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I've been playing AA3 for a while, it's pretty fun (apart from the bugs). they had an update that fixed a few things
ArmA 2
forget WWII, stop this final fantasy madness
Quote: Originally Posted by ovyeminem I didnt say the gameplay was bad just that it was short, really short, took about 3 maybe 4 hours put together to finish it which in my eyes it sucks, but purely because its short not that its a bad campaign or something like that. the whole thing sucks because it's too short for you? ok then...
does the single player really "suck" or is it just short? Because you can have a really bad campaign that is long, but i guess that makes it "good" by your wording/logic.
IW doesn't like you uploading their stuff before release date, i don't think DICE cares though
you guys are missing it, the OP will die the day after tomorrow so that will be the last time he played
found a bug? make a thread about it
they aren't mine. they belong to someone on another forum that's the WWII mission
oops hope i didnt spoil too much
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