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Latvia or Romania?
@OP What I meant was, can you capture the traffic arriving on the port from the IB switch and inspect it? If so, you could see what happens (or not) when you send data intended for the Internet. Also, are there other subnet managers you can try?
@OP Based on everything you've posted, I'm beginning to suspect the culprit is the subnet manager on the IB switch. The fact that the stations on the IB switch can communicate with the rest of the LAN but not outside of the LAN tells me there's an issue between the IB switch and the Netgear switch, and the only thing I can think of that would affect traffic at the IP level is the subnet manager. The switches sound like managed switches. Is there a way you can monitor...
It uses an ONT - Optical Network Terminal, which of course provides network termination. In all probability there's some kind of modem in there to modulate and demodulate the optical signal, before/after it's converted to/from an electrical signal.
@OP So, just to be clear: while connected to the Infiniband switch you can ping devices on both Netgear and Cisco switches? What is the address range of the devices connected to the Cisco switch (I'm looking for weird conflicts, if any)? As for the lack of Internet access, does this apply to all devices connected to the Infiniband switch or just your PC?
@OP Check the routing table of the computers connected to the Infiniband switch, specifically that the default route is set (should be the IP address of the router). Also double check that the Infiniband switch doesn't have its own DHCP server...
@OP I'm not familiar with pre-built NAS units, but Synology seem to be quite popular.
@Liranan There's always the option of using Ubuntu Server instead of Mint. It'll use a lot less RAM (seeing as there's no GUI), and many torrent clients can run in server mode and use a web interface for control. I believe Transmission can do this, and rtorrent/rutorrent does this anyway.
@Xeb So if a customer came in with an MFM or RLL drive, what would you do?
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