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  are there anyway to fix this, the bleed doesnt appear when i just started the ips monitor, the bleed appears only after hours of usage. never heard of this issue before
anyone know if i can adjust the brightness of aurora mode for ducky one rgb tkl?
thk lt gys. ths ste sys dckyyyyyyy wll arrrv iiiiiinn fw dys
my crret cm qick fire broke ad i need mechanical keyboard with decent switches.I'm not fan of red switches and i like with TKL. would like brown switch. budget 160 dollars, please help Swedish stores don't have a lot of choices with dcky ad brow switches unfortunately
yet again HGST still being the best hdd that has the least failure rate pretty suprised that they still buy seagate though despite their high failure rate
oh ok thanks for your input
have anyone attempted to remove led from the mouse to make it lighter?
can anyone recommend mid size cloth mousepad that isnt made by artisan? i have hien and theres ALOT of friction when i move my moouse right side and washing mousepad doesnt work and this is after 2 years usage. dissapointing
guess im unlucky? my noctua fan started to sound really loud and they said they cant help me even if i have valid warranty
just curious how many here got coilwhine and actually rma to get a new card?
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