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I play a lot of competitive TF2, I go by m4risa so if you keep up with it then you probably know me. The difference between 60 and 144hz is night and day, don't know why I did not buy a 120hz earlier. My game really improved, especially in really fast paced situations where a 60hz just doesn't cut it.
i think its funny how the seller is trying to get the same amount that a used 2500k would get while the 2500k could probably oc and smoke this c2d five times over. $35-40 maybe theres that 0.0001% person out there that wants every single cpu in a nice box and displays them in a room or something thatll pay $100 for it
used i7 9xx - $15 shipped; add $2 for west coast Decent DDR3 memory, nothing too special. - $60 shipped; add $2 for west coast Overclockable i3s! I had an i3 550 @ 4.6GHz on air with 1.35v on this motherboard; also ran an i7 870 @ 3.8GHz with this motherboard. Copper aftermarket heatspreaders were placed on all the VRMs. Very nice motherboard.
Thanks, nvidia ntune/system tools worked on the athlon 64 3800+ in it. It'll probably work for the Opteron 180 too that's on the way.any idea how far i can get on stock volts?2.6? 2.7? 2.8?
Link to where I can find modded BIOSes?Oh yeah it's an LA not LE.I'll check for setFSB support later today.
My brother recently bought an AMD 939 system with a single core 3800+ and an NVIDIA 6150 SE. He is upset that the computer barely gets more FPS than his laptop which is also trash. He's been playing games at 10 FPS for a long time, so long he's actually gotten used to it completely which is kinda odd. The motherboard in the AMD system he bought is an Asus A8N-LE OEM board, the system's RAM was recently expanded so it has 2GB DDR400 on it. I'm going to be installing a...
$60 to rent a game for 1 year no lifespan like cs/css too bad battlefield is going the same way as cod
i tried looking, can you pm me a link?
Will pay $20 inc ship, price negotiable. pm me, paypal only
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