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Driveclub - awesomeLast of us remastered - awesomeBloodborne - supposed to be awesomeThe Order - supposed to be brutal badRatchet & clank - awesomeI disagree, as a PS4 owner and a beefy pc owner, PS4 is a great little machine. The amount of hours I put into driveclub & the last of us make it worth the purchase.Sports games, like Fifa, are better on console. Much better on PS4 than PC due to a much bigger online community. (I have on both platforms so I can speak from...
Level of excitement for the Nintendo NX = 0
Many Thanks.
Yeah, even if say, 12 months later. Fine balance though. Exclusives make a console.Exclusive. Will never be on PC.
What's the verdict with windows 10? I'm still holding out. Also, clean install vs update?
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Ah like everything else, want when you don't have, when have it's meh. Settled for 4.8 @ 1.2
Oh I see, thanks. Yeah it's a good chip, have had it @ 4.6 ghz 1.145v for a year or 2, never crashed. Think i will settle @ 4.8, currently blending 4.9 @ 1.25v, big jump for the extra speeds.I just fitted a new block and delidded so having a play around.
I got a new block and have been playing with speeds. I seem to have 5ghz stable @ 1.32v, but 4.9ghz @ 1.25. Such a jump for 100mhz I thought not worth it. How high on average can these 3770k do? Similar to sandybridge?
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