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You're pretty much maxed out with that series of CPU/Chipset. You can go quad core, of which the 9650, I think is the highest, but they are priced very high. I was considering upgrading to one from my Q6600 very briefly....but the marginal improvement per dollar was not worth it, for me, when compared to modern day alternatives. Whether or not you will benefit more from clock speed or multiple cores is what should decide for you. Others may be able to tell you based on...
Server box is built and running a test of FreeNAS on some raptor drives I removed from another build- All I'm missing are the hard drives which, due to circumstance, I will not be able to buy any time soon. As it stands now: Motherboard is Supermicro X9SAE-V CPU is Xeon E3-1230v2 PSU is Seasonic 660 Platinum RAM is Kingston 32GB (4 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM ECC Unbuffered DDR3 1600 Case is Fractal Design XL Video is handled by a spare Nvidia GT210, which is...
Have both a Kill-a-watt and a UPS, and both tell me I'm okay....I'll just have to double check once it's running. That may be today, since I should be receiving the CPU, which is the last part I need to test boot the system. All I need now are the drives, which I haven't chosen yet.
Best thing to happen to computers in the past 10 years is, IMO, hard drive storage. Hosting a multimedia library is easily done, and for many people, the computer has been integrated into home theater or entertainment setups with little additional cost. I do not believe desktop computers will survive. I think most will be small integrated chipsets that will handle multiple a big cell phone, but for home theater use.
power supply calculator gave me
Ordered this memory Now I only have the CPU and the hard drives to go. CPU will likely be this one, although I considered the E3-1265L Power supply will be my recycled Seasonic G-series 360w Hard drives T.B.D.
It's just a media server, so I can take a little more risk. Media will be duplicated in at least 2 other locations (another server and the original disks). Besides, budget is a huge concern since I will be buying parts over time as it is, and I can't easily afford all the goodies to go with a 10+ 2TB drive setup. So far I've only picked up the board, but the rest of the build may not happen until summer or fall so I still have time to consider different configurations. ...
I'm almost certainly going to get 4x8GB memory. I just need to know which sticks will be 100% compatible so that I could avoid any headaches. So far I'm leaning towards 16TB (5x4TB in raidz1), so according to FreeNAS I would need more than 16GB.
Will probably be ordering the motherboard tonight, but before I did, I was curious if anyone had suggestions on memory....considering boards can be picky, and the approved list is a little bit confusing to figure out. This is the board below: I'm clueless on the memory.
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