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I guess it's all about price in the end.
I am sure Sammy is insured.
Guys, can we get back on topic about the Samsung 850 Pro SSD?
This is the best SATA has to offer at the moment. I think it may be wiser to wait for NVMe based SSDs which are right around the corner.
IPC refers to "instructions per cycle" when speaking about CPUs.
How do you determine the date of manufacture?
It's not horrible, 4770k couldn't run IBT at all and would hit 100C in seconds.
Wow that is quite pleasing to look at.
Seiki doesn't have to be the best, but this kind of push from a low price leader will drive down prices for the industry in general. I have been waiting for these Sony 4K tvs to drop below $5k for a bit.
Has anyone got theirs? I would like to start reading about user's experiences vs. all this theoretical assumptions.
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