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Was that really necessary?
Sadly, we need a third competitor. I will not buy another AMD card after these two 7970's I have. I have vouched for Nvidia for a while, well mainly EVGA as they have always taken care of me when an issue arose. I find the lack of resolution on this disturbing and am now left with no one to buy from as neither AMD nor Nvidia has a reputation I want to be involved with or support anymore.
Funny you say that, I have bought two Seagate drives that have both been nothing but issues. The majority of my WD drives live with no problems 4-5+ years. Just because one study was a bad example doesn't make their reputation any less real.OT : This doesn't surprise me one bit, but then again as long as this is targeted spying I don't care. Unfortunately I would kind of doubt that.
I would highly doubt that as the current AMD drivers are still horrible for 7970 crossfire. I have spent 2 weeks in regedit, afterburner, catalyst, etc trying to get the damn cards to work even remotely right.
i blame amd for the terrible drivers and continued development of their product. I blame them for crossfire 7970 STILL being in shambles. It has always been a horrible experience with these cards. I blame sapphire for the fans failing and causing the gpus to cook themselves. I am comparing amd to nvidia along with sapphire to evga. Night and day. Once i can afford to build a new rig these gpus will be replaced with evga cards. I loathe the entire experience i have...
Nvidia and EVGA may be expensive, and no I wont be paying $1k for a gpu, but I will buy nothing but them until they screw me over. They work, perform well, and are stable. I have owned a 7800GTX 9800GX2, 2xGTX460's, GTX560ti. All performed amazing and destoryed every game I threw at them. The only card that game me issues was the 9800GX2 which EVGA's customer service was beyond exceptional and replaced twice through their extended warrenty. Then when I called the...
any idea how this would work in SLI with a gigabyte 560 ti?
Have the motherboard tray be horizontal and I will take it!
This x100000000000! Delaying to release a polished product is how Blizzard made their name to begin with. People complained every time, then the game dropped and they worshiped them.
Aww is the WiiU not up to your elitist standards? There is NOTHING wrong with the Wii U or Xbox One. If you don't like them guess what, DON'T BUY THEM. It is that simple I promise. I have both and enjoy them highly. Have several classic games for the Wii and Wii U along with the 2 Mario games. Have Mario Kart 8, which is amazing, and am planning on buying the next Mario Party and Smash Bros. The console does exactly what it was made to do at a low price point...
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