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It's a race to the bottom and it has begun. Samsung already predicted this a few years ago. The phone has been become a commodity which is actually great for consumers. Samsung said they would actually start to shift R&D resources into medial devices to combat the onslaught of cheaper phones and decreased sales.
Is the Haswell-E release fiscal year Q3 or calendar year Q3?
Would we also need new screws and/or retention mechanisms since the height is less without the IHS?
Do you guys think other mobo manufacturers will start copying this soon? It looks like it does add value for the niche market that always goes to the extreme and is not afraid to experiment and has deeper pockets.
It's a specialized product. If you don't have a need for it you are better off going 2 x Titan Black. They are just giving you more options.
Yes, but if you recall the 590 and 690 didn't feature the full VRAM.
Good thing it's 12GB, unlike previous x90 series GPUs.
Titanium rating @ 115V is pretty impressive. Previously only 230V would be able to achieve Titanium rating.
It's like a panda or Shamu!
How so? Please explain.
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