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each person has each preference. For me when i had deathadder i couldnt aim properly but wiht avior my aim improved alot due to how i grip the mouse differently
yeah its quite funny that minoix insist that their squat are accurate and recommend i should buy a better mousepad suitable for my new mouse when i then told them my qck heavy which gives 100% accuracy has tracking that feels exactly the same as my artisan hien which gives me 50%
so i decided to use roccat mousepad to test the analyze feature and it got 70% accuracy and since the pad got tons of dirt like food and dust i decided to wash to increase the accuracy. however after washing and drying the pad it then give me 60% accuracy. quite funny so it does seem that the analyze feature isnt working for all mouse like metal said
alright thanks for letting me know, i was afraid i would have to buy a new pad :/ btw your review made me buy this mouse and im happy that i did. thanks for the review
just wondering how accurate mionic surface quality analyzer is? it only gives 50% surface recognition on my mousepad artisan hien
coming from g9x, deathadder and now to avior mouse, the shape isnt that bad and weight isnt distracting at all, i clawgrip it just fine. used to be palm user with deathadder until my wrist start aching. 19cm hand btw
can u do the review of hayate mid
first gaming mouse was g9x and when the cable died so i bought deathadder 2013. ive been using deathadder since the intial release and i still dont find it comfortable considering i came from a claw grip to being palm user. i feel like i have less control because deathadder height is just too high. after gaming two hour or so my hand and wrist feels sore which never happends to me when i had g9x when i was gaming for 10 hours at lan. dpi: 900 22 cm per 360/16 inch per...
i have hien mid and hien soft (new cloth version)and notice the soft version has different cloth texture compare to mid. I cannot recommend the soft version since the cloth is horrible and incosistent in terms of aiming. i notice a drag and washing doesnt work
would you rely on a third party application that tells u the multiplier or from bios/vendor application?is that even accurate data there
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