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Matte. At this time I do not have the luxury of turning off lights that would cause reflections and I don't think I would bother if I did. Gloss looks really good, but I get enough of it with my laptop. Whatever coating the monitors I have now have is perfect.Which is one reason I have new monitors. Matte screens are a pain to clean w/o damaging them.
Should be interesting... the music industry sure didn't go up when piracy got harder.
If AMD can pull it out of their ass this time I think I'll build a new rig. Really been wanting an htpc/gaming PC - but BeamNG is the only game I'd play on it and it eats cores for breakfast.
The last two options (profile and game, iirc) crash immediately. I can't imagine I have much to clear. Surprised CCleaner doesn't have this.. wonder if Pro does.
Is Zeppelin to be Opteron? 32 cores, but talks of cpugpu bandwidth. Also, in before "moar cores"...
I can hardly find a working link at the minute. Didn't realize it was getting this serious
Even volume licensed Win10 Pro comes with Candy Crush... WHY?People don't want bloatware?
Here's hoping a real cfw comes out of the woodwork. The Vita could have been awesome.This. Even at pawn shops it's more expensive than a Wii and not far from a PS3.
This would be good. Maps littered with trailers, old tractors, misc junk... some small midwestern and southern cities... and all the guns and offroad vehicles one could desire.
I'm interested in seeing how easy it will be to manage these apps. Should be interesting to see all of the spam and crap that it fills with... MS's app stores, gadget site, etc have never been pretty.And why the hell is the app store on Server?It was that little white bag like thing you removed from your taskbar.
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