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Ah yeah I was just kidding
beastly chip
ah so that is the reason for smaller die/lower power then, perhaps
does this cpu have a gpu built in actually?
A die shrink of the 290x and fury X perhaps with some ddr 5 and higher clocks?The RX 480 does a lot more with less than both of the above so probably just more cores.
I doubt it. AMD would have done a GDDR5 Fury X 8GB if it was possible, I would have thought.
I gave up on adding volts to my cards when I see how much power consumption jumped by adding just 50mv Will pull an average of 550w when gaming, 630w when highly stressed. Added 50mv and it jumped to about 750w. for a few mhz just not worth the hassle.
They want to get it out fast and get early adopters at crazy prices. Then will just lower if vega is really good and laugh at early adopters. If vega only matches a 1080 then Nvidia are laughing. But seeing as AMD have known the performance of titan for a good while, you would suspect it will be ballpark.
I see. Though I think AMD have boxed themselves in a bit with the expensive HBM2.
It's high end AMD chip, price will probably be $549 €499, like the HD7970 and 290X.
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