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How about this board GIGABYTE GA-MA785GM-US2H
Quote: Originally Posted by DuckieHo Yup, this should meet general HTPC needs.... If you want slightly higher HD image quality, want 7.1 digital audio, want more than two channels LPCM over HDMI.... there are better setups. Board Recommendations?
Right now I don't have much of an audio system. I have a 5.1 set up but I am looking to upgrade at some point. This will be connected to a 46" 1080 LCD.
maybe something like this? ASUS M4A785-M
So I'm looking to build a AMD HTPC rig. Wanting to spend around $250 - $300... I have a harddrive to use but everything else I will need to buy. Anyone have any recommendations?
So I got the Security Suite virus... I believe I removed the virus by running malware antivirus in safe mode... the only problem now is I'm having serious problems connecting to the internet. I can use Firefox but that's it. Windows 7 Home Premium is my OS I use browsers Chrome, Firefox, only firefox works. I also cannot update a few of my spyware/antivirus, they will not connect to their servers. any idea? Chrome is giving me an error "Error...
False alarm. Uninstalled and updated driver. Good to go now.
Hey Guys, Having an issue with my sound card. I have a Sound Blaster Xtremegamer sound card. Anytime I try to play sound, music, game, etc... all I hear is static. any clue?
So I'm looking for a new MID-Tower case... couple of things to consider... Max I want to spend is $100 Aluminum Black This Lian Li is a case I'm considering If anyone has any recommendations, I would greatly appreciate it. My system is in my sig.
Quake 1/TF Installed mplayer and played my early teens away on quake 1/tf and quake 2.
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