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You can find answers to questions like these very easily through google. Your options are to go back or use a mod to add it to a vendor. 8/Server 2012 and up. You can install w/o secureboot as well. I do not believe that you are necessarily affected w/o SecureBoot enabled/supported.Where/who is that a quote of?
Glad to see this is still in development... Going to put it on my list for the weekend. Download servers are all over capacity
Great news! Made the mistake of buying Just Cause 3 only to be paused every 15 minutes to hail the mothership... may we soon play without the penalties of purchase!If you paid $60 in the US you have paid $60 in a western country.The illegit version is most often the superior product. Ubicrap, EA, among others kick you out or pause SINGLE player games for losing contact with the mothership.And this crack isn't just about piracy... maybe people want to remove the crap from...
Finally rips warranty sticker off of PSP.... [[SPOILER]] I imagine lawyers can sitll spin these laws pretty tight. EX a plastic shell (case) may not affect the circuitry, but using aftermarket case could cause the device to overheat as it's not up to the same specifications (which aren't published) or isn't an exact copy of the oem case.E: So, for example, on a PSP, DS, phone, tablet, etc under what circumstance would this not cause a problem or be twisted to describe a...
Hello all, For sale are two Core i5s, one is Sandy and the other Ivy. I can throw in a ddr3 module if desired (if what I have works for you). Asking $100 for the 2400 and $150 for the 3570. Includes shipping to the 48.. Open to offers. SOLD
Hello, I am looking for a socket 1155 mobo. Many times prefer one with 4 dimm slots and at least 4 SATA ports. Preferably not an H61 which is readily available new (and lacking 4x dimms) PM w/ model and price. Although you'd be losing a compatible motherboard, I have either a i5 2400 or i5 3570 to trade - I need to keep only one.
Please PM me if you are selling the motherboard.
Yes. Consider a security researcher who needs to analyze a piece of hardware for potential risks, say he finds one via disassembly or other means of reverse engineering, say it's a moderate-critical threat... with this law in place, discussing it or bringing it to anyone's attention is self incrimination (5th amendment if this involves a legal proceeding), thus it limits his ability to speak (in any given manner of communication that isn't anon).Say the same for a farmer...
Having watched "Indigo League" growing up, collecting cards, and playing the game... I still don't understand what's so interesting. To each their own, I suppose. This must be a good money-grab at millennials/data mine for someone.wot?
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