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Cheating is the correct term. Scripting implies the person can write scripts.
Source: Others: The pic in OP reminds me of halflife.
This should be interesting! A massive player base has been unlocked.
Thanks for the link!
Bump - I'm looking for a host as well. Old host (from years ago) doesn't seem to be in business anymore and I have been out of the loop for 5 years or so.
I'm going to assume the source is the Onion. I have not interest in anything but ignorance in this case... one can only be disappointed.
Test was done by TPCbench
Wah wah wah! I want to use the product I paid for. I want to be able to own what I paid for. I want to use what I paid for without advertisements and being treated like a thief or threatened like a home invading murderer. Your sensibility is sickening. Just bend over and take it!On a serious note it's interesting to see how hard it is for these industries to grasp this. I understand they're corporate hell-holes that crunch numbers and people alike, ran by CEOs who only...
LMAO where did you get that from? Do you even read? I'd debate any logic you could muster, however, I gave up running derp-circle marathons years ago.Edit: Oh, I see now. You're PCSupremist... born from some kind of bizarro hybridizing experiment of a nazi and windows geek gone terribly wrong.Heil Supreme Typist!
Benchmarks for build 393.2....
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