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For those of you with the "Quick Start" option, have you noticed that when enabled and you resume from sleep the desktop resolution has changed? I find all my icons rearranged to a lower resolution and clustered on the top left. I turned off "Quick Start" and the desktop resolution is 2560x1440 when I resume from sleep. (Maybe this is the reason why Acer removed this silly option?)
Aren't panels unique? I don't see how using someone else's calibration profile does anything for a completely different panel.
You are correct, the aspect ratio is the key for games that don't support more than one aspect ratio.SCII is one game I know that displays more or less information depending on your aspect ratio.Any game running the same aspect ratio with different resolutions would display the same image, no more no less. The images could be sharper, but you wouldn't be seeing more if using the same 16:9 aspect ratio.Added image:
Do you have UEFI BIOS enabled on your motherboard? What about your GPU, is it also UEFI? These settings can cause some headaches if not configured properly.
What do you run your 2D desktop at 120Hz or 144Hz or 60Hz? I kind of like 120Hz, everything is so smooth...
Excellent post, thank you.
Microfiber cloth and distilled water.
Are there many points where the panel is stressed from the mounting?
There are no "right" settings unless you are calibrating with a meter to a set standard. Just play around and find a setting that you like.
Are there any guides on how to disassemble this monitor yet?
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