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Quote: Originally Posted by JadedFloridian Did you forget what website this is? Am I not allowed to have a hobby? there is a difference between wasting money and getting the most out of your money. This site is, I'd think that would mean getting the most out of your money. i.e. overclocking a i7 920 to 4GHz instead of spending 1500 bucks on a 6 core processor that will barely give you an increase in performance
Quote: Originally Posted by JadedFloridian I'm not doing it for the cores, per say. This chip is faster clock-for-clock than 45nm i7's, and from early reports, overclock better at that. My goal right now is futureproofing, and I have a feeling that this beast will last me a long, long time. you can't future proof... But yeah go ahead, if you think the small increases in gaming performance is worth 1500 USD then go ahead. (or the other...
Quote: Originally Posted by JadedFloridian I hope to get my hands on one of these in a month or two, my darn PII just isn't fast enough to keep up with the beast! more cores won't make a difference. The 980X is just a 32nm i7 975 with 6 cores (and possibly small improvements). It's not going to improve gaming performance. you'd be better off with a i7 920 if anything
Quote: Originally Posted by Riou Are cpus cheaper in USA than in the EU? Even though the MSRP may be 1000 Euros, it might still just cost $1000 USD for Americans. probably not, 6 cores & XE...
Quote: Originally Posted by 1keith1 Anybody else find this stupid? You can buy two i7 920's and that one motherboard (sadly can't remember the name) for about the same price as this! Then you will have 16 threads instead of 12 threads, or 8 cores instead of 4. um you realize a i7 920 doesn't support dual QPIs. dual QPI chips are xeons and start at what.. 1000? oh well.
theres a BC2 thread to post videos i have found a video MAKE A THREAD ABOUT IT
Quote: Originally Posted by ACHILEE5 66% slower, are you sure OP get the Q9550 my bad. Maybe 33-40% faster.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rebel4055 If I was going to go i7 it would be with a 920 evga x58 and a gtx 285 why, that would be at least 2/3s slower than a i5 750 + 5850 edit: the whole system. and 5850 > GTX 285 in case you didn't know
you don't need more than 1500 for a i5 750+HD 5850
Quote: Originally Posted by KaRLiToS Why go for the LGA 775 (q9550) when its an old technology, if I were you, I would go for an i7 920, socket 1366 is the newest one and even the next Intel CPU will be socket 1366, I.m talking about the i9 hexacore, 32nm Good luck mate... or you could be sensible and get a core i5 750 and get near same performance less.
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