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Well if the 1070 is faster than a 980ti for €450 then matching a fury, which by most measurements is a good bit slower than a ti, I'd guess €299.Would you buy a card with less performance than a 980ti for €300, I probably wouldn't.
Looks like a great little card. Will be interesting to see if the 980ti performance starts to drop going forward.
TBH hard OCP destroyed AMD over fury, and rightly so in my opinion. As an AMD user I've never seen them as Nvidia fanboys. If AMD cannot take legitimate criticism then it is their problem. I can understand how HARDOCP would be annoyed by being blacklisted for telling it how it is, so there may be an element of 'Monica Lewinsky won't vote democrat this round as last time left a bad taste in her mouth' but saying that, who would be surprised at AMD messing up again. Would...
Leave your common sense at the door, not welcome here.
Gaming benchmarks required before excitement.
I hope they release a card with good drivers,half the battle
Take into consideration Crossfire doesn't double the cpu score too
So will there be a 480 and 480x (P10) and then Vega will be 490 & 490x?
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