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Do you intend to get new system that'd require ddr4 in the next year or so? If so I'd just hold up. I doubt we'll need that much ram just to game for a while. I got this kit back when ddr3 was pretty cheap. Now, vram...
Unless I've missed something I think this is a world record for quickest declaration of "Hating [this] is a cool thing to do nowadays"...I think it's better said that saying "hating [this] is a cool thing to do nowadays" is a cool thing to do nowadays.
You only bought the right to have it on your property - we still own it. - NintendoI always forget about the Wii U...Play the games you loved as a child and forget their nonsense. Emulators or old consoles. The local pawn shop here goes for turn over so I grab consoles and games at first chance (and it's cheap).
This would be pretty tight for a car/etc. I'm interested in where these kind of PCs will show up.Really? Why did you even post? The article is short and answers all of your questions.
Has anything hinted towards the price of V on PC? I'd assume too much for a game that should've been on PC over a year ago.
2016? Better late than never. Hope to see a full red rig in my future, AMD.
Remember the good ol' days where you didn't even have to install let alone wait hours for day one "updates"?People who don't have gigabit or uncapped internet. Even when I had 5x the 10/1 I have now this would be one jaw dropping update, especially day one.
Sounds like a rival for ol' Hoover. Another blight on the Earth in power.You should make a blog. Then we can all be like "what happened to Shiftstealth?"
20GB....This. Physically it does. Mentally it's angering.
Was hoping this would be a tablet and not a phablet... or at least decently priced. Ain't no way.
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