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Top 3 Games this year for me -Metro 2033 Redux -DriveClub -Wolfenstein The New Order
I got Guilty gear. I had forgotten how hard fighters are on the thumbs lol
Drive Club wasn't broken by bugs but insufficient capacity to handle the online load.I had it since almost launch day and played the offline until the online was brought up to snuff.Destiny ran ok at launch, shame it is an average game at best.
This is Project gotham racing essentially.
Not sure. I have a season pass anyway (first time ever)
I'd say that will break some drifting records.
Yeah they don't really hold my interest these days either. Guilty Gear it is then. Looks nuts. We are due some DLC for drive club today I see.
You think the new COD for $45 is worth a look?
Lovely jubley. Make sure to use headphones set to loud.
Lol so much hate from people who never even played the game. Hilarious really. If it was on PC it would be amazballz! OCN is full of kids.
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