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I guess it depends on what one thinks the problem is? multi national companies and corrupt governments with sweetheart deals or being called out on it?
No offence taken at all, I agree for the most part.I think every country is entitled to tax whatever it wants though. If it undercuts another country, the other country can lower its rate too. What we have here though, they are not paying the tax rate of all "normal" companies in Ireland. It's corruption, plain and simple.This would be how I feel about the whole thing:
No way man, everything is awesome. Super Mario will save us all!
The main issue here is Small to medium size companies in Ireland pay 12.5%. Is this a low CT rate, yes. The problem is Apple are paying closer to 2%, which is ridiculous. The greed to move to a lower CT country is one thing, but to not even pay that due to shenanigans by the bent politicians is another.
Finally AMD lighting a fire under Intel with Zen. (or potentially)
Vega is going to have to be beastly to be relevant if we have to wait that long.
More Doom - such a good game
Some more Doom
So how is the game? I am holding out for a week or 2 for some patches and drivers.
So when sony gets hacked you get totally compromised. Awesome.
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