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I enjoyed Metro 2033 much more than this. At level 12. Saying that I LOVED redux. Destiny is a reasonably good game and over hyped. However over hyped turd of the year still goes to watchdogs imo.
Yeah I have been thinking of getting a new cpu block. Just not getting the temps I expected. On the flipside i'm happy with the speed and lower power consumption. But still you don't put things under water to not push them, hard.
Although I do love the 3770k, the temps worry me when coming from an i5 sandy. Hardly any volts, 1.15 or so, I'm still hitting 70c, HT on.
Yeah I'm not sure what to make of it yet. I had a few games with some OCN peeps.Enjoyable to play but can't say I have any idea what is going on story wise, nor do I care. If it moves kill it. And I do like a good story in a game.I predict it will get a couple of 9s, mostly 8s and a few 7s.
Seen as the game came out yesterday and there are still no reviews out, just wondering what people thing of the game?
Too late!
Wow just wow. This is what happens when you let big money take over your country.
I like destiny. Didn't try the beta but finding it enjoyable.
What are the bonuses? I got the guardian edition?
Watch some porn, custom paint job.....I just sent u a request btw
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