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Grain of salt worthy on the mkv support?THE FUTURE IS HERE!
Well at least it's an actual card and not.. you know... cement.
This should be very interesting.
It'll more than likely be able to do it. You should probably fill out your specs in rig builder. We can't tell you definitively w/o knowing what your psu is already powering let alone what psu you even have.
That is exactly why and what happened. Not the party but the government. No one is talking about a political party here, but the in power government. What people are arguing is that this government is not of, by, and for the people. Thus, yes, viva la revolution!
Calling it terrorism... or asking they be punished as if it did physical harm is ridiculous. Find and fine these kneckbeards. Make them do community service. With Lizardick written on their head.The bomb threats yes, kind of... there were never any bombs. Everything else no. Cyber bullying, maybe.
Well, they can go ahead and bend us all over, plant evidence up there, and send us to jail. Murica don't care. It's for the greater good. (the greater good)Anyway's watch what you watchingExcept our history says our intel is wrong or ignored. Crime, terror, whatever... it's going to happen , they haven't stopped anything significant. Plus terrorist acts are rare and crime rates has been going down for a long time.
Only $530 for a 32gb pack! Hope to see it at $5/gig or less by the time I need it.
Install disks can make good scratchers.Because it shouldn't have happened.
Because they did what? Got a flight or two diverted and stopped online games for a few days? Decades for a non violent crime is a waste of resources and an improper punishment.
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