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To bag Gran Tourismo has been garbage sin GT 2. Really hope they can make a comeback though as Forza 6 does need some competition. Project cars was a bit of a let down, good game just now any where near worth the hype.
No idea what bios version I'm on. Will have to look it up and if there's an update.
So I was running at 4.5ghz without an issue with Win7. Took the upgrade install and now Bios is reporting back to 3.3ghz. Tried a fresh Windows install no change. Now after a fresh install, reset the cmos 4 times, if I make any change in the BIOS I can't get into Windows. 2500k Asus P8Z68-V EVGA 850 B2 2x Sapphire 7970's
Just tried Action! and wow. 1080p60 recording with almost no fps loss. Bought a license for $20. Have zero issues in game with it raiding or in pvp. Dropped from 130fps to 100fps while recording in raid. Will have to check it in other games but still the lowest FPS drop I've seen from a recording software.
OBS wont let me downscale to 1080p. I can downscale to 1706x960 or 2048x1152. I haven't tried playing at 1080p and really have no interest in doing so as I bought this monitor to play at 1440p. records in 1080p while I'm playing at 1440p though.
That is where the problem is, I play at 1440p which puts a significantly higher strain on CPU/GPU.
Are you playing at 1440p? What settings are you using for OBS?
Yeah, got it to 4.5ghz now with no issues. Like I said, WoW records fine with not to big of an FPS hit but Watch Dogs and more modern games are going to take a hit.
I am trying to use the Elgato to maintain in game performance. I have been using the built in recorder from AMD Raptr and it works but in most games I have to turn my graphics way down to record at 1080p60. The Elgato, if I can get it to work, would be almost no performance hit. 720p30 is easily done, but the step up to 1080p hurts performance a lot. In LoL I had to set graphics to very low and it still played choppy even though my framerate was 90+. 720p30 in a WoW...
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