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Sheeit!!!I remember getting my GTX 480 cards (have 3 of them now) at around $200 brand new. I don't think they were that inexpensive when they came out.I'm not expecting that big of a discount on the 780 Ti, but anywhere from 50-75% of full price is good enough for me.
Thank you!Just ordered a 256GB for $105
Last night I got my LSI 9211 HBA, and after some trouble finding out what exactly I needed to do to update the firmware, it's finally up and running. Using an HBA really helped speeds. Able to transfer around 108 MB/s where before I was right around 60 MB/s....while the 108 number does fluctuate, the lowest speed is still higher than my previous highest speeds.
First thing that should be done with any hard drive is to run an extended test on them to make sure they are fit for duty. If they all pass, then you may proceed to test your other hardware.
I think the OP is talking about upgrading his current hardware to newer hardware after he's already running the freenas box with his current hardware. I believe that all you would have to do in that case is install freenas to a flash drive on the new system, then import the volumes once it boots....assuming all the hard drives from the original freenas box have also been connected to the new hardware.
PDF files I get the option to upload to Acrobat or save option anywhere on the screen I can save Microsoft app files, but not adobe files. I first tried this about 6 months ago when I tried to download my resume to my phone from an email, so I could attach it to another email from my phone. Best I was able to do was to link to an Acrobat site to display it.
How did you save them from the email to the phone? All I get is an option to upload to skydrive, or for PDF files, to upload to Acrobat. PDF files open Adobe once I click on it, and I use the options available there. If there is a spot where they are automatically stored when downloaded, how do I access that folder to view contents?
How?searched and found nothing onlineI have not figured out how to do this. I've searched online and never found anything that helped. Can you clue me in?
How? searched and found nothing online
Can I save attachments directly to the phone yet?
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