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1080p 480 & 1060
Thanks for the tips, I've been looking at this list for guidance
More than that it seems, refreshed ps4 gpu & crossfire.
I see. That's good news. Honestly I wouldn't even consider buying the games on pc if I had to pay a gold subscription anyway, I would imagine most would be the same.
Do you need a paid xbox live account like on the consoles to play gears, forza online?
Well, I can understand not having a ps4 and going to ps4 pro.After doing research on 4K TVs and HDR 10, I can confirm I won't be buying a ps4 pro. Need to spend about €1800 to get a 4K >40" HDR 10 TV and most of the HDR 4k TVs under that amount are 8bit.
Being able to find it on a map would put you ahead of most Americans
lol don't have a cow. Someone said it to me today, was wondering if anyone else heard?
PS4 Pro delayed?
Epic fail.
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