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Unless you expect your brother to do quite a bit of digging, reinstalling should be sufficient. As long as there aren't hardware changes you should be able to reinstall directly to 10.
Awesome deal! The 3470 isn't a slouch. Good luck with GTA V... it's pretty good as a stress test. Ha
It'll be interesting what happens w/o greenlight. Curating is necessary for quality.I love(d?) GTA and the like... other than V it had always been "get the islands" or bare minimum to start free roam. I know I'm not the only one. Factor in games that are primarily online yet have story....
Still doesn't look as good as BeamNG and still won't have the collision detail. Is this Dirt 3.7?
Too bad this won't get microsoft's head out of its ass. Good to see options in '17, though.No you're confusing the win10 upgrade telemetry crap with win10 telemetry crap.
This still happens.... Chrome up to date, no addons, win7x64 (not much has changed in 4 years) E: At first it loads a blank space below, then the next time it slides, it duplicates the images slightly off as seen. Happens while sitting/scrolling on the homepage randomly. E2: There's a Circuit City ad in OP...
I'm not sure how far this thread got past the first page, but what it ultimately comes down to is whether the i7 can at least clock the same as the i5. Games like BF1 are going to max out the i7 and obviously the i5, I don't see hyperthreading benefiting a fully taxed cpu. The extra cache is negligible. However, if you CAN clock it as high, then you have the equivalent of your 2500k AND hyperthreading should you play/do something that can benefit from it. It's a free step...
I feel like you're trolling. At any rate, neither the games nor system justify anything better than 1080p unless you plan to get a ps4 pro or ?new? x1 should they fully support 4k. I'm not sure how a 1080p system will look at 1440 or 4k, but it probably is senseless. Your best bet is to stick with what you have.
Linus runs 4x 4k monitors in nvidia surround sound on 2 sli titan xp's the results aren't far off.
This is pretty awesome, but it'd be amazing to actually SEE in practice.You wouldn't download an Amazon Fulfillment Center.
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