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Anyone try the shareplay feature? I tried in PES 2015 yesterday, worked but very poorly. Keeps saying my connection is too slow, I have a 20/240 connection.
Recommend me 120mm radiator fans please. Best performing quiet fans as of now?
I'm extremely happy with my PS4. Drive club alone was worth getting the console for. Not to mention the last of us.
All will be forgiven if M$ release a good gears game.
3770k @ 4.6ghz & 290x stock
Yup good game. 1st revelations probably a bit better. But way better than 5&6.
Not swimming. Just walking through. Little effect they picked up from last of us. You can see the devs liked the last of us in some of the game. Inferior in every way though.
Resident Evil revelations 2 chapter 3.
I'm unsure as just started Dark souls. Killed a few bosses. I like the game, but I suppose so much hype, doesn't quite live up to it for me.
High praise. Why so good?
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