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not bad at all
I would never pay for any of the coins or dlc stuff, so I'm not losing money. But it is annoying as hell. You play an offline game (more problems than online for me). You win the game, get the rewards, then it tells you cannot communicate with EA server and kicks you back as if the game was never played. You lose your reward and all your players have used up a game of their contract. Fun times.
We had some fun last night, survived relegation.
Yeah the cautious one should get you an invite asap
Don't think they level up. Really at a disadvantage controlling them all vs having a good handful of high rated friends playing.
The Pro team in Fifa 16 with the cautious one got promoted to division 9 yesterday. Never in doubt lol. It's hard work with just 2 people. The stock characters are very poor.
PES 2015 OR FIFA 2015?
Yeah but you know, USA USA USA!
Ok Grand. Couldn't care less what the name or strip is personally.Only suggestions I would make are 442 formation, free kicks and penos are taken by the person who was fouled. And winner stays on as manager.
Can anyone invite people to the team? Iards will need an invite
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