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Such a shame. Sony went the budget route and made a nice console. If M$ with all their cash went with high end and took the hit in the hardware I would have bought an xbox one without blinking.
Nah I know my limits lol.
Couldn't agree more. Pointless release.
Pass & some of those reviews are really really bad.
With 3 cards you would really need to go watercooling. Serious amount of heat on air. PSU also something to consider. I've considered tri fire many times, never gone there though.
30" 4K freesync monitor please
Can anyone recommend me a good cpu block. My 3770k is running hotter than I'd like, even with low volts.
If you knew only a mod can change it why are you saying the OP wants to keep it the way it is.
If you want it changed ask a mod.
In your opinion. My 360 got more use back in the day. But I got pretty sick of both consoles a long while ago. Last of us and GT5 only two I ever play these days, apart from PES.
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