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Thank you and thank you OP for asking. This is the route I'm going. I'll lose my data before I implement it, though.
All this cheapened IP.... I just wish my PS3 could play mkv.
Comcast evades slap on the wrist... just forecasting here. But you're... you're one of them!
Want it on the cheap? 3 roman candles, 3 model rocket igniters, wire, 3 AA/AAAs, and a switch.
Nah, this is what EA has to run SimCity's servers on
If we can't screw our customers like a cheap fluzy, we won't "invest" as much as we have been. Our yachts need investing!.. cause we sure the hell aren't seeing investments in anything related to serving the internet.Screw our customers just in case? Or at best screw our potential customers just in case. ATT has some of the worst price/connection around around here... second or third to $10 dial up and satellite/LoS.Sorry, Germany, but you need to keep this guy to...
Finest Squad seems like something from reddit... r/pingpong
KimDotCom needs to bring back a video service... Megavideo had potential.
Seriously? Much good that'll do. We'll work around you turds. Do these plugins change your user agent or how are they detecting them?This. If a site I frequent starts this crap I try to email them (respectfully) my distaste whether I think it would do any good or not. Audio ads are most annoying. I don't use these blockers but one day I may. Can't view your site? Well, I can probably work around it, someone offers the service w/o the annoyance, or worse case scenario...
So go without oxygen just because oxybars aren't worth it?It's not as simple as you make it sound. Remember demos? Some people want to try it before they buy it, demos are rare to come by so piracy is the only option. Videos of someone else playing it isn't the same.If it gets leaked early is it wrong to pirate it if you're still buying it day 1?If (this applies to older/non digi games) you lost your copy or a friend never gave it back or the disk is scratched is it wrong...
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