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Was playing this last night. For a ps3 port it does look splendid in some places.
Downloading now.
Someone was live streaming on the playstation 4 video app thing yesterday, looked nice. It just looks a lot more crisp and less blurry, very nice. Textures and the likes look better but not day and night difference. Anyway I bought it.
Pulled the trigger on Last of us Remastered, someone streaming on PS now . Looks nice. Looks like people are enjoying destiny beta
The British government understands how unpopular it is and is very worried about the next election. Only reason I see this happening.
The hole where the IRS are dumping all their hard drives?
I think I'm done with this money making racket for a few years.
OK. I have had a gold 800w cut out on 2 cards running, so I would not use less than a KW.
90% of game you will be fine re bottleneck. But 290x crossfire on a 750w PSU?
Day one buy for me.
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