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Quote: Originally Posted by Robilar Sphere, is the 6800nu the one you can unlock extra pipes on? Some of them can it's a gamble.
Quote: Originally Posted by POGE Yes, its over 100C! I know this because it can boil spit off my finger. That doesn't mean that's what is causeing the card to crash. my x850 can handle 102c before it becomes unstable. Does it crash if you get it cooler? (Get more airflow onto it.)
Quote: Originally Posted by POGE Stock cooler. Im looking into getting a better one. The stock cooler should be able to keep the card stable at stock speeds... Are you shure the crashing is due to overheating..?
Get a 6800nu. They are about the same price as a 6600gt. Edit: that's in the usa I don't know what the prices are in the uk..
What cooler do you have again...? Why don't you get a better cooler if it's not cuting it? ...?
Quote: Originally Posted by Death Star There is no point to having a perfectly balanced system, it just makes future upgrades more expensive and reduces the time between the upgrades. It's not getting through to them dude they just don't understand... We will just have to wait till they figure it out for themselves.
Quote: Originally Posted by GP_38-2 so which would come out better (I finally found info on both cards) the X800GT with 475/980 and 8 pipes or the X800GTO with 400/980 and 12 pipes? unlocking the extra pipes and overclocking might come in the future but for now the card stock should handle most things. Gto. Try to get a connect 3d gto.
Quote: Originally Posted by tweako_420 not really.. it doesnt load most nvidia cards to the fullest Explain..
Quote: Originally Posted by LexCorp I just purchased my new x850 pro and have a few questions about modding it. I hear that the newer batches are locked and can't be modded. What happens if i try to mod one that has a locked core? If it fails to mod what happens to the card? Can you always reflash it back to the original bios? Thanks. If it's locked then it simply won't unlock but it will still flash. Post in that last faq in my sig dude.
Quote: Originally Posted by GP_38-2 At this point I'm just interested in buying a new card I'm not sure if I will overclock it any time soon. I may end up buying a new PC by that time. I'm just looking for a card to be usefull for a year or so. Does anyone know the clock speed of the GT? x800gt = 475/490 for the ddr3 version.
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