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Well as a bard the only pieces I want from coil are the boots, the necklace, and the ring.
If you want to learn more about your CPU and overclocking it go here checked your rig and it looks like you have a haswell 4670... I dont know if you have the K version or not. The 4670k can be overclocked whereas the 4670 cannot (technically it can but thats another story).
If a program gets you a quicker BSOD it means it was a more intense test. The more intense the test, the better it is for seeing if your computer is stable.VCORE is the amount of voltage your motherboard gives your CPU. If it is too low, bad things BSOD. I could go into more detail but I'd recommend just reading an overclocking guide on this forum. There are plenty of them.EDIT: I'M specifically talking about BSOD 101 which is a known error to mean that your...
Yes there is free version of 3dmark but it forces you to run every single test and demo every time. Just drop the 2.50 (a large coffee at dunken d's) and get the full version.
Yea I bought this yesterday, Great deal and 3dmark firestrike is a great stability test. It took prime95 6 hours to BSOD 101 on my sandy bridge where 3dmark BSOD101'd right away. Upped my vcore a bit and were good to go.
When you join a multiplayer server, you automatically start on the planet everyone else is on. Also when you beam down, you beam down right to where the host is. Im not sure how planetary travel works in multiplayer as I've played mostly single player.
You really need a tutorial on how to use the nav system? I found it pretty dang intuitive and easy to use. Also mining is a bit slow but I do like the option of mining a 3x3 block at once.
You should add that this game almost demands a second playthrough because of the effect player choice has on the story and content. Two playthroughs puts it about 50 hours which is a good length.
Thanks man !
So I have a gigabyte z87 motherboard with a i5 4670k cpu. Im trying to use dual monitors with the integrated graphics. One monitor works fine. When i use dual monitors, I have one hooked up to the DVI and one to the VGA. (Motherboard has 1 DVI 1 VGA and 1 HDMI). The dual monitors works for a while but sooner or later the VGA monitor always ends up flickering and the computer crashes. Sometimes a blue screen pops up. I've tried updating the BIOS to the latest version and...
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