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Update please: Thanks!!!!
This rig is pure ridiculousness. Obviously, in a good way.
You know it's funny but now that you mention it I did like the fact that it had 2x x16pci-e because with my last mobo, the EVGA 750i SLi, it was x16/x8 and I always had microstutter with 2 8800GT's SLi and 2 GTX280's SLi. With this mobo I haven't tried SLi. DAMN YOU FOR MAKING ME WANT TO GET ANOTHER 680. Thanks I mean.
HA I had to check the OP to see if this was an April Fools' joke
Well I'm sticking with the 680 but thought it would be cool to post up some real world experience with these cards since I had the opportunity to play with all 4 of them. As in I owned all 4 through "horse trading" etc
I used thermaltake compound before and it was good but a little too gooey. I just got the H100 which comes with preapplied thermal paste and I had to remove the block to troubleshoot odd shutdowns and figured I'd reapply with Antec Formula 7. Formula 7 is almost like working with clay but once you get it on there right you may see temps go down ~5c or so. Don't know how much this helps but for what it's worth I like it.
Yeah between the 670 and 680 the jump isn't huge, but noticeable in subtle little ways. Oh and DzillaXx I'm planning on watercooling this card soon. Hopefully I can see 1300 like the 7970 w/block!
I've bought and sold a few GPU's in the last couple months. I had the EVGA 670 for a bit and it was an unbelievable jump from my 2 GTX 280's. I then had the opportunity to upgrade to an EVGA GTX 670 4GB FTW and found the performance increase a disappointment at best. I sold it and while I had my 680 on the way I picked up an EVGA GTX 660ti. The 660ti was actually surprising! I thought it would be total garbage but at the same Ultra everything settings I keep everything at,...
Got my issues worked out finally. Damn I had to rock stock settings (3.5-3.9ghz) all day troubleshooting and it really hurt my feelings.
After removing and replacing the mobo battery 15 minutes later, all seems well. At factory settings nothing messes up. I restart and hit my 5ghz overclock and instead of letting stuff sit at auto I set PCIe to 103. After 5-10 minutes the system restarts. Temps were fine. I turn off speedstep. So far so good but damn...CPUz shows 5.151ghz @ 1.2-1.3v ( and at the same exact time realtemp shows an unstable clock (CPUz shows it's all good). ***?
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