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Witcher 3 looks better because DA I is published by EA
Takes a while to get the combat down and doesn't really hold your hand. I could see a lot of people giving up on witcher 2 in the first few hours. But get past it and it is a fantastic game.
Why no love for witcher then?
If you don't like rpgs, this does nothing new.
Add on top of AMD vs Nvidia, Origin, Uplay, Steam. All becoming tiresome.
For the last few years
Can't say I've noticed any framerate issues in Witcher 3 yet. It looks ok, nothing amazing. Massive game and I've only scratched the surface.
Doesn't look like Witcher 3 updated. Not sure what amd is up to.
No release notes yet. Don't forget to thank asder00. "280X owner here. I can confirm that this driver fixed the MSAA corruption bug in GTA5. Yay!" "It did improve the performance with one R9 290 in Project Cars, not at a wow factor but before I was having 18fps in the beginning on rainy Sonoma track and with this one it starts at 22."
$849 is a lot for UHD 60fps console ports alright.
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