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Yep-The sound effects were especially creepy, and really built up the suspense.
I wish the Doom preview was more like Doom 3 fewer bad guys more scary ambience
I will be just coming out of surgery when this comes out---- looks like I have a plan
Finally, a use for all the crap in the Fallout world
I want now
guess the poster was eastern, not central
3am central = midnight @ newegg time it's the time newegg updates their website for the next day
It's not rich vs poor, or corporations vs everybody. There is only one entity that has the power to give and take- to oppress some on behalf of others, and it's not the corporation. Yet you would argue for government to take more, on your or 'our' behalf, to make it easier on us. How about not using the tax code as a weapon, and just being fair to everyone? Having re-read your post, it looks like you're not from here in the US, so your view of what the government role...
...or they could limit their spendinglooking at your signature, you have a lot of computer do I...but either of us spent more than we earned, we shouldn't have the right to pilfer someone else's wallet to pay for our bad habit. The premise that big businesses use resources that they don't pay for is also wrong. Because of our progressive tax rate, people that earn more pay substantially more to create those public resources. The argument could be made that...
Blue collar job also doesn't mean you aren't going to amount to anything. Can't have everything, but if you're smart with your money, you can have more than you need fairly easily. For some reason, it's been put in peoples' heads that blue collar work, hard work, physical work is beneath people here, but it shouldn't be if your goal is to have money. Most of the people I know making over 100k don't have a degree- they just work hard and were smart early on in work...
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