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Fantastic game. I was really annoyed when they announced the next one as an xbone exclusive.
Anyone play resident evil revelations 2 ?
Different walking dead game
You might want to remove that for people who haven't played the game.
How do you upload PS4 shots to the interwebz Iards?
Pretty much as I expected. PSN sale job. Some of the scores are really bad. Colonial marines 2.0. (I actually finished colonial marines, drunk co-op)
Just the old one. On PC it looks lovely maxed. You can probably pick it up dirt cheap. The definitive edition on PS4 just ups the original last get console versions to match the original pc version and includes the dlc. I'd pick up the original for pc if you have a decent machine.
I dunno. I have it on PS3 and haven't finished it. Once you play one gta you've played them all really, imo. I found the likes of sleeping dogs to be better, much tighter controls, some shenmue style fighting.I know I'm in the minority.
I had hoped the order would be the PS4 Gears of War.EDIT: No multiplayer? ..... another let down.Guess it is going to be xbox one when they release a gears game.
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