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This is awesome! No, please do! Microwave charge that bad boy!You mean they would do that!?
"Can't" is a challenge people like to accept. Article would be better off titled: Apple working on a doomed music file format.
Is this a folder/card you normally access using a PC or phone or camera? Enable viewing hidden files/folders and see. Does that card's space used reflect the size of the pics?Welp. I'd look look into a data recovery tool. There are plenty of free ones. Don't make any writes to the card until you get them retrieved.
As an Earthling I think that is an interesting shape to be moving at speed.
It does improve performance. But you won't notice it and it'll only show in benchmarks. Span the drive so you only see one drive and if one fails you'll be able to recover some data vs none in raid 0.EDIT: Took me too long to press submit...
This would work for collectors and gun "sports" people. It makes me think of this though. It isn't authentication.... fingerprints are simply identification. I wouldn't want one of these for any kind of defense purposes though...
EDIT: Trailer was already linked. Why the hell January???
i lost track of which is which.
I'm currently using 10/1 through Roadrunner. Can confirm: Not fast enough. Although the up time is ridiculously reliable compared to experiences with ATT & Comcast. 35/5 was nice though.Speedporn was never meant to last.
Let's all pitch in for a custom trophy!
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