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its not limited to displayport, all my ports doesnt work, losing signal after windows splash. i rma my card 2 times now and still same ****....i doubt its hardware issue rather nvidia driver having issues with certain oem motherboards.
to everyone here, do you guys havve any no signal issue with your board like h77 chipset=?
in my previous thread, my monitor in dvi cable powers off during windows load is done. although each reboot if im lucky the monitor stays on although the windows loading then would load unusually slow. when i uninstall nvidia drivers it takes to my desktop just fine so i assume it doesnt use the gtx 970 now i want to have my gtx 970 on my main pci slot (gen 3 dvi )dvi cable to my main monitor and my old gpu 570 on the second pci slot (gen 2) vga cable to my second...
diid u take out the battery for 5 secodns
well, my 570 works fine with my computer system. I only have 1 desktop computer and when i installed 970 i made sure to uninstall the older driver and use ccleaner to remove any residue of the old driver. and install the new drivers. isnt i tried different dvi port on my gpu but it doesnt work. ive made sure to check the power cables several time so if it is indeed gpu issue i cna just RMA it
so after buying cm v750s psu 750 watt and replaced my old 570 with 970 i noticed that after windows logo has finished loading my monitor powers down. Now this happens almost every single reboot and if im very lucky during my reboots the monitor doesnt power off and takes me to the desktop. but when i try to play some gpu heavy games my monitor freeze for few seconds and then my monitor powers off so im wondering if i received a defective gpu or my motherboard isnt...
alright thanks for the thread, i ended up buying CM instead V550S
becasue fractal was the cheapest i didnt expect to buy a new one so my budget is limited
this is in swedish but will this psu do fine?
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