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any idea where i can get a windows recovery console or UBCD
i'm hoping so. i have just found a site, none of this makes sense to me but hopefully maybe you can see if this is the problem? what do you think?
memtest made a complete pass and is 45% through pass #2 with 0 errors. I may let it run over night since its getting late. i'll try the western digital hard drive utility tommorow. TO FURTHER CLARIFY... I saw someone on here with a similair problem. My computer gets stuck on the Veryfying DMI pool Data part. after that i have a white cursor that blinks and eventually just stops blinking which depends on what the boot order is. If CD is 1st then it says boot from...
Thank you very much. As the computer is worth over a grand, i usually get nervous trying to trouble shoot. i'm glad someone is here to help me which is a sigh of relief.
i do have other hard drives. i shall try that and see where it leads me. is it possible that the motherboard and HDD are not connecting because of a problem on the mobo?
Alright thanks. Well, I would greatly appreciate it if you guys pointed me towards some links for all the tests i should run, and all the ISO files i need to download. EDIT: this is what i have so far to test HDD: and to test the RAM : is this a good start to test?
well, i downloaded the linux live CD and i'm ready to try and boot from that. ONly thing is what should i check or run in linux. Memtest? i can't even boot into windows, and if i try using a windows CD, it gives me an error while loading windows.
alright. well, once i do get ubuntu and start it up without installing, what exactly am i looking for? should i run some sort of a program?
which linux should i get? i'm looking at this site right now.
no, i have none of those. Any idea where i can get my hands on one?
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