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Awesome! It's like Surface. Remember MS Surface videos? When they had tables and such with touch screens and all that? And then they used that technology and released digital tablets that overtook the market and now everyone... wait. Can't wait for Google's holographic technology. In all seriousness this stuff is awesome and there are lot of holographic tech videos out there that are equally amazing. It'll be interesting to see where it goes. It'll be equally interesting...
Bring him to the US we'll throw terrorism charges on him as well Right, so some skid took down MS and PS? I bet you're a real hacker.
Piracy here is as favorable of a topic as the antichrist in a church. Don't pirate, mkay. It's uh it's bad, mkay? Even if a dev says to do it, uhhh, don't do it, mkay? Mmm piracy is bad. Mkay? Mkay.You'll have people admitting to and advising fraudulent RMAs/etc in "problem" threads, but whatever you do DO NOT download a copy of a game. Even if you can't or won't buy it... OCN...
IMO LA Noire is pretty fun... and then it just becomes repetitive.
Saw it on Steam... I'll wait for mods or sale; whichever comes first. Unless $60 falls from the sky.Both are open world action games and awesome in their own rights.
I scanned that wall ^ But definitely did not read it all. V is still $60 on all consoles - which is surprising. Being that's the case, it shouldn't be surprising that the PC release will follow suit as well. Personally, I'll wait - V was a day one for me on PS3, but I'm not shelling out another $60 for the same game on the system I wanted it on in the first place. It'd be nice if R* did something for PC users other than delay PC release after consoles, delay it again, and...
I'm not sure how I feel about the new game price tag...Well, now we have a better one! lol... I've only checked through Steam (wishlist).
Finally! A release date!
YAY! Anniversary time.. m'lady shall purchase this!
Security patches are still good for a while and at least win10 is a seemingly acceptable compromise. Never got around to playing with the demo.Your post didn't contribute anything. As for cost it appears as though they're talking about upgrading; win7 is free if you already have it vs purchasing a new OS.You can't have your opinion! You're wrong! Etc....8/8.1/S12 are ugly and hard to navigate.
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