully I won't regret). Getting it back to 2133MHz might be a start in terms of diagnosing your issues.
Probably worth a try. What memory do you have?
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