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Yes. Consider a security researcher who needs to analyze a piece of hardware for potential risks, say he finds one via disassembly or other means of reverse engineering, say it's a moderate-critical threat... with this law in place, discussing it or bringing it to anyone's attention is self incrimination (5th amendment if this involves a legal proceeding), thus it limits his ability to speak (in any given manner of communication that isn't anon).Say the same for a farmer...
Having watched "Indigo League" growing up, collecting cards, and playing the game... I still don't understand what's so interesting. To each their own, I suppose. This must be a good money-grab at millennials/data mine for someone.wot?
"Some of the reviewers didn't even say that their videos were sponsored, only that they received a free copy of the game." I.E. Sponsored.
What is short term when a lot of us upgrade fairly often? My h100 is approaching 5 years old and the temps are the same as day 1. Fans are the same as well. Worth it.
Great news. Now AoE4 or RoN... let's talk about that.
Good. Some people get paid to fix broken upgrades, programs, and to roll back to 7. Other than that, bad.For the basic user, maybe. It's an asinine opinion to believe that no one has any reason not to upgrade.
Hey all, Just moved into a new place and am getting settled in. Part of the agreement with my SO was putting my stuff in the basement which works amazingly well as it IS the biggest room : ) Downside is I get 1-2 bars 4g and voice calls can be choppy on my work phone. I lose calls on my personal phone. All through Verizon. Does anyone have experience or recommendations for a booster or microtower? Preferably under $100? The issue is money and I haven't found a middle...
Give away the rest of your rights and we can make sure everyone stays in line. "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
I'm interested in OPs question. Personally I've had no luck w/ memory OC.
Are you still on as your schedule says? I'm about to get in. Still new to Rust. Didn't realize it's been around for a couple years (nor do I know how long it's been in my library )
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