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Give away the rest of your rights and we can make sure everyone stays in line. "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
I'm interested in OPs question. Personally I've had no luck w/ memory OC.
Are you still on as your schedule says? I'm about to get in. Still new to Rust. Didn't realize it's been around for a couple years (nor do I know how long it's been in my library )
I can't imagine anything positive coming from this. Also misread the title as Dreamworks' annihilation.What?
So it's cheap, easy to make, but many better alternatives exist?
Why not give it a shot and see? Everybody gets one.
No shock here. Call me when searching my computer only searches my computer.Very much this. Get specific and it turns to crap results.
Sounds terrible. I'd like to see a potential connector, though.... A usb cable as is is absolutely not a replacement for an audio jack - way to easy to pull out. The easiest way for them to make this kind of transition would be a digital "sidecar" - like the usb 3 mini has it's backward compatible connector and then an add on or like the Sony PSP's mic/controllerIntel Proposes to Use USB Type-C Digital Audio DRM Platform would be a better title.For your headphones? Either...
This won't save the world... but it's good I suppose.
FWIW your CPU won't likely die. Your motherboard is far more likely to (although still unlikely). As advised, I'd go with the 6600k + mobo. It's ideal to get the best processor you can now as upgrading a cpu is seldom a worth while option (IE if the next gen is compatible it will be another $2-400 for a cpu). You can always upgrade your GPU later w/o worrying about a mobo or otherwise. And if you get a new motherboard you can sell yours or keep it as a backup... if a...
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