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This thing is turning out to be unicorn...
[[SPOILER]] Thanks for a most informative post!
You can't stop progress.
Very true, I don't really need anything, but that's what a hobby is all about.
Does NVMe make a big difference over AHCI? I am interested to see if the random IOPS makes a real world difference, such as launching apps, games or switching between a full screen game back to desktop, etc.Thanks!
How is it?
Samsung is organized into many entities that are separate from each other. Each is charge of making a business case for its existence. It's no different than the Apple vs. Samsung relationship.
Does it make sense to skip this 28nm generation?
Very introspective.
People complain that 6GB is too little. NVIDIA throws in 12GB, now people complain it's too much. LOL
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