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No, you shouldn't be able to tell the difference vs 1 card in most games.It is hit and miss to be honest, 2 games I play don't have xfire support , homefront and resident evil 7.If you go multi gpu, you can't be the kinda person who buys games when they come out, usually take a while to get a profile and some games will never get a profile. (although rare)
How is it better? It is all the same. Almost everything you hear from the government is propaganda, jobs numbers, financial news, geo political news, spying. They passed laws in the USA to allow the government to use state propaganda on population.It used to be a case of , look at Soviet Russia, look at Nazi Germany, how could so many people be fooled and fall for the obvious propaganda, now it seems people want to be mollycoddled because they are helpless idiots.Time and...
lol main sources of propaganda are governments, so need governments to control?
Mass Effect PC
Do we know if the game runs better with DX12 or DX11?
Just for the record I got the 2nd card working as my video out and the main card with the broken video out as the slave in crossfire.
Oh yes! Bring it!
I found myself looking for a EK waterblocks and the 1080ti today, hurry up AMD
New AMD drivers out for this game btw , ReLive 17.3.3
pretty sure this is old
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