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They won't be missed.
Mod support is good!
Same here, man. My wallet is happy about it... but damn... I need excuses to clean my computer.
Yuck.You'll still have to pay $151 to get the entire game.
That mom justifies what kids say on COD....
I enjoyed the story. although I can't recall much as I've only just began playing it (freeroam, not story) after almost a year. It may have been a transitional problem... first time having 3 always playable characters with stories that wrap around each other.Don't go comparing it to BF... lol. I've only really played BC2 and the story was good but way too short and buggy.
EDIT:I'd like to say that I'll just stick with V on PC when it comes out... but I doubt that.
Because TPB has always been resilient to take downs and has always made a mockery of dcma's, cease and dissist orders, etc. They should just replace their current jolly roger with a giant black and white fist with a middle finger. New trackers are always coming and going.
Awesome! It's like Surface. Remember MS Surface videos? When they had tables and such with touch screens and all that? And then they used that technology and released digital tablets that overtook the market and now everyone... wait. Can't wait for Google's holographic technology. In all seriousness this stuff is awesome and there are lot of holographic tech videos out there that are equally amazing. It'll be interesting to see where it goes. It'll be equally interesting...
Bring him to the US we'll throw terrorism charges on him as well Right, so some skid took down MS and PS? I bet you're a real hacker.
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