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I have to say out of the three water cooled rigs ive built two with standard tubing and this current one with hard pipe i have "Touch Wood" never had a leak issue !Simple fix for yourself or a pain ?
Well i am back with good news !! Tore down the rig the other day to empty it, what a pain in the arse that was i have to say ! Water Cooling really isn't easy maintenance in a Case Labs M8 with Pedestal haha. Any way the important bit, after stripping the loop down and modifying one of Aquacomputers supplied blanking pugs to be come my missing bridge plug the temp issues are solved, Idle is around the 20C mark and just a quick blast on Furmark at 1440 stress test temps...
I've had the bridge since a previous build but never used it will have to see if the plug you mention is in my parts box if not I'll need to purchase another it would seem to save reconfiguring the acrylic lines.
The bug hit long ago mate I've been building computers since I was 15 so 13 years now and no matter how hard you try there's always just one more upgrade Haha.What is this contraption you speak of ? Money doesn't stick around long enough to have a home in one easy of those Haha.
Cheers for the info I will be ordering up some new Mayhems Coolant so as I can drain the loop and reconfigure it to your recommendation. With your mention of to help flow I'm going to add in a second pump to my loop just so as in have more overhead if need be and incase of and pump failure !
So what should I be looking at for flow per second through my GPU blocks ?
So i have been out of the game got a few years now but recently put the finishing touches on my first attempt at Hard Piped Cooling system but have run into an issues when it comes to GPU temps as they spike at 95C !! so instantly i know there is an issue somewhere along the lines im running two 360 Rads with a single DDC pump pushing 160l/h (Is this sufficient ?im thinking i may need to run a pair of pumps ? Loop as follows, Pump > GPU(Aqua Computer Block) linked via...
Your about 8 year 6 months late on this one mate.
Everything as it stands is controlled by my Aquero 5 XT so speeds are already adjusted in accordance with the coolant temps, Any recommendations on the fans to replace the Gentle Typhoons been out of the game a while so not up to date on current cooling products .
Looking at building a new consisting of a i7 4930K and a pair of 780 Ti's in SLI'd, my current build is a 2700K and 580's SLI'd both on separate XSPC RX360 Rad loops with 3 gentle typhoons in a pull configuration. What i want to do is get rid of my Reservoir all together and then run my two Koolance PMP400's in series in one large loop can anyone see there being any issues with this set up at all ? Will be doing the loop in Solid Acrylic and running Mayhems Pastel...
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