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Are we close to having these available in the retail channel?
Microcenter usually sells their CPU+mobo bundles for a good discount, is this not the case with the Skylake SKUs?
Poor ATi just can't catch a break!
Someone needs to create a way to backup these massive drives. LOL
The other important thing to note is that manufacturer's will also release their own products based on the Google design. It's somewhat troubling how they are gathering all this data...
Maybe they were trying to retain good managers?
Was the release date just for reviews? When is the actual sale date?
Can we just pay and buy it or are they going to do that silly invite and wait deal?
If you get one with the standard PCB it should be no different in terms of chance since these are all manufactured by nvidia. EVGA just slaps and different cooler on these. The custom PCB ones might be binned?
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