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My buddy just installed Windows 10 on his laptop last night and now the computer will not boot. Won't even post the BIOS. When you press the power button the light blinks once and that is it. No sound from the fan, HDD, anything. Any advice? Laptop : Aspire 4330-2403 series mfg 0810 model JAL90 Celeron processor 575 Intel Graphic Media accelerator 4500M I will try and get more details as I can. Laptop is roughly 5 years old and ran just fine before last night.
No, most developers are just extremely bad at optimization.Played the first and it was garbage, haven't touched it since. This is the first one to actually look appealing but think ill pass like I did on 2.
Let's not forget that this is the same developer that through a hissy fit over a site, who was it GoG?, selling their keys and was trying to put them on blast for selling illegitimate keys. Sounds like someone needs some mood stabilizers.
Wrath was a garbage expansion. The raids were simplistic, boring and easy. Not to mention the PVP was beyond unbalanced. The only thing that Wrath had was lore and questing. BC was the last quality expansion. Overall WoD is a great step forward after MoP and Cata. The raid content is very well put together and PvP is a lot more fun. Still needs some work and garrisons are a total joke, but the core content is there.
Hey guys, just dropped by for a shameless plug at my gaming blog. Mostly focusing on WoW at the moment but will branch out in time. Still working on being able to do video recording/editing but once that is up and running I will have a youtube channel running along with the blog. Let me know what you guys think and feel free to leave comments!
While fraudulent charges should be taken up with the bank, this is not even remotely close to a one time occurrence with Sony. This has turned into a frequent event as they have the worlds worst network security. Wasn't it not long ago someone hacked them and uncovered that they had all the customer data (socials, credit cards, etc.) stored unencrypted? If that is still the case, yes I would skip the bank and say Sony is liable on a count of negligence as they have...
HotS is a good game with the potential to be a great game. Currently it has some short comings, needs balance, and is still in development. At first I hate the fact that there were no items, but that has grown on me. However, I do feel there needs to be something other than just team exp for killing an enemy. What I am not sure. The one thing I do like is that the game is so heavily focused on objectives that it forces a faster pace then Dota 2 and LoL (with the...
Was that really necessary?
Sadly, we need a third competitor. I will not buy another AMD card after these two 7970's I have. I have vouched for Nvidia for a while, well mainly EVGA as they have always taken care of me when an issue arose. I find the lack of resolution on this disturbing and am now left with no one to buy from as neither AMD nor Nvidia has a reputation I want to be involved with or support anymore.
Funny you say that, I have bought two Seagate drives that have both been nothing but issues. The majority of my WD drives live with no problems 4-5+ years. Just because one study was a bad example doesn't make their reputation any less real.OT : This doesn't surprise me one bit, but then again as long as this is targeted spying I don't care. Unfortunately I would kind of doubt that.
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