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Could not have said it any better. Those temps are absolutely insane! Especially given that Threadripper is going to comfortably hit 4ghz. Anyone running a 7900X like this will just have the chip eat itself alive in no time. My 2500k has been running at 4.5ghz for so long because its sitting at 30c idle and maybe 60c under load. The stress of 80-90c will just be too much.
GIVE IT UP! We get it, you don't like Xbox. Xbox does have exclusives. Microsoft has just expanded access to titles that are available on Xbox and Windows, that a license is for BOTH! Xbox will still have exclusives. No one cares that Scorpio won't, PS4 Pro doesn't either.
They don't want to use logic anymore and realize that Microsoft made a business choice to make it exclusive to their Windows environment (which the xbox os is essentially a heavily modified version of windows). They are stuck on it has to be exclusive to Xbox One and Xbox "Scorpio" or Xbox. /facepalmMicrosoft in reality just game Sony the middle finger by saying "haha we got more platforms than you"
This argument of exclusives is just pure trash. It is your opinion and nothing else. So no one cares. I honestly do not care for a single exclusive that the PS4 has. The only reason I own a PS4 is for the PS Vue as I cut my cable and the savings in 4 months covered the cost of the PS4 itself. Done. Xbox exclusives : Forza (have played and own them all), Halo, Quantum Break, Killer Instinct. I own them and love them. Were the main reason I bought the Xbox and...
No exclusives? many exclusives does the PS4 Pro have? Oh thats right. You are blind if you think the PS4 Pro is anything but marginally better than a PS4. Just about every comment you have is nothing but trying to bash the Scorpio for no reason and defend your purchase of the PS4 Pro.
Here it is! HAHA. He just hates Xbox. Sorry, your previous comment about Scorpio being as powerful as the gap from Xbox One to PS4. The PS4 wasn't THAT much more powerful than the Xbox One to begin with. Yes it was more, but not substantial. Also, the PS4 Pro honestly is a joke. It's a minor upgrade from the PS4 to begin with and they didn't even bother to toss in a UHD Player lol. Scorpio will be significantly more powerful than the PS4 and while Scorpio will not...
To bag Gran Tourismo has been garbage sin GT 2. Really hope they can make a comeback though as Forza 6 does need some competition. Project cars was a bit of a let down, good game just now any where near worth the hype.
No idea what bios version I'm on. Will have to look it up and if there's an update.
So I was running at 4.5ghz without an issue with Win7. Took the upgrade install and now Bios is reporting back to 3.3ghz. Tried a fresh Windows install no change. Now after a fresh install, reset the cmos 4 times, if I make any change in the BIOS I can't get into Windows. 2500k Asus P8Z68-V EVGA 850 B2 2x Sapphire 7970's
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