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Can't wait for mods and tools to be released. The game is unofficially moddable now
Is the traffic actually greater than PS3 or 4? Any notable improvements?
How is that not good?
Short of the install/launch/play problems, how is it on PC? Compared to PS3/360? The videos I watched were disappointingly similar despite the updates/upgrades.
They won't be missed.
Mod support is good!
Same here, man. My wallet is happy about it... but damn... I need excuses to clean my computer.
Yuck.You'll still have to pay $151 to get the entire game.
That mom justifies what kids say on COD....
I enjoyed the story. although I can't recall much as I've only just began playing it (freeroam, not story) after almost a year. It may have been a transitional problem... first time having 3 always playable characters with stories that wrap around each other.Don't go comparing it to BF... lol. I've only really played BC2 and the story was good but way too short and buggy.
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