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Just gonna sit happy on this 2500k for a while longer i guess.Why would you bother only bumping up 100mhz?
Very interesting read!Think watching efukt or equivalent viral sites for 24hrs a day for a week would act as a cleanse or just bring more attention?
Looks pretty awesome.Especially if your 500mi away and no longer on vacation... another plane ticket, pls!
That article is referring to November of 2013. MP3 is a dead issue now, so they wouldn't be holding back for that.
4 of these and ramdisk would be killer!I was gonna say an electronic hate crime in progress.. but yea that's better.
Good thing I procrastinated downloading the iso until thursday!
IS replaced our comps with nice new mid+ level i5s a while back. Now all that cpu heavy work we do in web clients and MS Excel can be done at blazing speeds. And by replace I mean they replaced half with overpowered machines and the other half with linux terminals to rcon to the server. Good thing its a psych hospital... half the computers make you want to peal your eyes out because of how slow and choppy they are... the other half make me euphoric after dealing with the...
Isn't this essentially what happens if you get VAC banned? Although it's not limited to cheaters per se, all you can game in is in servers w/o VAC.This is pretty cool, though.
Looks awesome, but when used in a game will it only be available on nv systems? Lame if so.
Oh they'll be fixed!
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