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Can we just pay and buy it or are they going to do that silly invite and wait deal?
If you get one with the standard PCB it should be no different in terms of chance since these are all manufactured by nvidia. EVGA just slaps and different cooler on these. The custom PCB ones might be binned?
Is it a better choice to just get the Titan X vs. the 80%+ ASIC at $1049? I can see you take a gamble with the ASIC on the Titan X, but at least you get 2x the VRAM. The PCB is different on the Kinpin as well.
What's your source for this information? It reads like pure speculation.
Yeah, it's like they purposely spent time thinking about how to make it as hideous as possible.
Isn't the MSRP $79?
I think the MSRP for the D15S is lower @ $79 since it only includes 1 fan.
Getting closer! Can't wait!
Just like that Corsair tramp stamp! LOL
That's how we end up with subpar products, when you compromise on quality to lower the price. I hope In Win sticks to their high end quality designs. If you can't afford it then there always other choices, no need to cheapen something good.
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