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Same card as OP: Maxed general settings other than MSAA (0), max on all 3 sliders (traffic, draw..), nothing special in NVCP (defaults), nv GTA driver. Never below 60fps and around 3.2-3.4GB. I'm not sure what you're doing OP.... lowest settings do not use near 2gb let alone over. Normal/High settings on my 6950 ran around 1.7-1.9gb. Next time I boot it up I'll take some screenshots. EDIT: OP do the same.
Oh, demos... those were the days. Hell, I even bought mags for demos. Now you have to pirate to get a demo.Microsoft had a lot of things going for it other than piracy... anticompetitve marketing in the 90s for example. Although pirating a platform that is Windows definitely helps keep people on that platform.
There may be a few, but they're in the minority. A good chunk are in regions where they already have to try to sell the games at reduced price or in the case of the down under folk not sold or way over price. And you may not like piracy, however, it isn't inherently bad.
FTFY. Right... and we don't even have competency tests. Stay away from hospital areas... grandma can't drive and grandpa fell asleep long time ago.
OpenIV was released today or yesterday. Increase the size of a cars mass and go bowling! There're quite a few fun mods out there.
Page file is virtual ram. Essentially it takes chunks of not immediately needed memory, dumps it to the pagefile...file, and does what is needed, and loads the page file back up when needed. So instead of reading this from that part of the harddrive and that from this part or rerunning executions it will jot it down, do what's needed, and reread the file and continue where it was.
I have feelings about this and they are exceedingly mixed.
IMO Eclipse is ideal unless you want bare bones. Visual Studios supports it to some extent last I knew. It has always done this to me. On both my steam and other version.What's your GPU's usage? And game settings? And driver? Are you using the GTA V driver from nv?
Yes, but assuming that's not the only maxed setting you want you'll want to get at least 3gb. I'm hitting over 3gb with everything maxed including pop variation.If you're asking you might want to add what resolution and refresh rate desired.
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