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I just picked up BL2 and the season pass for $20 during the steam sale. Does anyone still play? Im looking to co-op with people mostly at nighttime EST. I play a commando currently. My steam name is welly321. Add me!!
Are you sure that when you swithc to a job you go back to level 1? I thought the job had the same level as the main class that unlocks it.
Craftign will always be useful because of materia
Ok so I got it. I removed the one screw and it stil seemed like it was attached so I left it alone. Turns out it just needed a bit of elbow grease. Haha thanks!
Not the stand but the part that connects the stand to the monitor.If you look at the monitor, its a rectangle, then at the bottom middle there is a part that hangs down. "The neck"
Has anyone been successful in removing the "neck" of the monitor when mounting it? The neck hits against the wall when I try to tilt the monitor down and its really annoying. Id love to remove it but I really dont want to take the entire monitor apart. I have the QH270-IPSI
Yea ive noticed this as well. If there going to have the retard giant red circle mechanic, atleast make sure ir doesnt hit youe ven when your outside the circle/
I completely agree. I couldnt believe the hostility I got when i was shouting for a dungeon group. Everyone told me to use the DF but I said I prefered to make groups the old fasioned way. I was told I was a noob idiot and to uninstall.
Since when is the test on sundays? He said fri/sat and he was right unless you consider 2 in the morning on Sunday to be "On" during sunday.
In pls, THANK YOU!
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