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I wonder if these cards are binnedIs it? Shows me?
Don't think the RX480 will be close to the 1070.
I always thought performance was near identical too.I think I seen a mention of samsung somewhere.
28nm being so long, hard to compare.Simpler to just say the RX 480 = HD7870, RX 490 = HD7970.
I wonder if these cards are binned. I hope not.
So the follow up (vega) is going to be the RX 490 then.
Tech power up VGA Bios database
They have stolen cuda cores from Nvidia to make their card good. I knew it!
In synthetics it looks almost identical to a single 290x. So a 290x with less power consumption, 8GB and probably with tax €249 here in yoyo land.
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