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What is it? About 10fps faster per game?If my xfire was still working I would't be so annoyed, but it's a stupidly long time to wait for a big jump in performance.
Have to agree. Owners of the 290x really had no real reason to upgrade with any of AMD offerings.I have held on thus far, one of my cards have died in xfire. Long useful life yes, but getting to the point owner cards are starting to die been so long.
I doubt it, it doesn't show anything.
pc, of course it's possible.
vega must be good
We should put all politicians on a space ship to go investigate
Question 1: Is RX Vega high end faster than a 1080ti? Yes/No, end AMA.
I've watched a few streams of Zelda, not sure if my cuppa tea
Nah the 1080ti is 300w and that is an 8 & 6, which is the norm.
Oh, good then. I was going by the pic in this thread
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