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oh ok thanks for your input
have anyone attempted to remove led from the mouse to make it lighter?
can anyone recommend mid size cloth mousepad that isnt made by artisan? i have hien and theres ALOT of friction when i move my moouse right side and washing mousepad doesnt work and this is after 2 years usage. dissapointing
guess im unlucky? my noctua fan started to sound really loud and they said they cant help me even if i have valid warranty
just curious how many here got coilwhine and actually rma to get a new card?
would it be possible to buy a back plate for my gtx 970 seems my msi one is bent quite alot for me to be really concerned :S
tried overclocking a bit but same thing when i was playing cod aw even playing relateively old games still peak around 100% like tera mmo game which was released 2 years ago
using normal firestrike gave me 9684
seems my 970 is underperforming any reason why? its stock clocked does it seem the score is really low?
is this considered normal since the coilwhine occurs when i play medium gpu demanding games i dont think fsb 100 should be considered normal?
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