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Can't wait to see this game in action... might kill fo4 for me. So many things to connect together.
Menu cycling fixes this.
Crap, I'm too early for the 1 year anniversary.
You guys have some beautiful cases!
Unable to use it like invisible or never again? And power suit events? I've had the pipboy and weapons go invisible.... as well as the hud which feels like hard mode, but they come back with menu cycling.
How much room do you currently use system wide? And do you have any data that you consider important/irreplaceable? You could raid the two 500gb drives and get a 1-3tb drive as a backup/storage drive. I think this would be the best performance+recovery/$ option. See if you can score a deal this weekend and look for 2 1tb drives and a 2tb drive for r0 + backup drive. W/o a deal this would probably be ~$200.
A large portion of the player base finds the graphics "glaringly bad"? "Bug ridden"? Yes there are bugs, no they aren't game stopping, and no a large portion of the player base does not find them so. Is this your way of fitting in?
What game? Fill out your specs in rigbuilder or at least post them here. You have installed drivers for everything, right?
Bug ridden mess and glaringly bad graphics.... Hmmm.... I must be playing a different game.
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