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Maybe sony are going to double the power of the console every 2-3 years going forward.
I'll probably be hanging on until Christmas before I pull trigger anyway, will get both.
Ah yeah of course, but I didn't think it would cost much to unlock fps in some games to do 60fps or at least >30fps
It's a shame with pro, looks like 99% of games already out won't see any benefit, only new games.
What will u rebuy an old ps4 or get a ps4 pro?
Will you be getting VR also?
Native 4k with 30fps for 90% of xbox scorpio games me thinks sad being such a big game.
The division worth getting? On sale at the moment for €27
Finished for first time last night, death march difficulty. Took my time completed all contracts. Now on to the DLC. Will be sad when everything is done.
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