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Your OC is more than likely unstable as said. TIM/block won't make it do that. And yea... you should probably reseat it and do the dot method. Didn't notice but 85F? Don't expect your temps to really get good.... WC or not.
How are you applying the compound? And how tight is the block on the cpu? I'd recommend PK3 as well... ~3* drop from AS5 for me.
Can't wait to hear more. RCT1&2 were amazing... I'd dig a version of 2 that can handle higher resolutions, new hardware, win7, etc...Never could get into 3... I'd try this, though.Atari. They did RCT3 (without Chris Sawyer/creator)
This looked fun until about 14 minutes into the video on polygon. Nope.
I think the problem is that it still does. I love GTA IV but I wish it were more PC friendly. V should be pretty smooth.Here on the gold plains you can... the trick is they just give you another copy of the game.
I'd say it's sad that it has come to this but I rarely see it. I can only fathom that this stuff in game comes from games like CoD. LoL, etc.. Youtube comments are always ridiculous and 4chan is 4chan. People need to ignore the idiots; there are too many idiots to go on and battle. And these cases of people taking it to extremes are rarities... not even the 4chan army has enough time to do it for a living... neckbeards need scratched.This is news, not new news, but news....
System reqs aside, we shouldn't be needing to fix anything. If they sell it broke a refund is definitely in order.Tangible goods are inherently easier to return. Hand over product, inspect product, return payment. Digital goods can be copied, their authenticators can be recorded, etc, etc. I'd explain specifically why this is a problem for valve/steam but this is OCN and hell will freeze over before anything more than childish rants and stupid comments are made.As for your...
Case looks pretty cool.Wait for it to be sold for a while and then contact Alienware. You can probably order a replacement case. Not so sure it wouldn't take a lot of modding to get a regular mobo to fit, though.
.Actually I didn't miss it. I don't know what's normal in Australia. Here you cannot. Now I know.
Do you use this? Do you know others that do? I'm just curious... haven't heard of anyone using a IM client in a long time. Except facebook, of course. Bleh..Begin? Where've you been?
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