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Only $60?Here! Watch: *chucks mouse*
Looks pretty awesome!Isn't sold in US.
All this tracking crap makes me think of the episode of KotH where Peggy watches BIll's purchases for investing purposes.
4.5v on the 12v lines? Power supply testing time? OP post your specs in rig builder
As said clock speed doesn't matter that much. My sig laptop can outdo a lot of 2.xGHz laptops at only 1.2GHz. Are you looking for anything specific? Or just wanting to know about speeds?
Large external drives? Back up data and put them in a box. Repeat monthly (as necessary)Hot swap bay + Large internal drives?Back up as necessary and keep them in a box. Cheaper disksNAS?Costs the most to start up (unless you use an old computer as the server)... still prone to power problemsI've been in my computer 10s of times... can never remember to do this.
Should be interesting to see if anything comes of this.Wow... talk about pay to play. I'd bet $5k in lottery tickets would pay off better than this.Run by? No. Monitored because everyone is a terrorist? Yes.
Two Adobe products AND Java are far better off than IE. I think that's what the title should mention.
Ah. I'm going to look and see what I have on hand for springs and if I can't design something not noticeable under the monitor stand to pull the cord back. If I can't I'll probably go with the recommendation. Idk If I could do w/o wireless. The mat I use is ~16"x14" and I use most of it plus depending on how I'm sitting my mouse may be completely sideways. Thanks!It'll be a minute before I buy so I am still open to recommendations.
I'm definitely considering it. Out of curiosity, how noticeable is the cord on your mouse? The only wired ones I've came into contact with are cheap run of the mill mice
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