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Will there be a new chipset or a revision to the X99 to go along with the Haswell-E?
Great idea! They have a nice picture of the panel without the case:
That looks really good! It's a keeper for sure!
I think it looks pretty good, definitely acceptable for the current state of this technology. I replaced mine once and the 2nd sample was much better in terms of BLB on the lower right corner. Neither had dead pixels nor dust under the filter/screen. I mostly tested watching a 21:9 movie with the black border on top and bottom, on the first monitor the lower right BLB was noticeable while playing the movie on the 2nd replacement it's not noticeable so I just called it a...
But is it faster?
Very interesting, thank you!
Anyone upgrade from an Acer XB271HU or Asus PG279Q? What is the verdict ?
I just got my replacement from Amazon, the replacement is much better. Neither had dead pixels or any dust under the filter. It's just mostly about which has BLB that you can live with at this point.
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