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Other games running on UE4 look FAR better even at 1080p. UT looks incredible and that is in alpha. Dead Matter looks gorgeous so far and isn't even in alpha yet, but the footage released so far is so good.
All depends on how well you utilize it. Take a look at the game Dead Matter. Looks FAR better and a much more complex game, granted survival not battle royal, but premise is still the same. Giant open world game. UE4 may be old but Epic continues to update and tweak the engine, it is still a very competitive engine.
UE4 is an amazing engine, IF you know how to develop on it.
Um wrong, it is entirely possible and they are being complacent. Wildlands had a GOLDMINE of an opportunity to capitalize on the sensation but they didn't. It really in the grand scheme of things would not have been that hard to implement. They already have all the tools in place. All they need to do is code some minor mechanics behind id on the back end to support it. You are supporting the laziness of the developers. There are multiple engines that this can easily...
Bwahahaha!!!! It's the 2500k @ 4.8ghz (been lazy it can do 5.0ghz) and dual 7970s. My e8400 is still kicking though but I don't use it. Still runs strong, runs D3 and LoL like a champ. Used to stream and record WoW on it also a few years ago.Edit : Just realized I never edited my second rig, it got upgraded to dual 7970's.
That is irrelevant when people with current rigs get similar or worse performance than I do in this game. Also, I can still run current games with much higher graphical fidelity and get far better performance. I expect a game developer that is bringing in a ton of money to sink it into the development of the game and provide a quality product. Hell, I was playing the beta for Wildlands with minimal issues. Yeah I had to turn the graphics down a bit but the game still...
Can they start adding optimizations in general along with some hint of multi-gpu support? runs like trash for me regardless of settings.
Could not have said it any better. Those temps are absolutely insane! Especially given that Threadripper is going to comfortably hit 4ghz. Anyone running a 7900X like this will just have the chip eat itself alive in no time. My 2500k has been running at 4.5ghz for so long because its sitting at 30c idle and maybe 60c under load. The stress of 80-90c will just be too much.
GIVE IT UP! We get it, you don't like Xbox. Xbox does have exclusives. Microsoft has just expanded access to titles that are available on Xbox and Windows, that a license is for BOTH! Xbox will still have exclusives. No one cares that Scorpio won't, PS4 Pro doesn't either.
They don't want to use logic anymore and realize that Microsoft made a business choice to make it exclusive to their Windows environment (which the xbox os is essentially a heavily modified version of windows). They are stuck on it has to be exclusive to Xbox One and Xbox "Scorpio" or Xbox. /facepalmMicrosoft in reality just game Sony the middle finger by saying "haha we got more platforms than you"
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