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I am also thinking of getting one for my 7950. How hard is the installation?
People actually cheat on benchmarks?
i5 2500k @ 4.2ghz Sapphire 7950 core:1100mhz mem:1450mhz
How do I enable adaptive multisampling in skyrim?
Umm how about some more information? If your scoring 18366 in 3dmark11 then you have a beastly computer. If you have a computer that good, I'd hope your smart enough to figure out if that score is "good" or not.
Hey guys if your having stuttering issues try setting the frame limit to 60 in MSI afterburner. For some reason it works along with v-sync to keep more consistant frame rates. Since setting my limit, I've experienced no stuttering whatsoever and I run the full skyrim 2k textures along with many other graphical mods. Also for all the people that think they've done and seen everything in vanilla skyrim, try using a certain shout on the big glowing ball in blackreach. I'll...
The newest afterburner beta has an option that fixes the flickering. In the tooltip they even acknowledge that its a bug and this option will fix it. Try downloading the newest beta.
10k graphic score on a 7950! Core was at 1100 and mem was at 1400. Voltage at 1.188.
Hey man i had the same issue. It was MSI afterburner unofficial overclocking mode causing it. I found that when I made any clock changes, my idle clocks would go from 500 core to 300 core. This change would cause the desktop flicker. If your using afterburner, maybe try a different program? I turned off unofficial overclocking mode and it stopped my desktop flickering
Check out the "Dwemer Spectres" mod on steam workshop. Remember the dwemer spectres from morrowind? This guy added them back along with unique bosses and loot. Its a very well done mod. No overpowered rewards or anything and is very lore friendly.
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