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any idea how this would work in SLI with a gigabyte 560 ti?
Have the motherboard tray be horizontal and I will take it!
This x100000000000! Delaying to release a polished product is how Blizzard made their name to begin with. People complained every time, then the game dropped and they worshiped them.
Aww is the WiiU not up to your elitist standards? There is NOTHING wrong with the Wii U or Xbox One. If you don't like them guess what, DON'T BUY THEM. It is that simple I promise. I have both and enjoy them highly. Have several classic games for the Wii and Wii U along with the 2 Mario games. Have Mario Kart 8, which is amazing, and am planning on buying the next Mario Party and Smash Bros. The console does exactly what it was made to do at a low price point...
You and anyone else that thinks like that are just clueless. I have an Xbox One and love it. It is a good system.
Please dear god no. While Sierra had a couple gems and a lot of great concepts for games, for the most part their implementation was terrible or littered with bugs. Why revive something that had a bad reputation? Make something new.
The sky is fall.........oh wait this is just the time before the upcoming xpac. Nothing new here, they've lost more subscribers during the "lull" before yet still beat out 90% of the competition. Lol nothing to see here folks, just an attention hungry reporter/blogger.
Yes it would provide your country with a few more jobs but you are also talking about a lot of people in the US now without a job. Very dangerous ground to be walking on with having a mindset like that.
Swapped the cards and same thing. But somehow it was displaying a picture on the card that the fans weren't working, everything still said only one GPU though and the second one the fans were going. Yeah worried about that HDD as well......... Just trying to figure out what I can do to get this fixed as its starting to total up. If the MB is broken too then that's 2x7970s and a motherboard. Ugh.
Shipped my computer through APO USPS from UK back to the states. When I got the computer I opened it up to examine it quickly and saw that the HSF looked like someone had ripped it off. I decided to just buy the upgrade I had been eyeing for a while, H100i. Ever since I have been having odd issues. Long boot times, intermittent FPS issues, etc. I've only been able to use the computer for really the past 3 weeks since I got back as I was moving and setting up the new...
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