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Your about 8 year 6 months late on this one mate.
Everything as it stands is controlled by my Aquero 5 XT so speeds are already adjusted in accordance with the coolant temps, Any recommendations on the fans to replace the Gentle Typhoons been out of the game a while so not up to date on current cooling products .
Looking at building a new consisting of a i7 4930K and a pair of 780 Ti's in SLI'd, my current build is a 2700K and 580's SLI'd both on separate XSPC RX360 Rad loops with 3 gentle typhoons in a pull configuration. What i want to do is get rid of my Reservoir all together and then run my two Koolance PMP400's in series in one large loop can anyone see there being any issues with this set up at all ? Will be doing the loop in Solid Acrylic and running Mayhems Pastel...
Thanks for that put my mind at ease about ordering up that board when it comes time to do my next build, Appreciate it
Does anyone in the know happen to be able to tell me if the Asus Black Edition Skt 2011 board is viable on the M8 mother board tray looking at the dimensions for both parts it seems that it is the exact size of the tray can anyone confirm if it'll work or not ?
Wouldn't be the first one on recored
Ha asked the question in the totaly incorrect thread then.....oops i shall have a read of the Acrylic thread and hopefully find an answer cheers
Sorry i should have stated i intend to use Acrylic tubing with an OD of 12mm on the Monsoon 13mm OD formers
Question for anyone with an answer, Just came across the Monsoon hardline pro kit and the formers are 13mm (smallest they go) im wanting to use 12mm OD tubing to use my existing Bitspower fittings with the formers being 1mm larger than the indented tube will i encounter issues in the forming of the tubing ?
@Jimhans1 - Appreciate the help cheers. @Kevin_CL - Appreciate the help also and the saving of $20
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