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This shouldn't be too surprising, yet it is...'s called begging. Apply anyway ; )
Mmmmph! That. Is. All.
I'm looking forward to having a dual bay FROZR slapped on it!
You're right... they need to fix their typos.
It CAN overclock. It's not the h67.This is your answer OP. Despite the confusing name your board uses the p67 chipset Also do not use software to OC your cpu.
If you burn out on a game in beta it probably wasn't worth the money to begin with. Everything else you said: Ubisoft.
"Your Windows 10 account has been suspended due to a _____ claim by _____."
I'm keeping the popcorn close and a microgram of salt on hand. Really hope AMD dominates 2016.
With the essential abandonment of SP and R*s continuing opposition to modding I think this is my last day 1 and full price GTA purchase.
I long for a good reason to upgrade.The upper tier procs aren't exactly for typical consumers.
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