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Just wait until the machines unionize. Then they'll just get lazy and start taking multiple smoke breaks while they complain about unskilled robots taking their jobs.
Just a day ago, or so, I noticed that even after hiding the updates, those had re-emerged in my optional updates. Yesterday or the day before, I had some updates install automatically before shutdown, and I noticed those updates were no longer present in the Optional section.I had tried to look for them yesterday, but I didn't immediately see them.......and after reading this post I decided to spend a few minutes looking for them.Sure as shoot, they had been automatically...
I remember stalking Newegg for weeks while Sandy was on its way to being replaced by Ivy. I didn't scoop one up, and was sorely disappointed by Ivy overclocks- I can't convince myself to upgrade until Skylake-E so I can have a rig that will not let me down.
I wonder how much overlap there is with the group that wants to ban gun imagery, and the belief of pornography as freedom of expression.
The fact that they were not eligible for rehire makes it seem as though they are getting rid of dead weight. Every company has worthless employees, and I think everyone benefits from getting rid of the people that can't pull their weight.
Yep-The sound effects were especially creepy, and really built up the suspense.
I wish the Doom preview was more like Doom 3 fewer bad guys more scary ambience
I will be just coming out of surgery when this comes out---- looks like I have a plan
Finally, a use for all the crap in the Fallout world
I want now
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