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I don't think it's meant for those of you that see the price as a high barrier to entry. Most of the customers that buy this case will do so without a second thought because the like it and want it.
Agreed, you are over-thinking this whole concept to the point of paranoia.
Anyone have one on OCN or any reviews out there?
I'm in my upgrade cycle now (currently have S4) and I would much like to have a Galaxy S5 Plus with the 805 Snapdragon. Buying the original S5 with the 801 doesn't make sense to me at this point. If there is no S5 Plus 805 for the USA, then I will probably have to wait until the S6 is released. On a tangential note, Samsung's Galaxy Sx release schedule needs to be shifted closer to the Note's so they can match better with Qualcomm's new CPU release schedule. At this point...
is NVMe here yet?
LOL my 780Ti just became an expensive paper weight.
Is GM200 gonna be GTX 980Ti?
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