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I would very much like to be in the giveaway. Thanks for the awesome prize contest.
Very nice case.In to win. Everyone have a great Holiday.
Very nice give away. Im in thanks again.
Very nice of you to give this away. In for the win. Thanks again
In please. Nice give away.
Very nice give away. I would like a chance to win please.
A very nice gift. I have been playing for about 2 weeks now. I took over my friends account since he quit playing. It seems to be a fun game so far. I like playing mediums so far. I believe it is a T43 Soviet tank I like the best. Good luck to all who enter. Thanks again.
That is just place holder pricing. I dont think or believe games will be that much out of the gate. I think more in the line of 69 or 79 bucks they will try for.
Very nice my friend.
I thought maybe some thing like Morpheus. In Greek mythology is the god of dreams.
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