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Crossfire works great with Witcher 3, I get a pretty solid 60fps @ 1600pAt 4k I would imagine Vram was the issue?
For the record, I've never had this bug and I don't have any 3rd party overclocking tools installed.
DX 12 - SHAM This announcement - SHAM Same goal to put people on W10
Release model ps4 does indeed run hot, pumps out some serious heat at the rear, I was surprised considering it is rated for what, 150w in gaming? My pc draws about 650w from the wall and only heats up the room a little faster. Guess because PS4 in gaming is always running maxed out.
Everybody PANIC
They already said all zen parts will have unlocked multi, not bothered if HT is in all processors
That is bizarre
I've found the same. Rise of the tomb raider I use for stability, geothermal valley or soviet installation. Highly stress both graphics cards and cpu. All in the same loop for me.I'm guessing that the heat dumped from my graphics cards heat the cpu more than prime 95 can, thus increases the power consumption of the cpu.Anyway highly recommend Rise of the Tomb raider to stability bench. Just let it sit, if there is an error it will just freeze and can close program.
yeah is fine
Still no crossfire profile for Homefront 2
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