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I couldn't hit the side of a barn, can I join?
Yawn. Even the last of us remastered, a usually slow paced game, is much nicer @ 60fps. What this does show though, if you have enough money, the companies/media will spout whatever lies they are told to tell.
Release a gears game M$, then maybe.
lol true. in all seriousness, anyone not able to see the difference needs to visit their local optician.
And the moon is made of cheese.
Have to agree with you. While I think the game is ok, it certainly was not brimming with so much that they could justify locking anything.
It looks so uncinematic
If you have been Green before, I would do a clean install. I had this issue years ago. Clean install did the job.
How is the update working for you guys? Mine won't upload to youtube at all. Seems a bit ropey.
More excuses from Ubisoft. We all know the consoles are underpowered, but I wouldn't believe a word from them. Any excuse to justify 900p to keep M$ happy.
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