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Coolmaxes are one of the worst examples of electronic warfare on unsuspecting customers.
If it looks like this: And says Bronze on the side, it's the better one. If not, it's the older, inferior model.
There are two revisions of the GX series, the first was made by Seventeam and especially the 750W was terrible. The second revision is done by Enhance and is better and can do full load without going up in smoke. So I guess it depends on which rev you got.
Not sure why you'd bump a 2.5 month old thread to say that. But anyways, no, the TT Grand 1200W is not a better PSU than the AX1200. The TT has worse voltage regulation and worse ripple suppression. Plus it is overpriced. I would definitely have gone with the AX1200.
XFX units are actually manufactured by Seasonic, but the Seasonic X is better as the XFXs are built on older or less expensive platforms. They're still good though and have reviewed well.
Yes, that Antec is in fact an FSP unit.
That LC Power is made by Huntkey and they mostly do overrated units. They may say 750W, but actually not deliver. So I'd be wary. But if it's powered your HD4870x2 and i7 fine, maybe it's one of those extremely rare Huntkey exceptions that actually do well.
The GS600. It's just fine. Some people here almost seem to give you the impression it's going to explode in your face or something, lol. Get it, and it will power your stuff perfectly ok.
NZXT do sell PSUs. And they are white.
If people aren't getting through to Corsair directly, contacting the forum's roaming Corsair reps often helps expedite stuff.
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